Video Diary of a Donbass Charity Event in London

Cancelled by the original venue, Rowans, after a campaign of threats and intimidation by pro-Ukraine activists, at just after 10am in the morning, on the day of the scheduled event, April 2nd, myself and Patrick immediately head to Finsbury Park, as the search goes on, against the clock, to find another venue –

11:30am Just a box with tupperware – 

11:35am – Still looking – 

11:40am – Last Hotel on the strip, as options start to run out in Finsbury Park – 

11:55 – A forlorn hope, asking in a pub near Finsbury Park, just metres from the original venue – which had been all booked, paid for, signed weeks in advance – 

It got to having tried so many venues, we just stopped filming, partly to save time, partly because it was the same at every one – no function room, or function room booked. Then, at pretty much the last roll of the dice, we find a venue – 

The rush to let everyone know where the new venue was – 

A frantic few hours, rushing to get the photos, items for auction, the venue set up, and then…

Patrick’s video of the event itself – 

Video by Valentin Zinovjev

And the whole event, live, on Ruptly – 

2 thoughts on “Video Diary of a Donbass Charity Event in London”

  1. Dear Graham, I’m awed to see what you and your friends have gone through to make the auction happen. You never give up! You have the power to surmount all obstacles and difficulties to achieve your goal. It’s a miracle and a great success of the event you put your heart into for the sake of helping people in Donbass. You’re a real patriot of Great Britain and an invincible advocate of truth!


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