“I Saw the Body of a Dead Soldier-Cyborg, Very Similar to My Brother”

In my time in Donbass, I filmed many videos of the bodies of Ukrainian troops.

Many on the pro-Ukraine side had a lot to say about this, were furious about this. Started campaigns to get me blocked from Facebook and other accounts. But, I believe these videos may have even helped some people. I received quite a lot of emails like this –

Hello Graham,

In one of your videos I saw the bodies of a soldier-cyborg, who was very similar to my brother. Unfortunately, no one from official sources has told us anything about him, actually they have concealed all relevant information.

I already know that the body has been sent from the Ukrainian side, but as for where it is and who can give it to us – everyone is keeping silent on that.

My brother has been put on a list, of those ‘disappeared without trace’.

Please, help if you can, we are really worrying. Any information would be

Here’s the video I refer to –

Thank you

Fullscreen capture 06032015 173853.bmp

One thought on ““I Saw the Body of a Dead Soldier-Cyborg, Very Similar to My Brother””

  1. Hi Graham, I believe you’re back in London. Care to meet? I’d be particularly interested in what you have to say about Gorlovka (not Horlivka). I’m in south London so can meet you easily.
    All the best.


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