Arriving in Pervomaisk – September 15th, 2014 (Photo Article)

By Graham

I arrived in Pervomaisk, Lugansk region, on September last September 15th, to be met by the charasmatic then then people’s mayor Eugene Ishenko (recently killed), who on my first evening gave me a tour around the town, at that time extensively damaged due to 2 months of Ukrainian shelling.

1Pervomaisk 1Pervomaisk1 1Pervomaisk2




When shelling struck this apartment block here it killed 6 people, who were hurriedly buried in the ground by neighbours (social services not able to function due to heavy shelling, just putting people in the ground was standard).





1Pervomaisk27Here, Eugene picks up shrapnel from a Ukrainian rocket which had struck a kindergarten.

1Pervomaisk6 1Pervomaisk7 1Pervomaisk8

Every part of Pervomaisk had been hit by shelling. Here, the centre –

1Pervomaisk9 1Pervomaisk10 1Pervomaisk11 1Pervomaisk12

Here, a bombshelter, converted gym of a school itself bombed, with over 70 living, sheltering from shelling.

1Pervomaisk13 1Pervomaisk14Shelling hitting all over Pervomaisk, even in that time of ‘ceasefire’, no electricity in most of the town or shops open. People with no money, hungry, scared, Life in Pervomaisk in September 2014 was grim.
1Pervomaisk20 1Pervomaisk21 1Pervomaisk22 1Pervomaisk23

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