Why the Anna Ziuzina Harassment Letter Against me is Bogus

Originally published March 21st, 2014 on http://www.grahamwphillips.com (see below), by Graham

In January of this year I was assaulted in London, had my camera stolen by boyfriend of Ukrainian murderer, currently living in London, Anna Ziuzina.

2 months on and the next I heard was to be informed by, a very nice it must be said, police officer that a Prevention of Harassment Letter had been issued against me (below).

Before going into this, I’d like to go on record with my full respect for our British police.


Here’s the 10 reasons I don’t accept it – 

1. The first line states that I visited her mother’s home, and banged on the door. Her mother lives in Ukraine. How can this be a matter for the British police who long claimed, in the relevant case – that being the murder of Barry Pring – that they had no jurisdiction in Ukraine?

2. The complainant says her name is ‘Julianna Moore’. But it’s not, it’s Anna Ziuzina. Has she formally changed her name by deed poll to Julianna Moore? Even if she has, why is she using a made-up name taken from a filmstar? Can I have this HarassmentLetter made out to Michael Douglas?

(Anna Ziuzina / Julianna Moore with the late Barry Pring)

3. The letter states I shouted abuse, completely untrue. What did happen when I visited her parents’ property was that her father tried to set an aggressive dog on me, pulling it back to withdraw its muzzle as I had to escape (pictured).

4. The letter states I accused ‘Moore’ (Anna Ziuzina) of being a prostitute. This was confirmed to me by numerous of her friends and contacts in Ukraine. It’s simply a matter of fact.

5. Further, if she’s accusing me of calling her a prostitute – which I did – then why is she not similarly complaining that I called her a murderer, as I have done many times. Is she saying that she wasn’t a prostitute, but accepting she’s a murderer?

6. I did post a letter intended for her online, it was on the ground by the mail boxes outside her apartment which at that time showed signs she had left (this being after the Daily Mail article). I took the letter to prove she was masquerading under an assumed name, resident at a UK property.

7. You accuse me of trespassing into a ‘resident’s (sic – residents’) only garden’. Yet, this is hardly the case – the garden is for the use of residents and their friends / guests. I spoke to several neighbours of Anna Ziuzina / Julianna Moore, who gave their consent for my using the garden.

8. I took pictures of the inside of her flat only from a window she had left wide open. Had I wished, I could have easily entered her apartment – I did not do that. The reality of course was that she knew I had visited the flat the day before, would likely return, and the window was left open intentionally.

9. I have been in contact with Ivan Lister’s ex-wife, who made no complaint about my having communicated with her son – who is in her custody. He was, when we spoke online, a teenage boy highly worried about his dad, and family. I provided support and in doing so stated my honest opinion of ‘Julianna Moore’, just as I will state here – a cold-blooded killer who I cannot believe is being allowed to live in the United Kingdom after having, in Ukraine, brutally murdered British citizen, her husband of that time, Barry Pring.

10. Finally, all of the complaints in the letter relate to things with happened early in 2013 – at the latest, May. The only reason for her complaining now is to deflect attention from the assault and theft of her boyfriend, Ivan Lister, when I encountered him in January.

So, I don’t accept this letter. I am a British citizen who, has, of my 35 years, spent 33 of them living in the UK. In that time, I have one driving offence to my name.

All I want for Anna Ziuzina / Julianna Moore is quite simple – her to appear in a fair court of law to answer questions now 6 years unanswered. What happened on the night of February 16th 2008?

Slightly edited for length

Скриншот 27.01.2015 223857.bmp

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