12 Stories I Broke in Donbass

By Graham Phillips

Apologies for the lack of immodesty, but I broke far more stories than any other western correspondents in Donbass. Without wishing to boast, I was the best western correspondent in Donbass by miles. Of many stories broken – here are just 12 –

1. Barricades up in the centre of Slavyansk on April 13th 2014, as anti-Kiev / pro-Russia activists took control of the city’s municipal buildings. I broke it –

2.The Ukrainian army in April in Slavyansk, raiding, looting from anti-Kiev / Pro-Russia blockposts – broke it!

3. Kramatorsk’s SBU Building taken by anti-Kiev / pro-Russia activists – I’m there minutes after –

4. Lugansk’s regional admin building taken on 22nd April 2014 by anti-Kiev / Pro-Russia activists – I was there as it was happening –

5. All those stories about Akhmetov’s steelworkers patrolling the city of Mariupol etc, May of 2014? I broke …MARIUPOL, Ukraine — Thousands of steelworkers fanned out on Thursday through the city of Mariupol, establishing control over the streets and banishing the pro-Kremlin militants‘  all that as completely false – I broke –

6. How badly Ukrainian forces were shelling Lugansk in August 2014 – I got that video, broke that story –

7. Over 1000 taken to one morgue in Lugansk in brutal 3 months of summer 2014, 15 children, 30% unidentified –

8. September 2014, Ukraine abandoning its dead soldiers, broke –

9. November of 2014, I break a Ukraine’s SBU torturing a civilian man to death –

10. December 2014 – both sides firing as the ‘ceasefire’ started a fall-apart which would see a truly deadly January in Donbass –

11. Ukrainian shelling killing a 9-year-old girl in Gorlovka, December 2014 – I broke that tragic story –

12. A warehouse full of fuselage, still human bones on the MH17 site 5 months after – broke –

These are just 12, the list goes on. Of course though, nothing happens without quality colleagues. See my new open gallery devoted to colleagues here.

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