This Week – Graham’s Special Donbass Event

By Graham Phillips

This event has quite a history – the first incarnation was cancelled after intervention from pro-Ukraine activists.

That’s why this time, I’ve had to be a bit more discreet with details. But, here they are – 94n0Ju1427719161

The venue is near Finsbury Park tube station, starting 6.45pm, April 2nd – 

There will be a special guest!

Fullscreen capture 30032015 134216.bmp

Auctionmy 20 best photos, as selected by you, up for auction to raise funds for Donbass – the town of Pervomaisk, with living conditions there truly desperate, hospitals in Donetsk.

Pervomaisk here –

There will be Catering – kindly arranged by a kind firm, provided for free.

Entertainment – looking like we’re going to have some special singing put on, as well as an MC!

An open mic – for you to get up on stage to say what you want

And a chance for you to give money for Donbass via a fundraiser, and send humanitarian items there (clothes, medical supplies etc), such as I can take by car.

The page for the Donbass Event, in London on April 2nd is here.


It should be a great evening – see you there! 

4 thoughts on “This Week – Graham’s Special Donbass Event”

    1. I received your message in to wait you will send the details of address to me to send a book as a gift today, but not any message and the post is closed today already. probably, you may forget your promise or much too busy. I decided to remain. Regards. Inna.


  1. would love to buy some of your staged photos. The theatrical element is amazing! Almost seems like a real journo took them! Can’t wait to see what other manufactured news you can deliver! Keep up the work!


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