MH17 – Submission #1 – Exclusive New Video – Patrick Lancaster

All the following submissions to be sent to the Dutch investigation team, at their request.

My name is Patrick Lancaster. I am a freelance video and photo journalist living in Donetsk. I was born in St. Louis Missouri USA.  I have been in the Donbass region for almost ten months trying to share the facts that I see.

After being at the MH17 crash site so many times I have had heavy emotions about whether or not or when I should release my footage. I do not want to make things worse for the families.

Now I have been contacted by the Dutch government and ask to take part in the investigation. I will be giving my full support in helping find the truth and I will be releasing my unreleased footage to them and the public. I hope I do not cause any more pain to the families of the victims with this footage. My footage will be unedited and very GRAPHIC. In this article I am releasing my footage from the night of July, 17th, 2014, the day MH17 was shot down.

I was in Donetsk when I got the news that a civilian airliner may have been shot down. Some colleagues and I jumped in a taxi and headed to the area we thought the crash site might be.

We search for awhile and then found a ambulance, and thought we should follow it.

We did, and when we arrived…. Well words can not describe how I felt when it became clear that it was in fact defiantly a civilian aircraft.

It was so dark. The body parts where everywhere. It was hard not to trip on them. My brain could not process where I was and what had happened

The night of July 17th 2014 I stayed at the crash site and met the sun as its rays of light come over this tragedy the morning of July 18th. I gazed across the fields of smoldering corpses, wreckage and debris. The reality of what had happened was starting to take hold.

In my next article I will bring you day 2.

Patrick Lancaster

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