Bellingcat – Brazen Lies on Demand

By Graham

Here’s the report by ‘open source investigation’ agency Bellingcat into the mass killing of civilians in Mariupol on May 9th –

Let’s focus in on the last line of that report on tragic events which saw unarmed Скриншот 29.01.2015 110315.bmpcivilians gunned down by Ukrainian soldiers – ‘Though the soldiers did seem inexperienced and unaware that bullets could ricochet, they generally restrained themselves’

Let’s call the report what it is – a whitewash, a cover-up, an appalling attempt to justify mass murder. Let’s call Bellingcat, and their founder Eliot Higgins, what they are – mercenaries, prostitutes, immoral, liars.

I have my own material on Mariupol, which will be publishing in due course. Videos, photos. I was there on the scene, and unlike Bellingcat, I am neither for sale, nor without any qualities of dignity, decency, honest.

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