Pro-Ukraine Activists Cancel Donbass Charity Event

By Graham Phillips

As was reported in the media, I had planned a charity event on March 30th, to take place at Walkers of Whitehall, by Trafalgar Square, in London.

The event was to consist of question and answer session by myself, an auction of items from my time in Donbass, plus a special auction of signed prints of my top 10 photos, as selected by you and a special fundraiser.

The pro-Ukraine side got hold of this information, coming out with a sabotage via pro-Ukraine propaganda outlet The Interpreter.

This was then followed by individual pro-Ukrainians making calls to the venue, and tweeting them, something which resulted in the venue cancelling the event today.

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Of course, this decision is disappointing. It’s always disappointing when a hate campaign wins, in this case at the cost of a charity event.

However, the event will go ahead. I am looking for a new venue now, contact me if you have any suggestions –

The photos selected so far, sure to make it to auction by your vote, are these 4, however still 6 more to be voted for –

1cert 1cert1 1cert2 1cert3

Best, Graham

15 thoughts on “Pro-Ukraine Activists Cancel Donbass Charity Event”

  1. Graham, you will be wasting your time looking for another similar venue as they will do the same again… if you approach russian owned venues you might have a better chance….


  2. But have you challenged their cancellation? All you have to do is challenge these pseuds to produce one iota of evidence that you are a “hatemonger” or “terrorist”. With their lies exposed then the venue may have a very different attitude.


  3. Its possible one aution via Internet? … more fotos and one account in England We need one more facilities for help the people of Donbass

    Thank you Graham

    > El 11/3/2015, a las 15:50, The Truth Speaker escribió: > >


  4. So sorry it got cancelled. UK does not support Kiev side BUT it seems Walkers of Whitehall believed the propaganda by that side. They probably have no real idea of what’s actually happening over there. When you find a new venue maybe explain to them about your work and show them the truth, then any amount of vile venom spewing Ukrops won’t be able to get it cancelled and ruin a UK business’s online presence.

    To the nasty EU wannabes (pro kiev) you are not welcome in the UK we really do have a hate for you – Walkers of Whitehall are obviously not informed and believed your tripe.

    We support you Graham and the more the truth comes out the more UK people will too.


    1. >”UK does not support Kiev side

      Not true in my experience but any pub in Whitehall (the regime’s main high street for f sake) is going to be very pro-regime (whitehall regime that is).

      >BUT it seems Walkers of Whitehall believed the propaganda by that side”

      Because they hadn’t been told the truth first. Needs someone in London/uk to first approach-tell some venue so they will know in advance that there are pro-Maidan crooks out there seeking to disinform. If the first thing you heard about GP was that he was a “hatemonger” and “terrorist” you’d probably assume likewise.


      1. No I meant most ‘people’ in the UK do not support the Kiev side. Once they know the truth anyway. I know our corrupt government support them.

        There have been right sector black and red flags waving on the streets of London recently for Nemstov and I think if most UK people knew what those flags stood for they wouldn’t last 5 minutes in London. Ukros think the UK people support them, they brag about it on twitter but we hate you bunch of MF.


      2. You wrote >”UK does not support Kiev side
        and I replied >Not true in my experience

        Ohoh, I misread your words as meaning UK does not support *NR* side!
        A quite interesting response to carrying a placard saying “nato nazis”. Uniformed staff at railway stations were hostile. Police warned me it could be considered “hate speech”. Meanwhile the response from others was entirely positive. Most people in uk are now very sceptical of a notion that the Westminster government/regime are at all honest and decent. And the understanding is becoming widespread that the arms trade wins in all wars and wants to cause more of them. Everyone knows that Blair lied to start the Iraq war.


  5. Another possible is “Books in Russian” in Goodge St, though they may be a bit small. 23 Goodge Street, London, W1T 2PL tel. 0207 4366390
    Would be good if someone who lives in or near London were to arrange this, could then say what a hero Graham is. Blowing the trumpet yourself, however justifiably, is considered an unforgiveable offence in our silly society.


  6. I met some pro-Maidan crazies at the anti-nato demo in Newport. One guy was absolutely insistent that the swastika was not a nazi symbol but a peace symbol instead. I don’t think he was lying, just very deluded, in denial.


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