Will I Return to Great Britain?

By Graham

It’s a question that I’m asked quite often, and am surprised to be asked, will I return to my own country? I absolutely love Great Britain, have loved her all my life.



Ok, I’ve never been to Northern Ireland, and have no real interest in going there, but Scotland I like a lot, Wales likewise, England I adore. Name a city or town in England, I’ll have been there, villages, hamlets, rolling fields, pleasant pastures the works.






My work here in Donbass may have a different tone to the current position of the UK government. However, the FCO have always been supportive of me here. And I believe in Britain, our cuture, our history, our right to free speech, our fight to protect rights such as free speech.



As for being ‘worried’ about the number of ‘pro-Ukrainian activists’ in Britain, of course I’m not concerned about that. More, I hope these afflicted individuals are receiving the relevant treatment on Britain’s welfare system.





How my own countrymen relate to me? The intelligent, informed ones who follow my work support me. The unintelligent, uninformable ones who follow my work are against me, and in any case or country I try to avoid such people as these. I honestly can’t even consider anyone in Great Britain supporting Ukraine in their genocidal war, to be a true Briton.

So, when the war calms down here, I’ll return to Great Britain, to every part of it. It’s the country of my family, the country I love. It’s my country.


5 thoughts on “Will I Return to Great Britain?”

  1. I wonder Graham, what will you do, when GB declares war on Russia… because declaration is all that left, all other aspects of war are already imposed.
    What will you do, when you come across English soldier, that is fighting for Ukr, captured by Novorossiya army?
    Love your work, it’s mostly good stuff, greetings from Serbia 🙂


  2. It’s difficult to divine your thought processes – you send out contradictory and illogical messages. I can’t imagine that many traditional Britons would share your odd mix of views: supportive of Soviet-style doublethink yet supposedly ‘truth-seeking’; authoritarian yet supposedly independent; focusing on the detail yet missing the big picture; claiming kinship with traditional figures like Churchill, yet having totally different instincts. I suppose that you would fit in with the western pro-totalitarian types who confuse shallow thought, slogans and shouts of ‘fascism’ with genuine independent, critical thought. As a people who believe in free expression we Brits we have to put up with distractions like you – yet God help us if your kind ever form the majority.


    1. And what is your point? We should believe in benevolence of your “democratic” Western Powers? What about your beautiful supremacy playing dumb about leading forces of Maidan movement, that art pure Nazi Fascists?. And what about playing dumb about massacres of population in east and ethnic cleansing of your official allies from Kiev?


    2. When something looks contradictory through one’s thought process, it’s either contradictory or the thought process in question is a badly designed/broken mill. I can completely understand Graham’s stance. It’s the one of people who sees civilan’s burning under military fire and quietly know that this is one of the few clear cases: the military shouldn’t have fired ; no one should support that military firing. If tomorrow NAF is shelling Kiev it will be wrong as well, although they could pile more excuse to do so than Kiev did shelling Donbass. Even so, excuses would not be enough. You simply don’t fire grads in the general area of people you want dead if other people live in that area. Not complicated.

      Anyway, if you can’t get that, maybe your thought mill need some redesign & repair. For now it seems stuck with some irrelevant, not reality based idelogical frame.


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