Who is ‘Femme Fatale’ Anna Ziuzina (Julianna Moore)?

Evidence shows that Anna Ziuzina, born on January 28th 1979 in Kiev, now the chief suspect in the murder of her British husband Barry Pring, was a career prostitute who did a convincing job of passing herself off as a Ukrainian lady seeking love and offering the same. Reading through Anna’s emails (I have access to these, to be published soon), it became clear that any man could have fallen for her, rendering herself as she did – ‘loving’, ‘kind’, ‘caring’, ‘looking for a good man for a stable relationship‘?
Anna Ziuzina Elena Model
Anna had worked as an ‘exotic dancer’ from the age of 22, confirmed to me by her best friend of the time, Tatiana (testimony to come), she was also a prostitute from the start of this ‘career’.
Anna Ziuzina dancer
Anna Ziuzina apparently, from early on divided the men in her life into three categories, those she uses for sex, those for money and those for crime. For sex, her tastes are young men – a lover of 20 while she was in her late 20s, married to British man Barry Pring.
1an2 1an3
For money, Ziuzina has always looked to foreign men:
Barry - GZ early
For Anna’s criminal partners, she has selected older Ukrainian men. Men such as Yuri Veprinskiy (details to come). Men such as Oleg Marievsky, former Ukrainian police officer and lawyer (Anna Ziuzina’s lawyer) described on this lawyer’s blacklist as criminal:
More to come…

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