18+ My 20 Worst Photos from Donbass

Graham Phillips

I advise extreme caution before viewing these photos.

For my Donbass event in London, I compiled my ‘20 best‘ photos for auction. Here, my 20 ‘worst’ photos. 20 of the most terrible things I photographed in my time reporting in Donbass.

Lugansk, August 24th, 2014. Natasha struggles to come to terms with her own serious injuries, from Ukrainian shelling as they queued for humanitarian aid. She also struggles with how she will tell her daughter Marina, 7, also hit, that she won’t be able to dance after having her leg blown off.

She never had to tell Marina that, doctors couldn’t save her, Natasha’s daughter died the next morning.


Early September 2014, by Novosvetlovka, Lugansk region, I found the remnants of a refugee bus hit by shelling. 17 were killed as they tried to flee the war-torn region on August 18th, including several children. All the evidence I found on site pointed to a Ukrainian attack. On September 2nd, the Ukrainians had retreated from their positions by the bus, but the human remains were still there.

This man’s face, frozen in a scream, the truck hit by unexpected artillery attack –


Here, a small skeleton. The charred remains of a child.


In their near 2 weeks right by the bodies, the Ukrainians apparently hadn’t moved any. The victims took skeletal form, flesh also lay there, in a truly gruesome scene under the glaring sun.


Lugansk in summer 2014, no electricity, meaning no refrigerators at the morgue. And so many bodies (over 350 a month a worker there told me), no space inside either. So, bodies put outside, this man, covered in thousands of swarming maggots, his head entirely eaten away – this September 6th –



This, Donetsk’s Kievsky region, October 5th 2014. A car hit by shelling as it drove, the owner killed, part of what looks to be brain still on the car floormat, splattered with blood, other parts of human matter.


Donetsk, October 8th 2014, double figures each day killed by Ukrainian shelling. Bodies stacked high at the city morgue.


November 5th 2014, Donetsk, a 14-year-old boy killed by Ukrainian shelling, as he played football with friends at a school in the city. His young body simply strafed by shrapnel, covered in gaping wounds.


This man, Alexander Agafonov, returning to Donetsk with his wife and 3-month old child on 14th November 2014. Stopped, searched at an Izyum blockpost by Ukraine’s SBU, who apparently then found text messages between Alexander, a 36-year-old civilian, and a friend in the Donbass militia. For this, they detained him, tortured him. Tortured him to death. His wife returned to Donetsk with the child Alexander would only ever know for a few hours, he came to the morgue.



Donetsk, January 2015. A brutal month in the city. Relentless Ukrainian shelling of civilian areas, you would arrive at the city’s Kubishevsky region, by the airport, shelling hitting all around. And bodies lying in the street, often for some time due to the dangers of removing them, and simply few people there to do that. This old man on January 14th, recently killed by shelling.


January 20th 2015 in Donetsk’s Kievsky region. This old man realises he has been struck by shelling, takes his handkerchief to wipe away the blood, but it’s too much. He drops dead.


This, Donetsk’s Kirovsky region, on January 21st. Ukrainian shelling struck this area, killing two civilians at the scene. This man, blown to pieces, here, his foot left in his boot, hit as he walked.


This man, nearby, also killed. Something shocking about this photo, as locals milled around – just how accustomed people in Donetsk had become to death.


Donetsk, January 22nd. Horrific scenes as a trolleybus was hit in the city’s Leninsky district, killing a number of civilians estimated from 8-12, seriously wounding many more. After the bodies were removed, the bus afterwards, a horrific scene, covered in blood, human matter.


Donetsk morgue, January 22nd, 2015. A reminder that those civilians killed in shelling were just going about their lives. This man, still clutching his keys in his hand –


His mutilated legs here, a reminder of what shelling does to the human body –


January 30th 2015, Donetsk’s Kievsky region. Ukrainian shelling strikes people as they queue for humanitarian aid. This woman’s head blown open, a loaf of bread at her feet –


This woman arrives at the scene to find her husband killed, blown to pieces in fact.


It’s very hard to look at these photos. I can remember taking each one. Behind each one of them, a tragic story. Tragically, due to the western media largely ignoring Ukrainian shelling of civilian areas of Donbass, a story many in the west simply don’t know.

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  1. Dear Graham, very thanks for you truth about the horrors in Ukraine … We are all in shock of how American policy, the EU and some countries tacitly support things happening fascism and genocide of the population. How can they be so callous and heartless? !! How is it possible to be hypocritical and corrupt? !! I do not understand, I can not understand, do not want to … Take care of yourself, please!

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  2. 1.
    It was hard to watch – i agree – the stress and a shock for you and others – it would be right to try to consulate with doctors (Psychologists, Psychiatrists) about this. as plenty men from a war zone had problems after that receiving a high level of a shock and a stress and some with a loss of patient to other people and their opinions too. and so a good idea to go to your NHS or private doctor to say that you was in a war zone and saw plenty died people and their remains as a protection of your mental health and health, for you, to live happily and to others near you too. I discussed this problem with American Military staff – they had a great support in USA for reducing so sort of problem for their staff. but I dot know if this was done for British army staff, people, and for Russian in Russia too.

    I am the ordinary person, Mathematician by my education, I am not able as I have not any knowledge as a Criminologist at all, to be able to recognize and to search your photos and videos from the war zone in The East Ukraine
    — are they a true or fake
    — the reasons of death and what was with these people while they were being still alive as the investigation of possible tortures — I am not able to recognize this by your photos – I have not the Diploma as Criminologist.
    — I may think some my thoughts here – but they will be just a thoughts, including a possible tortures on humans here and circumstances of their possible death (if there were being a true photos and not fake photos and video).

    3. So, 2 is connected with my question 3.

    Did you pass your photos and videos to the professionals — a police in Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain, USA, European Interpol as this in Europe to their knowledge and for their opinion of professional investigators?

    Did you pass your photos and videos to Cameron and Obama as their had their decisions connected with this area on their duties and politics? So, they needs to be fully informed.

    There were not show or determinate reasons of death and tortures of humans here, including whom done so sort things here for them —

    — some locals? in The East Ukraine?
    — Ukrainian Radical sabotages groups?
    — some foreign sabotages groups from some countries?
    — some religion groups?
    — people from Ukrainian Army? Ukrainian Army and some radicals from this?
    — Luhansk is near with a border of Russia – may be some Russian sabotages group from Russia worked here to kill locals and to torture them here too?
    — we read about plenty Americans, including military and other special groups as presented here in Ukraine in a big quantity – may be this killing of locals and a tortures was a result of their activities here in Ukraine?
    — sorry, but – the some – about the possible activities of some British special groups here too?
    — the area is near with borders and so a possibility of a presence of plenty sabotages, spies here, including military spies too — and so a question about a possible cruel rude wars here between them and in this area between them and for this area.
    — there are white big vans were being used for delivery possible dead bodies in Morgue in your video – the similar to this white van from humanitarian aid coming from Russia – so a question about a possibility of delivery these dead bodies in these white vans from Russia as a some humanitarian gift from Russia, returned some remains (of spies, sabotages) from Russia outside for the identification and collection as still one possibility to investigate.
    — including a possibility of production of horror films for people whom like horror films
    – It is not clear your situation as you was been here about he possibility of you be more close connected and not just the operator or Journalist, but as a possibility of more close actions
    — were being these people indetificated by their names? surnames? addresses?
    — were being their DNA collected to DNA database to keep to indentificate and for a memory?

    There are a big industry of production of horror films, which may produce photos and videos which look likes as horror but fake and the play and some art.

    Had your photos and videos were being investigated by specialist of production of horror films for their opinion if they were being a true or fake of production of horror films?

    When you received this information – had you pass for someone? to a police? to politics?
    To Cameron?

    Or you just made these photos and videos to sold them later for private collectors from all countries in the world to their private collections?

    I am sure that plenty spies from all countries collected their photos and videos from Ukraine – but as we know only Politics made their decisions which obligate for all.

    So, you hard work may be as to pour a water into a sand.

    It is not clear the situation why so many naked people without any clothes if this a true
    as if there were being plenty deaths, it was not any sense to take their clothes at all, and to put them to morgue too, as it would be right just to do their funeral.

    There was not any police in this area of Ukraine at all – so not any point to put people to Morgue and to take their clothes.

    In my personal opinion,
    1) It was more safety to live in Ukraine before Maidan in Kiev, as people had their property undamaged and all were being alive, and it was a freedom of speech and a freedom of political parties and opinions
    2) It was more better and safety life in The East Ukraine under Ukrainian protection before,
    and now as there are not a police here to work and to investigate plenty possible deaths here, — this look like some Criminals took a power here too, the some way as though Maidan in Kiev.
    3) 1+2 = Criminals took a power in Ukraine using different technology – one for Kiev and another for The east Ukraine — which closed the freedom of speech, the freedom of political opinion and the comfort of life as a possibility to be killed here without the investigation whom did this.

    I am the ordinary person. I have not any information … so my opinions and questions are just as the questions and opinions of some ordinary people. and my questions including still one question – whom did this all here? humans? or may be some Aliens coming to The Earth from Stars? or it was a production? fake? whom did this if it was in a reality? Humans?

    14. By old belief, humans not wearing clothes in Paradise.
    and so no one will wearing Clothes after the death – in paradise or , probably, in a hell too.
    So, some your photos associated with a death and people living in Paradise and in Hell or coming from these area.

    The some may be and about a time travelers too, as the needs to travel in a time without any clothes and still the obligation to keep a silence about them.

    Surreal… A terrible place to be and to make photos and videos.

    So, you need the help of professional investigators.

    Sorry, I am not able to help to you, as I am the ordinary person and a woman without any special knowledge as Criminologist or in Productions of horror films to investigate here and so my opinion will not work to stop this.


  3. С каждым фото и каждым комментарием к нему..из моего сердца вырывали кусок………я уже не плачу, когда смотрю на убитых мирных жителей……Спасибо, Грэм.


    1. Dear Diana, need not to cry but to do something to stop this or there will be more and much more. The real weapon which came on the these all people – the political power and money and goals and interests of others. You know… if the strong elephant would walk on the road – he damaged all small ants on his way. The surviving animals in The earth was just to run – to run from the earthquakes, wars, illness, economical crises.

      Do you remember Holocaust in Europe during 1932-1945? As tens of billions Hebrews, Jews were being killed by whom? but their European neighbors, Europeans.

      There Jews were being Europeans, their ancestors lived here for Centuries or thousand years. but when people start to hate and to kill their neighbors – nothing will save here, just to run.

      Europeans, European males and women killed their European neighbors – European Jews as they so strong disliked them. and they took their property – their flats, houses, buildings, shops, banks, factories, and their gold teeth from a mouth too.

      Only people whom moved and run away, saved their lives.

      So, when it is the earthquake, a nature disaster, a mass illness, a war, an economical crisis, a broken kingdom, people run away to survive.

      And the first decision to save lives of all – just to run away.

      enemies come – no one around – just empty houses. nobody to kill as nobody here.

      this way is a way of a protection of surviving for more then tens thousand years in The Earth as just a natural way of surviving.

      Russia open borders for refugees to come.

      If people decided to keep their ownership on their property as their goal – they may see damaged property by bombing and all theirs as killed or wounded. – this is way to put the property on the top of a value of lives.

      What is moving against their humans?
      The political ideas of Ukraine and USA and Europe with their full support of killing these humans and to bomb their house, schools, hospitals, buses as a right idea for politics of USA, Ukraine, Europe.
      I would named this idea as Fascism, which similar to Hitler ideas and we knew that plenty West people liked Hitler idea a lot, not just in Germany, but in Great Britain, Europe, USA too. and so, German Fascists had a support for them after the end if WWII.

      2. Big money as a military support of Ukraine to kill more humans in The East Ukraine and to destroy houses, hospitals, schools here too — the support of a biggest country as USA, still from Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Europe, …

      3. So, the decision was from President USA Obama to start and to support this killings and this destroying houses, schools of people of Russian Ethnic, Europeans of white race.

      4. The strong political decision of Obama and Senators USA – – the some was for Bush and Senators USA to support a start of war with Iraq, Afghanistan, before this – in Vietnam.

      5. So, we knew the history – that when so high level decision was done, nothing was able to stop any war after that.

      6. Senators USA had a fake for the making their decision-about Iraq, for example, which was much too far from USA and American Fleet and Army would be able to sort this problems. I do not find any reasonable question from Senators USA – can you confirm the time of a possible fly 1 possible rocket from Iraq to USA, please, for all? and the existing military American strength to stop the fly of this rocket from Iran to USA? And had Iraq the plane or something to move their 1 possible rocket from Iran to USA by their plane?
      Senators USA took their decision without any discussion of evidence at all – just as President USA said them it might be right.

      7. When it was the information later about a fake evidence a and lie – nobody had asked to re-look what was done and by whom personally.

      8. People in USA spent a lot for a vote – but their powerful politics had not a time or wish to search evidence to make their decisions.

      9. So, I do not see why American people spent a lot of their taxes for a vote for people whom will not work properly, whom will lie, and for CIA if later any American politic as President USA will need to have just some fake and tales but not the real analysis.

      10. What a point to spent money for American spies if later their job will be just for a duspin bin as American Politics – President USA and Senators USA will say and vote for their idea in front of any facts and analysis.

      they do not need to sped so plenty money from American taxes and budget if all what they need to have just a fake and tales for their ideas.
      We all saw what was with locals in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam,… – so as USA moved to support Ukraine – what did you expected to see in Ukraine after that?

      They have money pay to provide their political ideas and money to pay for their special military staff, spies, sabotages.

      It would be right to leave this area, to leave empty houses, to go as refugees to Russia from here for a goal to save lives.

      Not to go — the destiny to share what local people shared in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam?

      All these people are local people, Europeans from Europe.
      Europeans from Europeans country and EC looked by the some American point of view on these local people and the some way as Ukrainian radicals, coming to kill them from another Ukrainian parts of Ukraine.

      European police and Interpol support Ukrainian politics whom took a power by a way to through stones and fire to a police – it is all right for American Police and for European police and they will contact with their Ukrainian police with their new-colleges instead their old colleges.

      In my opinion, if someone starts to take a power in a country without a vote from a killing policemen, though stones and fire to police, – they are criminals, and so criminals took a power in Kyev and gave their orders to go to kill their local people, whom they disliked, to go to bomb their houses, schools, hospitals, buses.

      But as it was the some in the East Ukraine – no any police to search deaths of people
      so, in my personal opinion, Criminals took a power in Kiev and criminals took a power in the east Ukraine – just by another way of a taking power.

      I mean, someone created this scenario for Ukraine in two steps. One step for a taking power in Kyev, another step of taking power in The East Ukraine. for a goal to put 2 sides against each another to kill people from both sides as a result.

      If someone did not liked the big quality of locals in Ukraine – may be because wanted to come to settle down with own people and so just did not wish to have here plenty locals, having own people to settle down here.

      But as people from the East Ukraine did not go to damage by explosions (which is really easy here as plenty explosions on hands of plenty locals) – but they did not come to damage others lives and house as for what they had.

      But radicals from the west Ukraine came to bomb houses of their neighbors.
      May be it was used some scientific things to put people to become to be murders?

      They lived here before in one Ukraine as friends and knowns.
      What had happened with humans here?

      How to stop this?


  4. Our full thanks to Nuland, Biden, Soros and all the famous makers of these kinds of events !! THANKS FOLKS !! YOU ARE GREAT !! THIS IS USA !


    1. Dear Lionel, I had wrote before that I saw just one way to protect lives in each country from a destiny to be killed by American scenario of taking power through revolutions again – as just to closed own all American Embassy to ask them to leave and to return back on their own country if their origin, as their staff used the hospitality of locals for a making the change of a political power including revolution with plenty killed humans and later USA support murders ordered to kill others, to bomb houses, schools, hospitals, buses.

      Ukraine provided a hospitality for American Embassy – Obama said this, that this change of apolitical power in Ukraine without a vote by a force and via a though down stones and fire to a local policemen was been organized and supported by American Diplomats from American Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.

      as a result – plenty killed local people in Ukraine, whom lived here before in a peace, a loss of their properties, lives, some run as refugees to Russia or other places.

      Each killed human in Ukraine, from 2 sides of this conflict – as a result of work of American Embassy in Kyev, Ukraine to change a political power here. They disliked what was here before as a result of vote.

      If Ukraine would closed American Embassy immediately in Ukraine to stop to do their support work for a change of a political power in Ukraine – so, they would have not what they have.

      If American Embassy worked on scenarios of changing political power in countries where they disliked the vote of locals — the save lives of locals – to ask USA to return their American Embassy back to USA.

      The some was in Russia. Nobody able to know and to control these meetings with political opposition and their leaders, what was discussed here, what was taken inside in bags and outside too.

      Americans understand their diplomacy as their work to change the political power in each country for their own goal and not just for a collection of the information and for a making a diplomacy work to smooth conflicts.

      Ukraine did not closed American Embassy in a time – so now American staff settle down with a comfort in Ukraine, including their special and military staff – which is the invasion of Ukraine and still plenty dead people here from both sides – as they do not need alive for USA and their goals.

      USA liked to put here their American base here in Ukraine so they do not trust locals at all, and so the idea to reduce the number of all locals in Ukraine might be sounded as a wonderful for American mind to decide problems.

      I mean – a war. 3rd World War here.

      Ukraine was independent country with plenty political parties and opinions, with a vote of all political parties, with a freedom of speech.

      But USA disliked the result of their vote as not suitable and right result for them.
      he making of 2 side conflict have closed locals from The East Ukraine from the official vote system to make more easy and right decision for American goals though Rada as The East Ukrainian Deputy are not presented in Rada and there is not a freedom of speech in Rada too, and not a freedom for political parties and opinions too.

      I would advise to ask all locals to go under British Monarchy as British Colony.
      This way would closed down the American words “Pro-Russians”.
      Great Britain and British people are alias of USA, whom used the some English language as American in USA.

      So, the decision to go under British protection as a British Colony would closed down the obligation to be “Pro-Russians” which are common in American news and from Obama as their main decision of support of killing “pro-Russians” here in Ukraine.

      But as plenty people were being killed here with the full support of Cameron and Great Britain and plenty British people from UK too, I do not look at this way already as to a right way and a right decision.

      Locals may ask themselves
      1. what is a high priority for them here? to save lives? or to save properties?
      2. the way to save properties here – the way to find plenty local people here dead, killed, and their property damaged and a possibility to be for their relatives, knowns and themselves to be killed as it was and is a war here, a war zone.

      What they can do?
      1. to run as refugees (to Russia or somewhere) – the way of saving lives.
      2. to ask Russia and Putin to help – but it seems no interest to do this.
      3. to take Ukrainian political power – but this way to be killed or tortured and a loss of jobs for plenty locals though Ukrainian lustraction program to closed a work for people by their political opinions and though people whom had a power here and as some still Americans and their rules.
      4. to try to go under British Monarchy as British Colony with a vote after 50 yeas and each 10 years after that to stay or to leave UK. This way may save properties, lives and to build a more good economic under British Managers. The loss here will be the obligation to lean and to know English language instead Ukrainian and Russian as the first for the work and a job. But this way may save lives and property and to stop this war and bombing The East Ukraine.

      So… any way – Ukraine as West Ukraine is under American protection and so locals will need to lean to know English language.

      The East Ukraine – under Ukraine- the obligation to lean English language
      or under British protection as British Colony – the need to lean English

      It seems that local people, Ukrainian and Russian, just fed up from their own native languages a lot, and they fight each another from both side for their right to lean and to talk only on English language.

      I am not able to understand this… as really strong feeling to talk just on English language and so to kill all whom not used this language as their native.

      And after all…. Obama and Americans named these people as Pro-Russians? with a strong wish to kill them all here any way?

      I was here as a British tourist in 2010. Plenty locals liked to lean English language on the top of their own native Russian language – this did not save their lives and their properties, as a fact.

      Krylov said – as a wolf said for a small baby-lamb: you are pity as i wish to eat you, and he ate the baby lamb after that.

      It is not any excuse or a real reason if some murder wish to kill as his wish.

      Ukraine under American and Obama protection. All events here are controlled by their money, advices, people.

      A practice. Before to start to use the some practice already in USA.


  5. Obama said publicly that American Embassy in Kiev helped to do the change of apolitical power in Ukraine, by their advices, money, the help of their people and their military people too. What would you expect to find after that? as only plenty deaths in Ukraine/ as it was everywhere when USA came “to support the change of a political power”?

    I read about Iraq. American military used a phosphor bomb for a town in Iraq. American military used a dirty radiation and chemistry bombing in Iraq, .. sold to Israel.

    So, as USA and American came to Ukraine as their base of interests here – what did you expect to have this?

    Ukraine may be just a base of training for USA – here American people may look their future in USA as they may be the next after Ukraine for idea of their politics.




  7. Horrors of war…
    The camera is witness and the photographer survives to put the images in context…

    Perhaps Visions like this follow Poroshenko around and populate his dreams. If so, Then I can understand why he drinks, but they can never make enough vodka to wash the blood from the hands of the guilty…

    There is no honor or glory to be found here and it does no good to accuse or blame one another when it only brings about more of the same.

    Please, fight if you must to end the war,not to perpetuate it.


    1. Dear Mr. Valeriy Snitko, Can you expaine here to all us, foreigners, these dificulties of males in Ukraine in political power in Kiev, ordering to bomb and to shoot and to kill their own Ukrainian civilians, newbornbabies, pregnant women, women of all age group, men of all age group, including pensioners, seniors, kids, pets, dogs, cats, cows, under boms as “they may talk on their Russian language and so to be pro-Russians?

      I had read about Revolution 1917 in Ukraine (which knowing as Revolution 1917 on The West), with the mass killing civilians, taking their properties, houses, savings, lives. I was sure this bloody horror was enough to go through never return back to any “Recolution with Civilians Wars”. I was suprized to find, as not, not was enough, as Ukrainians men liked their Revolutions, Civilians Wars, a mass killing all locals, ruines, a killing women, kids, men, pets, as so e ‘traditional Ukrainian game in a politics to reduce number of all locals with the taking over or damage their properties.

      Ukrainian Army bombed what? from 2014 in Ukraine? I think as Ukrainian Army had bombed their own Ukrainian land, their own Ukrainian civilians, their own Ukrainian towns, their own Ukrainians villages, properties, land.

      When Scottish Radical Politics shouted about the separation their Scotland from Great Britian to be the independant separate own country, The Country of British/Scottish Journalist Mr. Graham Williams Phillips as Great Britian was a Great to provide a free vote for choices in The Referendum for all Scotts.

      The result if Scottish Referendum had show the results: as people wom shouted loudly all as Scottish Radical Politics for the separation Scotland from UK had not been the real face of all Scottish people, whom preferred to stay with UK as Great Britain together.

      I sure, that the some might be in Donbass-Novorossia area for all people whom living here as in Ukraine, whom had been born in the land with the name Ukraine. All local worries were just about the use of their local languages, and this all, really, as a political worry was.

      I looked Ukraine before 2014 as the great country was, with the huge widest range /spectrum of all political parties, all languages, all TV programms. No any point to worry if a person lives happy in his own country.

      I had not saw that Ukrainian Politics from Kiev would came in Donbass area to work here with local people to listen their opinions and to sort out problems and to negociate with locals too for the deal. But the job of a Politics is in the sorting problems to a right political solution.

      See – American Presidents traveled a lot to talk with locals in their own country – why had Ukrainian Politics from Kiev sat down on their sits (bottom or ashes) in Kiev just. Ukraine is more smaller country rigther USA, so easy to travel from Kiev to Luhunsk by a train, as just for a night or some couple minutes and it was Luhansk Airport.

      Really, I am sure, that IF Ukrainian Politics in Kiev in 2014 had provided the organization of the Referendum for people living in Ukraine in Donbass, – plenty locals would voted to stay in Ukraine, as they lived in Ukraine for a longer.

      The point was in the speed of the coming order to Ukrainian Army to go to bomb Ukrainian land of their own country by bombs, so, to reduced the number of locals of ALL Ethnical Groups – Ukrainians, Russians, Belorussian. Jews, Decendets of European white race people, as local European of white race.

      The speed of reaction, really, put me to think as there might be a plan, with 2 groups, as “Two Steps” “or Three Steps, The Walse with The Death” — 1st group worked in Kiev to start the Ukrainian Revolution 2014 Maidan. 2nd group worked with locals in Donbass area – to up them to a political confrontation and so, after, 3rd step of the dance with The Death was the Confrontation, The Civil War Conflict in Ukraine since 2014.

      Please, see, as some civil political war in Ireland is for OVER 300 YEARS, still does not stop yet, burning lives and destinies.

      Please, see Civil Wars for over 100 years as the historical fact.

      So, it is easy to start – and really hard to finish.

      So, you may see to prognose now for Ukraine land the some Civil Wars Political Conflicts, as a real dangerous to have this over 100 years, or over 300 years.

      Or, you may ask youself, – what was so urgent needs in the rapid reducing number of local European population of white race, Christians mostly, some Jews, some Muslims, in Europe in Donbass?

      Or, as connected to here-the some events as a rapid redusing local Muslims in Arabic Countries or etc. I read as 800 local Muslim women had been killed just for 1 day just from 1 area as a location — so, someone work hard, trying to do all to reduce the number of human Homo Sapience race on the planet The Earth quickly and rapidly.

      Ukraine conflic, and Siria area conflict are connected as a goal of someone here just to reduce number of local by a killing women and kids and men.

      In the biology, no one male animal is able to kill a female animal of his own biological group, race, — or, if so, this biological group reducing to zero number as their presentation.

      Humans Homo Sapiences are a biiological group of Mammals.

      Bear-males, wolves-males, tommy cats males, monkey males – no one look to offend their females, as here a taboo as females for a sex to produce kids of their race, group.

      So, this aggression of males to do wars, is not a biological, – this is a mental illness.

      People worked hard to earn money to buy own properties, flats, house, furniture, to have and to grow up kids – and what? Some crazy mental ill people took a political power to order to kill civilians of their own countries under bombs?

      I had read as old German said, or, more clear, wrote on German forum for Germans about Ukrainians “We had been Faschists to go to kill others, all blamed as as a cruel evil people, while we are as kids only, rigther Ukrainian men whom bombed their own Ukrainian towns, villages, properties”

      In British newspaper was a really interesting, as photos from a modern Ukraine with damaged property from a bombing, and photos from WWII time, really, the some, looking the some.

      I doubt you have a right to blame British Journalist Mr. Graham Williams Phillips in events in Ukraine as a result of political choices of Ukrainian Politicians and Radical Groups, – as all here was and is the result of choices of Ukrainian Citizens of Ukraine.

      Graham Phillips just recorded all events as a Journalist, as he saw or finded them here.

      “Mirrow, Mirrow on The Wall?” – The Journalist is just The Mirrow which shows the Worlds and People as they are here.

      Some Journalists n The West worked as Jellow Pressa making money. See, this a way to make money if you live and alive.

      But I sure that your Ukrainian TV might not show all these what on Graham videos in Youtube or his photos.

      See another somethings. EU declared as wanted to see Ukraine with Ukrainians in EU as it was still before 2014. See, as Brussel Officials EU whom declared as they wish to see all Ukrainians in EU, just, had no worry for the some these Ukrainians had been killed under bombs and to have damaged properties. No any refugees as a refugees from a civil war conflict in Europe in EU in Europe.

      European Brussel Officials liked just som refugees as Muslims from Siria and Africa only, – not Christians from European country Ukraine,

      When someone declared as loves you to with to be marry, – this may be not always the truth, just words, – see plenty pregnant girls to be naive to trust words about a future marriage,

      Some with Ukraine. Nobody bothered as EU and Brussel Officials about the mass killing of newborn babies, pregnant women, kids, women, men, pensioners, in Ukraine, – and about all Ukrainian pets, cats, dogs, cows, horses, here too.

      You may be in your Ukrainian Revolution and Ukrainian Civil War conflict with a mass kiiling locals for a longer and longer.

      Had you read Hitler plan Barbarrosa, a senses of plan to kill all European Slavonics? as Russians? Ukrainians? Belorussians? still Jews?

      You know, your events in Ukraine as a refreshing this old Hitler plan Barbarossa, really, to kill all Slavs in Europe as unwanted to be here no one.

      Had EU open their doors to Ukrainian refugees? I read, not? so, they returned back all refugees from a civil war in Europe.

      I read as Hitler book My compaine printed and a really popular now in Gremany, France, an will be printed for UK too.

      I sure, no needs here just for Ukrainians in Ukraine, as they read this book.

      “Germany just for Germans!” = “Latvia just for Latvian Lettish Ethnic only!” “Ukraine is just for Ukrainians!” “Great Britian is just for a true-born in UK Brits!”

      Just Europe is not for European, as a true born in Europe local European groups.

      British people voted for BREXIT from EU, so for the end of financial fonding all these European Brussel Officials.

      Had your country wanted to EU for a free visa entry to work in Europe?

      But plenty Ukrainian Prostitutes are working, no problems,

      When will Ukrainian men return back to work to work to earn money to up the economics of their country Ukraine?

      Plenty men in Ukraine from 2014 are not working in Ukrainian economics, as they like so much to smell this strong smells of males unwashed bodies for years? asnd to see other men Willies as asses? righter a clean bed and females? and to work?

      See. You try to blame in problems of you country some Journalists. This as to blame a mirrow on the wall for your own look here in this mirrow.

      It was not Graham Phillips country – but he had came to film the truth here, some of events here. and he tried to give some humanitarian aid too,

      But what had you did for your country, dear Valery?

      Here these all from 2014 on Ukraine already, and Graham saw much more and knew much more rigther he show and said it.

      Your Ukrainian TV as cowards to show this? just so easy to bark to others whom did their job, really, trieing to record all.

      Do you… Are you happy to live in such country as Ukraine?

      Probably, not? as you blame someone as a foreighner? but not yourself or your politicians from 2 sides of this conflict?

      This may help you things rights as European true attitute to all Ukrainians and to Ukraine.


  8. Thank you for sharing the destroyed body of this fuckings shits russians shitty whores and his dogs russian backed separatist. Soon the world will destroy this cancer-land mother russia and it will rotten in hell like all those russians bitches girls without brain. All thoses russians bitches womans ere born for only reason: keep the OCcident’s dicks empty because they just deserves to get massive facials and pussy full of sperm. Thoses russians shits should pay uf for rape her and her childs.

    Thanks for thoses beautiful pictures, it maade me happy. Ura Ura Ura !


  9. Kalinovka vinnytsia oblast, september 27 ,00:20..


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