My 10 Wishes for Returning to Reporting


By Graham Phillips

I’ve been back in London a few weeks now, a lot of that planning for my return to reporting in Novorossiya.

I’m applying for a Russian visa, multi-entry as opposed to last time when I went in on a single-entry due to time constraints. Will be doing a kickstarter to raise funds for a drone, something to take my reporting to the next level, on every level, have already invested in better equipment.

As for what to use it for, I do have a wishlist in going back, so here’s what (in no particular order) :

1. Odessa – I lived in Odessa for a year, I’d love to get back there, reporting there, even living there.

2. Donetsk – Of course it would be great to be back in Donetsk, where I lived for over 4 months, reporting positive stories.

3. The same for Lugansk, it was much better when I was last there in February, after the nightmare of 2014. Would be great to see it better still!

4. Dnipropetrovsk – It was one of the first cities I went to in Ukraine, in 2009. I was reporting from there in 2014, would be great to do it again.

5. Slavyansk – Where I was based for the first month-and-a-half of my time reporting in Donetsk, would be fantastic to be there once more.

6. Kramatorsk / Konstantinovka – Near Slavyansk, places I went to all the time in April, May, would love to return to.

7. Mariupol – A city I have a great affinity with, also did a lot of reporting from in April, May of 2014, and would relish the opportunity to tell the stories from there again.

8. Kiev – It was where I lived for 2 years, then was last there in May of 2014 after my first deportation, to do some filming. Would be interesting to be back there.

9. Crimea – Now over a year since I was last there, for the referendum on March 16th, 2014. Would be really interesting to see and report the recreation of Crimea as part of Russia.

10. Nikolaev – Where I did much of my early video reportage from, a city I have a real soft spot for, and would more than welcome a comeback.

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