1life2I call on European leaders to demand the immediate release of Life News journalists, Elizaveta Khramtsova and photographer Natalia Kalysheva, detained illegally in Kiev by ‘Ukrainian security service’ SBU for over 15 hours now.

– Elizaveta and Natalia have not committed any crime

– No proper reason given for their entirely illegal detention

– They have been denied contact with anyone in time of their detention – also illegal

– Completely false charges, relating to a ridiculous, supposed ‘terrorist bomb threat’ have been leaked, defaming their character

– Their illegal incarceration is an attack on individual rights

– Their illegal incarceration is an attack on freedom of speech, and the press

– Ukraine is, in the words of president Poroshenko ‘on the road to European integration’, the unlawful captivity of Liza and Natalia is a direct violation of European values, standards, laws.

– These are young ladies, judging from previous detentions of journalists in Ukraine they will be being kept in unpleasant conditions, deprived of basic human rights.

– The condition of Elizaveta and Natalia is unknown by anyone, including their extremely worried families.

– Their reported ‘expulsion and deportation for 5 years’ again totally illegal, again a direct attack on freedom of the press, speech, rights of the individual.



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