18 + Dead Civilians by Debaltsevo – A Strange Story

Debaltsevo was liberated by NAF forces on February 19th 2015 –

By Debaltsevo, the village of Chernukhin, liberated at the same time. And a disturbing sight, NAF forces had found Ukrainian bodies left in the base they had recently left. They’d also found dead civilians there too –

The civilians showed clear signs of torture, there were different reports on what had befallen them –

* Pro-Russian civilians taken into captivity by Ukrainians, tortured then killed as the Ukrainians fled

* Ukrainian civilian ‘helpers’, killed by the Ukrainians before they fled

In either case, another disturbing story of this war.

IMG_9777 IMG_9783

6 thoughts on “18 + Dead Civilians by Debaltsevo – A Strange Story”

  1. With heavy heart I say it is “strange fruit”, a song by Billie Holiday in 1939 condemning the KKK lynching/terrorism against African Americans, for here is the “fruit” the US brokered Kiev coup and Uki neo-nazi thugs have given rise to in Ukraine. The government of Canada backs these thugs but not in our name! The truth must be told. Thank you for your journalistic integrity and commitment to report the truth.


  2. Greetings, Graham Phillips.

    Your work is respected as is your devotion to what you believe to be right.
    Please provide your opinion regarding an offer by europaobjektiv.com to transport Western journalist to the Donbass -provided that they first get themselves to Moscow. Do you believe the offer to be legitimate? Do you think any Western journalist of note will be interested? What is your advise to prospective journalists and social-media participants who might be interested in this journalistic opportunity? What might be the opinion of those in the D.P.R. regarding this? I first noted the opportunity here… http://russia-insider.com/en/2015/02/14/3487
    Recently, I donated to the International Red Cross’s “Ukraine Emergency Appeal” for those in Eastern Ukraine who are being displaced by conflict. My hope was to help relieve the burden Russia is experiencing due to the influx of refugees. Do you think such donations are worthwhile in the hands of the I.R.C.? How can Westerners best contribute to relieving the humanitarian crisis due to the attacks upon Novorossia?
    Thank you for your time.
    Best wishes and safety to you.

    Harold Jay Hoover
    Sedona, Arizona USA


  3. Can you elaborate on “clear signs of torture” please, as that is a serious allegation.
    (And can’t see why they would torture their own civilian helpers, if that’s who they were)


    1. Nothing especially serious about the allegation of torture. The Ukie militias have behaved like savages as far as I’ve read. Ukraine is a chaotic oligarchy kept afloat by a police state and IMF/EU money..


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