The Murder of Barry Pring – an Introduction

I’ve worked on the murder of Barry Pring since my time living in Kiev in 2012, collaborating with the Daily Mail for an article on the case, also in 2013 writing a book later legally removed by the woman evidence shows had him killed, his wife of the time, Ukrainian Anna Ziuzina.

Barry Pring

The two met online in 2006, married in January 2007, Barry Pring was murdered on the night of February 16th 2008, smashed by a speeding car on a highway outside Kiev –

Anna ZiuzinaAllegations of Ukrainian police collusion in the crime saw no meaningful investigation there, allowing Ziuzina to leave the country in mid-2008, initially to the UK where she lived in Barry Pring’s London apartment, sold his possessions to pay for her life there, before, when it seemed the UK police may be on the verge of claiming jurisdiction, leaving in late 2008 to live in Miami for some time, where she worked as an ‘erotic dancer’. In 2010, Ziuzina met a wealthy new lover, British businessman Ivan Lister, online, coming to live in the UK in 2010.

Anna Ziuzina now calls herself Julianna Moore, lives in London with a child by Ivan Lister, whom I met in early 2014 in North London –

She later that year attempted to serve a harassment letter on me, to stop my investigation.

Barry Pring 1It’s now been over 7 years since Barry Pring was killed, smashed to pieces by the side of a road having gone to Kiev to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and his first wedding anniversary with Anna Ziuzina. Upon Ziuzina leaving the country, the murder investigation collapsed in a Ukrainian police force ever always for corruption, ineffectiveness. Now, with Ukraine in disarray, the case is technically open, but on its 10th investigator, with nothing meaningful done by any, effectively dormant. The UK police have been involved in the case, attempted to question Ziuzina in 2013, but she refused to be questioned, and the position of UK police is that is the limit to the extent they can be involved.

Barry’s death in 2008, at the age of 47, was devastating to his parents Irene and Basil. The health of Barry’s father deteriorated, and he passed away in early 2015, without ever having seen the women all evidence shows was complicit in his son’s murder, brought to justice. His funeral was at the same church his son’s funeral was held in 2011, held up for over 3 years due to Ziuzina using legal delaying tactics.

Barry Pring graveBarry’s brother Shaughan, younger by 2 years, an Exeter businessman, continues the fight for justice for his older brother. Despite living just 200 miles away, he has never seen Anna Ziuzina in her years in the United Kingdom, where she now lives a comfortable life, funded by her wealthy lover. The case continues in Ukraine, but only in a civil capacity, with Anna Ziuzina’s parents living in one of the two apartments Barry Pring purchased there in his time with Ziuzina, yet the Pring family, via their lawyer, fighting the Ziuzina’s claim for full ownership of the luxury riverside apartment in Kiev.

Here, in 2013, a thinly veiled threat death threat from her father –

That’s an introduction, watch here for more to come…

4 thoughts on “The Murder of Barry Pring – an Introduction”

  1. hello graham thanks for all you’re hard work at this sad time due to barrys death and now his father has passed away due to ill health my part in this is I new barry from way back I lived in the same village in devon and I also lived with barry in one of his many properties too so I knew him very well I cannot say too much as all my memories of barry are personal . I met barry and anna briefly when they visited me not long after they married she didn’t seem to be on the same wavelength as myself and barry but barry was happy to show her off I didn’t take to her as I didn’t know her but I phoned barrys flat in london just to here his answer machine voice and she picked up the phone I couldn’t believe how happy she sounded not long after barrys death she even asked
    me to meet up with her which was strange I’m glad I didn’t would have been very awkward for me as she was out to get everything barry had and I didn’t want any part in her sordid life or game she was playing .graham are you still involved or just waiting for more news ? so good luck in you’re quest for justice may she rot in some gullag away in ukraine that’s not likely to happen . I will leave you for now till next time from a good freind of bjp rip


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