18+ Blocking and Moving Forward

By Graham

For posting ‘extreme content’, notably of the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers, provoking mass mobilised pro-Ukrainian complaining, my YouTube account was suspended for 2 weeks, my Facebook for a week.

No content deleted from my YouTube, but I can’t post any new content, even access videos there.

So, there will be some changes, in future any content even with blood on my YouTube account will be marked 18+

No ‘extreme photos’ will be posted to my Facebook. ‘Extreme videos’ will be posted here, backed up on LiveLeak.com as with ‘extreme photos’.

This site is totally uncensor-able. All content is permitted, nothing can be taken down.

The photo and video of dead Ukrainian soldiers at Krasniy Partizan, photos and video of which caused all the blockings, here they are –

IMG_6670 IMG_6672 IMG_6677 IMG_6679 IMG_6684 IMG_6685 IMG_6686 IMG_6689 IMG_6693

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