Busting Ukraine Fakes (#2) – ‘Russian Elite Troops’ in the Ukrainian Army and Rob Pulse

By Graham Phillips

Fullscreen capture 29032015 230350.bmpThere will be more to come on Rob Pulse, actually there’s enough for an entire series on Ukraine’s hapless, yet relentless propagandist – on Twitter since December 2010, with near 32,000 Tweets putting him as a 20+ a day Tweeter, yet since troubles in Ukraine, and Donbass began, much more active and even often double that a day now.

The first question about Rob would be, naturally, who is he? ‘Rob Pulse’, an invented name, used for his tag, his name ‘Silver Surfer’ taken from the Fantastic Four series of films. Rob thinks he’s an ‘investigate journalist’, yet the only record of his ‘investigate journalism’ – credit in a couple of hit-job pieces by notorious pro-Ukraine propaganda outlet The Interpreter.

Скриншот 25.03.2015 223404He’s actually called Rob Schultz, where he’s from is unknown – he lists his locations on Twitter as Miami and London, yet it’s unclear if he’s in either. His user photo is an opaque one of himself in shades, yet there do exist photos online of Rob Schultz. However, Pulse/Schultz is so touchy about these, if you post them on Twitter (which I did in response to his maliciously posting the unblurred face of a young girl holding a Russia flag in the Ukraine city of Nikolaev, putting her life in danger), Rob will immediately complain to Twitter, have the photos removed –

Fullscreen capture 24032015 232925 Скриншот 25.03.2015 222501 RobPulse

Producing pro-Ukraine propaganda is exactly what Rob does, and while he stays pretty faithful to the pro-Ukraine script in general, he often blunders off into territory even they won’t touch. So, the standard, oft-peddled Ukraine line of everyone filmed in Donbass being ‘Russian actors’ and often the ‘same person’, well, suffice to say Rob follows it zealously – here on January 16th –

Fullscreen capture 29032015 153159.bmp

Sadly for Rob, he got it completely wrong here, and for a man who loves nothing more than self-congratulation on Twitter (‘I picked the right tweet to translate‘ just one of many self-endorsements), had to issue a rather less than humble admission that, once more, he’d cocked up –

Fullscreen capture 29032015 160305.bmp

Not learning from this lesson, just a week later, on January 23rd, Rob was now saying that people filmed at the scene of the Donetsk trolleybus shelling tragedy were ‘Russian actors’, the ‘same people’ (as the above even). But even his normally loyal followers, now near 8000, spluttered at this, even more ridiculous than his earlier claims.

Fullscreen capture 29032015 234135.bmp

Fullscreen capture 29032015 152915.bmp

This goof such a doozy Pulse deleted all his Tweets on the theme. But it didn’s stop him – in between then and now, there have been numerous other cock-ups from the blundering propagandist, who finds ‘Russian soldiers’ in every fighter in Donbass ‘Russian tanks’ in every military vehicle. But his one of a couple of days ago reached a new level, even with Pulse’s lengthy background of balls-ups. From looking through my photos, Rob found ‘Russian Elite Troops’ in Ukraine on the day of Crimea’s ‘illegal referendum’.

Fullscreen capture 28032015 013419.bmp Fullscreen capture 28032015 013427.bmp Fullscreen capture 28032015 020707.bmp

The fairly major flaw in this latest assertion of ‘Russian troops’, is that this is actually the Ukrainian army. I know, I stopped to film them here, by a base of multiple Ukrainian military vehicles and troops, just off, and on, Chongar peninsular, this particular point by the first ‘X’, some 20km from the Crimean border, and the first pro-Russia blockpost

Fullscreen capture 28032015 030040.bmp

Here’s video, from the 16th – where I ended up spending some time with them after my cat locked me out of my car at that time, and I enlisted their help –

The soldiers were from Nikolaev, regular Ukrainian army. I passed them coming out of Crimea 2 days later. And here, on one of their APCs, the Ukrainian flag flying –

Fullscreen capture 28032015 032612.bmp - Copy (2) Fullscreen capture 28032015 032612.bmp - Copy Fullscreen capture 28032015 035418.bmp These screenshots from this video here –

And there we have it – it takes a standard pro-Ukraine propagandist to find ‘Russian troops’ in the Novorossiya Forces. It takes Rob Pulse to find them in the Ukrainian army!

12 thoughts on “Busting Ukraine Fakes (#2) – ‘Russian Elite Troops’ in the Ukrainian Army and Rob Pulse”

      1. Lo siento si se sintió ofendido por la verdad en mi opinión. Pero eso no es excusa para su falta de educación.


  1. Putin himself admitted that there were Russian troops there and that he was ready to use nukes? So I’m not sure what ur trying to prove here? But nice try. Maybe instead of investigating a twitterer u would investigate RT or SPUTNIK who have a lot more followers and tell lies constantly. Russian propagandist.


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