A Graham Newsletter (#9) Wrapping up Germany, and onto a Brit in Crimea

I enjoyed my recent reportage in Germany, of which you can read all about here –

Notes on my Recent Trip to Germany…

Actually the main aim was to film for my MH17 documentary – which I’m aiming to be ready for mid-2017. However, it’s an interesting place, and time, to film other reportage, which has been translated into 3 languages – English, German, and Russian – and in future, I’ll be aiming to do as much tri-language reportage as possible!

Now, as for MH17, work on that goes on, and I’ll soon be making a call for open source information on this. And, I mean real open source information, in that I Eliotwant your information. Rather than the Bellingcat version, which is that they’ve already come to the conclusions, and want something to match it. But, as I’ve written here, I don’t want things to get bogged down in personalities with Eliot Higgins.

In recent times, as I actually spend likely my final time of this year in London, I’ve been watching a lot of aviation disaster documentaries. In the documentary I’ll be making, with your help, I’d like to look at MH17 on its own, but also compare to other crashes, to give a broader context.

My time back in the UK has been very enjoyable, and productive. Perhaps you recall this video, from beautiful Broadstairs, about my plan to find a British person to take on holiday to Crimea, and make a film about it, via crowdfunding –

Well, I’m delighted to say, I’ve found that person, and off we set for Crimea the day after tomorrow! The crowdfunding project for that is half-funded now, contributions hugely appreciated, to make this unique film happen –


So more on that soon!

My plan is to make that Crimea film, then return to Donbass in, likely late, September. In Donbass, I’ll work on MH17, as well as doing general reportage from Donbass. But, there’s no need to interpret that as ‘war reportage’, let’s hope Graham PhillipsI can cover positive events from Donbass. As ever, I’ll cover what there is to cover.

My time back in the UK has been hugely enjoyable, and productive. I’ve spent time with friends, family, visited different parts of the country, and just enjoyed being back in my own country. More, speaking to people here has made me much better understand how Donbass, Crimea, are perceived, and what I need to do to break through the information barrier.

It’s been very informative hearing what people here think about Russia, and why, for example –

Graham and BenSo I set off back over a lot better informed, with a significant new, valued audience from the UK, and across Europe I’m looking forward to providing with reports from Crimea, Donbass, and more.

Before that, this evening, I’m delighted to present my new documentary, about my day with former British Donbass militia member Ben Stimson – coming up soon!

Meanwhile, the very best for now, and on we go!

Notes on my Recent Trip to Germany…

The summer of ’94 – for me, all Volkfests, Weißbier, Deutschmarks, and memorable moments on my school exchange trip to Aschaffenburg.


Fast forward 22 years, a different world, a different Germany, my 37-year-old self, and a very different reason for visiting. In principle, I went to Germany to work on my MH17 documentary, having agreed to interview the rather mysterious private investigator Josef Resch.

But, something rather strange happened there, having spoken on the phone, with Resch telling me he knew of myself, and my videos, out of the blue he cancelled with a one-line email. 

I already had a plan to interview German journalist, and MH17 expert Billy Six, so before that turned my attention to filming reportage in Munich, about recent events there – it was an interesting time to be in Munich, and I enjoyed filming reportage there, albeit would have of course rather the circumstances were not so tragic –

From Munich, it was up to Berlin, where I head along to film the anti-Merkel demonstration that the German ‘on message’ media and commentators either ignore, or tell you is only for ‘Nazis’, but the truth is actually more complicated, there are indeed some of the far-right there, but there are also lots of normal Germans – I filmed them all –

I then spent a highly interesting, informative couple of days with German journalist Billy Six, who’s spent extensive time both on the site, and researching MH17, tweeting about that here.

In the course of our conversations, I came across concrete evidence Billy had, that German self-declared ‘news agency’ Correctiv had told major lies about MH17. With Billy accompanying me, I decided to go to their offices, in central Berlin, to confront them about this –

That reportage caused a huge fuss in German media, with their press hysterically blasting that we’d ‘stormed’ the offices in a ‘pro-Russian’ attack

Screenshot (298)

And despite my having stated now countless times that not only have I not worked for RT since mid-2014, but I don’t even like the channel, the inevitable ‘Russia Today journalist‘ was thrown out there, which RT themselves even corrected –

Screenshot (305)

To the question as to why I legged it from the police at the end of the piece. Quite simple, I knew that at the least, even if I’d not done anything wrong, I’d have my footage deleted. And more – I spoke with Billy (pictured) (who received deaths threats subsequent to our visit) and many, while in Germany, and tell you how the system works. Why were Correctiv so keen to call the police, press a ‘trespass’ Billy Sixcharge? Standard tactics – you get charged with that, nonsense, but which can be made to stick, it goes to court, which costs hundreds, or even more than a thousand Euros, your costs only.

And they make sure the system isn’t fast either, meantime the police will pay a visit to your home, make sure the neighbours see, that kind of thing. Meanwhile you spend your time not working, rather worrying about your upcoming case, money, etc.

And that’s why there’s almost no alternative media in Germany, there’s a well-honed, teutonic system to keep it that way, which perhaps even includes death threats, just to really get the message across. Keep it to just Goebbels style propaganda in Germany. If you wondered why there’s practically no alternative media in Germany, wonder no more.

Luckily for me, I’m British, and thanks to that 1994 trip to Aschaffenburg, even speak some German. I can’t wait to get back reporting there, on MH17, as well as other topics of interest, of which there are many, and clearly a real need for independent reporting from Germany.

And, on MH17 (on which my work continues), watch this sensational new video from Billy Six, of the questions we wanted to ask Correctiv, and see just how much the German media is lying – so much so, there’s even a word for Germany’s press ‘Lugenpresse‘ (lying press) –

Hallo meine deutschen Freunde! Und wer ist Graham Phillips?

Hallo meine lieben Freunde! Ich sehe das eure liberalen Medien an meinem Besuch in Deutschland sehr interessiert sind, besonders Correctiv in Berlin.

Und warum habe ich mich bevor die Polizei kam entfernt? Es ist ganz klar, dass ich hätte meine Filmaufnahmen löschen müssen, auch wenn von meiner Seite kein Fehler begangen wurden ist. Ich habe gehört das die Deutsche Polizei sehr die Autoritäten unterstützt, und meine Arbeit ist hier, eher Antiautoritär, aber ich betone, ich mache nichts illegales. Also ganz einfach, wenn ich mit der Deutschen Polizei nichts zu tun haben muss, dann meide ich sie. Ihr könnt es einen Brexit nennen!

Natürlich bin ich überrascht, dass in den deutschen Medien war dies ein “Sturm” ein “Pro-russische Attake”. Ich ging einfach in dieses Gebäude, und ich bin British!
Screenshot (298)

Die deutschen Medien schreiben jetzt schon ganze Artikel über mich ‘Who the fuck is Graham Phillips?’. Ich werde euch jetzt die Wahrheit erzählen. Ich bin ein 37 jähriger, Britischer Journalist. Ich war 2012 wegen der Euro 2012 in Kiew und entschied mich eine Zeit lang dort zu leben und arbeitete als Journalist bei einer Zeitschrift, What’s On.

Doch dann Anfang 2013 änderte sich die Situation dort, die Radikalen und Euromaidanukrainischen neo-Nazis wurden immer mehr. Ich kehrte erstmal nach England zurück und später entschied ich mich nach Odessa zu gehen und dort zu leben. Als der Euromaidan (foto) begann, hatte ich eine andere Sichtweise der Dinge, als die meisten westlichen Korrespondenten, da ich das Land und die Leute schon gut kannte. Es waren sehr viele Nationalisten und Radikale in Kiew auf dem Maidan. Nicht alles – aber sie waren in der Steuerung.

Zu dieser Zeite arbeitete ich als freier Journalist und reiste überall in der Ukraine und der Krim umher, und machte Filmaufnahmen. Ich arbeitet auch etwas für Kanal RT, die mir dann auch ermöglichten Anfang April 2014 im Donbass zu arbeiten.

Mit RT (Russia Today) ist es etwas kompliziert. Ich bin der Meinung, sie machen stellenweise guteArbeit, aber RT haben mich nicht ganz so gut behandelt und mich einfach abgeladen mich in Polen 2014 nach meiner zweiten Ausweisung. Wegen dieses, und nicht nur, tatsächlich, ich hasse RT wirklich aufrichtig, und wir haben mehr als 2 Jahre nicht mehr zusammengearbeitet und auch in Zukunft werde ich dies nicht mehr tun mit RT!

Es ist so interessant, dass deutschen linksgerichtet Medien möchte, dass Sie denken, ich noch für RT arbeite!

Screenshot (304)Eigentlich sich Russia Today korrigiert dies!

Screenshot (305)
Warum liegen sie? Weil sie so viel Zeit damit verbracht, um RT zu diskreditieren, jetzt hat mich einfach legte zusammen mit RT, und ich bin auch diskreditiert!

Aber – ich habe keine Verbindung zu Russland, in keiner Weise. Ok, ich habe gearbeitet für den Kanal Zvezda für eine Weile – aber sie haben mit meiner Graham Donetsk AirportArbeit nicht stören, und ich hochgeladen sowieso immer alle Videos zu meinem YouTube-Kanal. Aber ich war damit nicht ganz bequem, und ich verlassen sie nach ein paar Monaten. Seitdem arbeiten Anfang 2015, ich habe nur gearbeitet mit Hilfe, unterstützen von Crowdfunding. Ich bin ein völlig unabhängiger, objektiver Journalist.

Und ich werde Sie über meine Arbeit zu sagen, ich bin stolz auf sie! Ich habe mehr als 4000 Videos gemacht, ich der einzige westliche Journalist dort im Jahr 2014 während der Lugansk Blockade war, ich habe mehr als andere Journalisten auf Front gewesen, mehr Zeit in der Donbass warzone, die erste an vielen Orten.

Was sonst? Ich habe keine extremen politischen Ansichten. Ich liebe Großbritannien , den englischen Fußball-Nationalmannschaft. Ich hasse Propaganda. Ich liebe es, Reportage. Also, die Reise nach Correctiv – hier – es war keine Provokation, ich wollte wirklich zu ihnen Fragen zu stellen. Aus diesem Grund. Aber sie weigerte sich, Fragen zu beantworten, hierUnd die Fragen von Billy Six, hier, auch wiegerte.

Nach unserem Besuch, Billy Six erhielt sogar Morddrohungen!

Und hier ist das sensationelle Video Beweis dafür, dass Korrektur gelogen haben!

Mehr hier!

Flatbed-8.BMP(1)Also warum habe ich vor kurzen Deutschland besucht? Ich habe schon lange eine gute Beziehung zu Deutschland, 1994 (foto) habe ich im Rahmen eines Schüleraustausches zumersten mal Deutschland besucht, von daher spreche ich immer noch ein wenig Deutsch, obwohl ich es noch ziemlich verbessern kann. Im Rahmen des Besuches wollte ich Billy Six über MH17 befragen, denn ich arbeite ebenfalls an einer Reportage darüber. Meine Reportagen sind eigentlich keine Provokationen oder Skandale, es läuft meist ziemlich ruhig alles ab.

Ich sehr mag Deutschland und vor allen die Deutschen. Ausserdem ist eine interessante, geschichtsträchtige Zeit momentan für Reportagen in Deutschland, und so könnt ihr sicher sein, ich komme wieder.


Vielen Dank meinen Freund Daniel Franz, der mir etwas Hilfe gab, dies zu schreiben, mit der deutschen Sprache!

A Graham Newsletter (#8) English Subtitles on my first film – Aramis!

Firstly, I’m very pleased to say I’ve contacted everyone who made a pledge to my Brexit reportage project, and am well through fulfilling all the pledges! Of course I’m very pleased to be doing this, as I’m extremely grateful to everyone who made this project happen!

Looking through the media coverage that project attracted, I found another major story the other day, this from the Huffington Post – showing once again what a huge difference this crowdfunded project made!

As you may know, I have another live crowdfunding project, my film about a Brit going on holiday to Crimea – look out for a very special announcement coming on that soon!

For now, I’m absolutely delighted to say, for the first time – today – there are English subtitles on my first film, Aramis – about a member of the Donbass militia

This film was made at the end of last year, start of this. We made it for almost no budget, simply thanks to a few donations from kind individuals, in particular 1Aramishere, I’d like to mention Tiago de Carvalho, from South Africa, whose generous donation made it possible to give the film some showings across Russia, and covered the costs of adding subtitles.

Adding subtitles was done by the man who does so many of my subtitles, Sergey Yermolayev, and for free, yet it was such a bit job, I had to give him something for this, and he’s done a great job!

In the future, I’ll definitely put on showings of my films in the west, and more, for now, I’m really happy to have English subs on a film which has been a big success in its native Russian, with over 150,000 hits.

Look out for more to come soon, for now, here’s Aramis!

A Graham Newsletter (#6) Netherlands, to Germany, and New Project….


Well, it’s been a little while since the last one, and it’s been a very busy time. My Brexit reportage project wrapped up at Billingsgate market, but I continued coverage from the UK, as a group called Class War converged on Boris Johnson’s home in London – which got a bit heated –

After that, it was off to the Netherlands, where work started on my MH17 documentary. You can read all about that week here.

Actually, there have been quite a few posts here on the Truth Speaker – all about Yulia Marushevska, Ukrainian activist-cum-Odessa-port-chief, while in this article, I had a look back to the lost Odessa of 2013. 

I was pleased to get a new Russian visa, and wrote about that here. 

And video reportage also, in the UK, after Euro 2016 and all that, I was keen to see what British people really think of Russia and the Russians –

In the Netherlands, I was interested in what the Dutch make of Brexit, and Nexit –

Another part of this to come soon.

Also, I was pleased, in Amsterdam, to film a tribute to a man I very much admire, Theo van Gogh

Part 2 of that here.

And on from there, this week I’m heading to a Germany in a state of some chaos with 4 terrorist attacks in the last week. I’ll be going to Munich, and Berlin, to find out what the real situation is in Germany. I’m open to your suggestions on what would be interesting reportage – write to me!

In between projects, as we are, all my work is funded by support on the Patreon site, some (modest) earnings from my YouTube channel, and donations to my Paypal – gwplondon@gmail.com

IMG_20160719_202937On Friday, look out for the exclusive announcement of my new summer project. This will be a project to make the most of the season,  something vital, relevant, done within a timeframe, and after that it will be full attention on MH17, which I’ll be returning to Donbass to continue work on.

When over in Donbass, of course, I’ll also be filming other reportage. And, a man who has been doing that consistently since early 2014, Patrick Lancaster, continues to bring you news from Donbass. On a personal level, his wife is due to give birth any minute, and if you’d like to help at that time, difficult enough in any country, Patrick’s runnning a crowdfunder here. 

That’ll do for now, thanks for reading, keep in touch! Graham

MH17 Documentary Updates (#1) Hitting the Reset Button, Week in the Netherlands, and On….

Graham Phillips

This is my first post about the MH17 documentary I’m making, and you’ll be updated every step of the way, with those with useful input given every chance to be involved. Let’s be clear, the purpose of this documentary is to be the definitive MH17 documentary, looking at every side objectively, analysing all the evidence equally. Coming to a conclusion based on a balanced assessment of evidence and information.

All the work I’ve done on MH17 before, I hit the reset button as we begin this.

This last week I was in the Netherlands, doing preliminary work on my MH17 documentary. It was a hugely productive time, starting with interviewing Robby Oehlers, in Amsterdam. Robby has a fascinating story, being the relative who actually went out out to the fields of Donbass, conducting his own investigation into the tragic crash which killed his cousin, Daisy, and her boyfriend Bryce.

Robbie MH17 Robbie MH17a

I then went to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport myself to film the launch of the crowdfunding campaign for this MH17 film.

Screenshot (214)

Note, this project will be completely crowdfunded. But I’m not launching the crowdfunding campaign for now, because I’ll make another film before this, about Crimea – more details of that to come.

I then spent a fascinating day in Eindhoven with MH17 expert, the man who’s spent more than 2000 hours investigating MH17 – Max van der Werff Max van der Werff

From there, it was onto Rotterdam, where I gave an interview to We Are Change Rotterdam, on MH17 –

I also recorded an interview with Dutch journalist Joost Niemoller, who has written a book on the subject

Joost MH17 a Joost MH17From there, it was onto Almere, by Amsterdam, where, thanks to Greta Verdiun, I interviewed Constantin Karmanov,  who has for almost twenty years represented the leading Ukrainian aviation organisation – Antonov Design Bureau – in the Netherlands.
1ant 1ant1 1ant2

And we go on from there. I’m keen to interview as many relevant experts, relatives, and witnesses as possible – please contact me on gwplondon@gmail.com if you have information.

As for timeframe, this MH17 documentary could take around a year to film – the emphasis is on being completely comprehensive so the end result is the definitive MH17 documentary.

As for time, the documentary will run around 90 minutes.

As you can see from the above, a lot of material has been, and will be filmed, and of course, all of that can’t make it to the finished film. So, be sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, where I’ll be regularly putting new MH17 material as work on the film goes on. Be sure I’ll be looking at your comments on these clips with great interest, and your feedback will shape the finished film.

And we go on from here!

Very best, Graham

Odessa – My Nostalgia for Summer of 2013

Graham Phillips

Everyone knows Samuel Johnson’s adage about ‘when a man is tired of London Londonhe’s tired of life‘. Well, I’m guessing that’s not quite the same for Kiev, which in late 2012, with the rise of Ukrainian ultra-nationalism, I was quickly tiring of, albeit not quite ready to return to a London which I’ve always loved, but, only having embarked from in 2011, wasn’t just ready to return to yet.

However, leaving Kiev in early 2013, I did spent some time back in the UK, and in London, pondering the next move. Belgrade, Prague, Riga, all were considered as I looked to continue something which had started in 2011 for the first time, spending some time living out the UK.

But, after some long walks and lengthy deliberations, the decision came out as Odessa, a city I’d fallen in love with when visiting while working for What’s On magazine in Kiev, 2012. So it was, driving across Europe, and western Ukraine, I set off in July of 2013 –

And so it was, I arrived, and, with a long-term plan of making a life in Odessa, set about making the most of summer in Odessa – cycling along the beachfront on my bike, catacombs, hitting the beach, swimming, barbeques, vineyard tours –

And, of course, the city’s legendary nightlife too –

So, you can understand, when I look back to summer of 3 years ago, I feel real nostalgia. It was Odessa, when it was Odessa. There was a normal mayor, order, everything was good. Russians were there on holiday. Ukrainians were there. And they both got on great with each other, along with all the other nations there in that mega city by the sea, founded with Catherine the Great’s own money no less.

I guess, not to sound like the Wonder Years, that no one really knew back then, that that was the last summer of Odessa as it was. So, permit me for a bit of nostalgia as I look back to things as they were, 3 years ago in Odessa.