Western Media – Some Taking, Others Twisting the Truth


Скриншот 12.02.2015 192753.bmpBy Patrick Lancaster – 

The tip of the truth about Ukraine government shelling civilians is finally getting into some western media. While some still lie about it.

After many months living through this war and trying to get the world to see the truth of what is happening here in Donbass the truth is starting to get picked up Скриншот 12.02.2015 192823.bmpby western media. Everyday in villages and city’s that are controlled by Donetsk and Lugansk peoples Republic or “rebel” forces the Ukraine government forces shell and kill civilians.

I hope western media continues to show the truth of what is happening here and raise awareness around the world so these atrocities will stop soon. Sadly some western media sources are taking material of Ukraine government shelling Скриншот 12.02.2015 192836.bmpcivilian areas and twisting them and saying that it is “pro Russian rebels” shelling the civilians as you see bellow in ODN On Demand News report at bottom of page.

Western media sources that are reporting the truth of the shelling yesterday at a community soup kitchen in “Lugansk People Republic” forces controlled Pervomaisk. It was hit by Ukraine Grad rockets in the morning and then While I was there documenting the damage it was hit again.

SkyNews: “People dive for cover as a Ukrainian government attack forces
people to run for their lives to a makeshift bomb shelter.”


The Independent: “Soup kitchen hit by Ukrainian military rockets in
dramatic new footage”


NY Daily news: “Civilians in rebel-controlled Ukraine run for cover as
government rockets pummel community soup kitchen (VIDEO)”


Here ODN On Demand News lies in there report useing my footage and
saying the “the building had been hit by pro Russian rebels”

My original video

Where a woman says it was Ukraine Army shelling the soup kitchen and
another crying woman calls the Ukraine president Petro Oleksiyovych
Poroshenko a bastard and child molester as the rockets hit all around.

4 thoughts on “Western Media – Some Taking, Others Twisting the Truth”

  1. Australians are really well controlled by some of the most heavily concentrated vested media in the world. Murdoch controls a lot of what people think here, but he doesn’t control the net. News is slowly getting through. Your struggle and suffering against such tyranny will hopefully inspire others to stand up against the US.


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