Please note – this is a Press Release from the official MH17 investigation, does not reflect my own views or findings on the tragedy – Graham Phillips

In the criminal investigation into the crash of flight MH17, the international Joint Investigation Team issues a call for witnesses from Eastern-Ukraine. The investigation team investigates various scenarios. A scenario is that from this region MH17 has been taken down on July 17th 2014, 16.20 hr.

Within the scope of this scenario the investigation team is looking for people that can provide more information on the transport, the crew and the firing of a BUK missile system in the Donbass area, Eastern Ukraine, in the days around the crash of MH17 on July 17th 2014.

Previously a general call for witnesses had been released in the wake of the international recovery mission. At this stage in the criminal investigation, the investigation team has a clearer picture of the possible causes of the crash. It is therefore logical to release a second more specific call for witnesses.

This call for witnesses does not mean that the police and public prosecution service already have clearly established what the cause is of the crash of flight MH17. More investigation is needed. It is too early to draw any conclusions about the cause of the plane crash. For that reason in this call for witnesses the request is explicitly aimed at anybody who can help to solve this tragedy.

Today the call for witnesses is distributed via websites and social media-channels of law enforcement and legal authorities and newssites of newspapers, radio- en tv-stations. The call for witnesses is presented in a short movie, Russian spoken with English subtitles. The movie shows images of the transport in Eastern-Ukraine of a BUK missile system on a lowloader truck. The movie also contains parts of intercepted phone calls between separatists.

Regarding the call for witnesses is stressed that all information in relation to the crash of MH17 is welcome. Witnesses who have relevant information that points into another investigative direction are also welcome to contact the Joint Investigation Team (JIT).

Witnesses can leave or upload information on the website of the Joint Investigation Team ( but also have the possibility to contact the JIT by phone or email.

The international criminal investigation into the crash of flight MH17 is undertaken by Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

This notice has also been published on the website of the next of kin.

3 thoughts on “Press Release: CALL FOR WITNESSES MH17”

  1. Dear Graham,

    I do not know if this connected with MH17 crash or not, but I am a witness, as a British tourist in Luhansk in September 2010, I vizited American Mormon Club here in Luhansk for English lesson, free, as i did not know well English. I liked all young American Citizens – Mormons – here. I remember them as polite, nice people, friendly, healthy, clever. It was a really good memory about my visit of them to look though my curiosity.

    But it was something as a really strange here. American Mormon put the situation to discuss here for all, as connected with the air crash of plane.
    He asked us:
    – Whom did you take on the this plane with you, if you would know it will be crashed?
    And he gave his own example for us:
    — President Obama!
    – and laughed to show this was just a joke as a black style joke.

    I was shocked, and said this is not right and not nice to talk about the air crash of plane and still with Obama.

    This young American man, American Citizen and Mormon, had changed his linguistic task for his English lesson to discuss the situation to another:
    — that this plane will not crashed, but it will landed safety on an inhabitant island instead. Whom would you take here with you?
    One local man answered by his style as a joke:
    – Someone whom will be a really fat to eat him after.
    American Mormons asked this local lad to come to a closed private chat with them.
    I waited him, asked him:
    – about what was a chat with them?
    Local lad answered me, that they try to push him to join to be Mormons and he replied Not for them and that they tried to brainwash him too about a religion.

    You know… it was in Ukraine. But if it would be USA and so chat in USA linguistic school… it would be a serious for these American Mormons as they would be questioned a lot.

    When I returned back in UK… i was sick, unwell, so, just worried about me… But later when I had a free time to memorize this all… I tried to report to British Police on 101 in Nottinghamshire. They said me they were not interesting at all about any information from Ukraine, any crime in Ukraine too, including to any British Citizen too as Ukraine is not Great Britain.
    They had refused to listen me too – nothing. So, I was not able to pass this to British Officials, including this chart about a plane crash and plane crash with Obama though British Police and Officials. and so I just put my information on Internet … free to read for all, on Russian and on English… in my articles too.

    British Policeman or policewoman on 101 UK advised me to report in the place when was a crime or something – it was in Luhansk Ukraine but as here is not any police power at all… for a long time, so to nobody to report .

    But President USA Obama might knew about this chat, as I said it for so plenty people in Internet, including in my publications. s

    So, he might had a fear that this story about American Citizens and Mormons, discussing as they took Obama in a plane which will be crashed definitely… would be investigated or in a news.

    Mormons are a biggest religion group in USA. the young boy whom said this for us, he was a son of some American Official, saying something about a grant to work in Ukraine…

    I do not know if this strange chat is connected with strange plane crashes, as it might be just a Black British style joke to bright free English lesson for all locals.

    I would trust them all… they were not looked like some criminals, but as ordinary nice clever lads.

    But I am not able to understand this till now.. thinking about the possibility of a connection them to plane crashes including MH17 in Ukraine was it was later really in the some place. and as MH17 was in the some point in the air in Poland where was President Putin’s plane too in this day, with a time difference between them as just 30 minutes between Putin’s plane and MH17 plane.

    one of a version was that someone tried to made a crash of President Putin plane relayed on the receiving information from Poland, but it was just did a mistake, which killed Malaysian plane MH17 instead.

    Obama. Luhansk. The Malaysian Plane Boeing’s Catastrophe

    Обама. Луганск. Малайзийский Самолёт

    Ианна Инна Бальзина-Бальзин
    Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin


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