Graham’s ‘Scandalous’ Former Blog

By Graham Phillips

Скриншот 24.02.2015 233142.bmp
There has, of late, been a series of attacks from the Ukrainian, pro-Ukrainian media launched in my direction. Kyiv Post journalist Olga Rudenko recently took to Facebook to pen the pro-Ukraine version of my life ‘before the war’, something then run by various pro-Ukraine media.

Looking through Olga’s diatribe, I recognised certain elements of my pre-war life, but all purposefully bent and twisted out shape. I have no real feelings on Olga, she’s just one of any number of relentlessly pro-Ukraine, Kiev-based journalists. We exchanged a few messages a couple of years ago on work, that’s that.

Скриншот 24.02.2015 225038.bmpI’m a little surprised in Olga’s intense interest in me, even on her own Facebook putting out calls for further information, answering herself when no one responds. Having me down as quite a list – a ‘loser’, ‘schizophrenic’, ‘sexpat’, and then the inevitable ‘sex blogger’.

One thing the pro-Ukraine side often bring up is that I supposedly kept a ‘sex blog’. Actually, they bring it up with all the predictability of a man with a Ukraine flag parroting ‘Slava Ukraine’ before too long.

Well, about that ‘sex blog’, it’s true I kept a blog, it’s true that some of the posts were about sex –

Prostitutes and Me (Part 1 of 2)

Prostitutes and Me (Part 2 of 2)

Buying Ukrainian Students for Sex

To name 3. The list goes on, but not that much, of all the posts on my site, fewer than 10% were about the ‘s’ subject. You could find almost as many on abandoned buildings and artefacts in Ukraine –

Abandoned Dnipropetrovsk – Always Parus

Abandoned Vozdvyzhenka – Cursed in Kiev? (Part 1 of 2)

Pain of Ukraine Trains

The Bigger Ukraine/Russia Ship Dispute (Part 1 of 2)

There was also ample posting on Ukrainian history, politics –

Ukraine and the 90s nihilism (Part 1 of 2)

Oleh Tyahnybok and the Rise of Svoboda

Klitschko and Ukraine’s Love of Cars and Cash

True, there was a fair bit about my ex-girlfriend, Ira, but I found writing about Ira an enlightening way to broach broader subjects in Ukraine –

Euromaidan Destroyed Ira and Me

Don’t Call (all) Ukrainians Nazis (there’s Ira)

My blog had posts about an ongoing murder investigation –

Anna Ziuzina – The Disappearing Car Mystery

And some just about football –

World Cup Blog #4 – Manaus in the Mood

I enjoyed, enjoy writing about a broad range of subjects. I enjoyed taking an analytical look at a subject intrinsically associated with the former Ukraine, sex. I liked teasing with titles, so – Ukrainian Girls are Smokin’ – was actually about Ukrainian girls smoking. How to Pick Up Ukrainians was about hitching a lift.

Скриншот 24.02.2015 233238.bmpSo – why is the blog not there now, have I, as the pro-Ukraine side accuse, deleted it to try to remove the past, which they then crow can so easily be found by way of web archivers?

It’s more prosaic than that, in some way. My former site – – was a premium domain, with high storage. I didn’t want to have a site in my own name anymore, letting the domain lapse would have automatically removed some of the content due to excess, so before ‘closing’ that site, I took much of it down. You can see the skeleton version at –

I’ve republished some of the other posts, but why not the ‘sex blog posts’? Well, honestly, I don’t feel that’s appropriate for me now. There was a time, before the war, when you could write about these things in Ukraine and it had a relevance. Now, with war, they simply have no importance anymore.

War has changed Ukraine, Donbass, forever. It’s changed me as a person. I’m not going to republish blog posts which have no relevance either to the current context, or who I am now. In war, what matters are literally matters of life and death.

There was a time when it was fun to write about fun things in Ukraine. That time has gone. I’m not trying to hide anything in the past – all the blog posts are easily findable. Nor am I going to put them up now when they belong to a past life, for Скриншот 24.02.2015 234212.bmpUkraine and the former Ukraine, for myself as a person and journalist.

I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve written, am happy for people to read them wherever. As for people using what was previously written as a means of attack, in my case. I was never a ‘sex blogger’. I was a journalist, who kept a blog, part of which had articles on that theme.

But I also think this, that if a war comes into your life, then what you do in the war means a lot more than what you did before. Those who try to bring down a person who has risen to the challenges of war, on the basis of what they did before, are just those people who have been found wanting when the moment came.

8 thoughts on “Graham’s ‘Scandalous’ Former Blog”

  1. In my own experience, a person who has no enemies rarely has many virtues either. So – congratulations and welcome to the club (of which some names you will already know)!


  2. I suspect these smear campaigns will bring more readers. I think you are a good writer, and your stories are insightful and meaningful, and your convictions are clearly evident and refreshing.

    It is sad that a war had to happen before I discovered your writings and videos.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Graham, some Ukrainian journalists are far from being sincere professionals. They just work off the money they’re paid for the information war, any means to an end. So they aren’t worth your little finger. Keep up your great blog here, reveal the truth thousands of your followers would like to be aware of. God bless you.


  4. The neocons/khazarians really managed to destroy that country. Sort of like how Iraq and Syria have become sectarian hellholes now.


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