Lugansk – April 10th/11th 2014 (Video Article)

April 10th 2014 saw me leaving Donetsk for Lugansk –

I get there after dark, with barricades already up by the city’s central SBU building –

Late into the night, hundreds of locals still out on the streets, the mood a mixture of hope, and fear, with talk already swirling of Kiev sending snipers to the 2nd largest city of the Donbass region.

The next day, driving snow, sub-zero conditions, talk of ultimatums, and highly-charged emotions –

Mid-afternoon, the first meeting of the newly-formed Security Council, in the SBU building.

(Russian-language, will add subs soon – neither time, nor volunteers to do so, at the time)

Lugansk locals waited outside, waiting for news of what was to happen. Feelings of optimism about what was happening in their city, tempered by worry over what would come from Kiev.

Then, in something which was slightly surreal, you could walk just 150 metres from it all, into the Hotel Lugansk, go up to the restaurant on the top floor, upload your files, and look on as the ladies of Lugansk, famed for their beauty, did their thing –

That was how it was.

3 thoughts on “Lugansk – April 10th/11th 2014 (Video Article)”

  1. Thank you very much, Graham! I was being as a British tourist in Luhansk 14-17 September 2010, staying in the Hotel Luhansk (Lugansk), 9th Floor, it was a nice view from here on the town, I enjoyed.
    The building SBU was near from this hotel – as i had founded lit much and much later.

    I remember the town Luhansk in more peaceful situation.
    I did not visit the restaurant on the evening time in this hotel, just I was not interested and not knew about a karaoke here.

    I enjoyed to see your video – these young girls from Luhansk are the beauties all and still nice moved and sang song really nice.

    If I would knew – i would came to listen, probably.

    I was in the restaurant in the Hotel Luhansk just for the breakfast.

    I remember the photo with American Admiral Fleet Ernest Joseph King here in the hotel Lugansk which from the time of one Conference 1941 or 1945 on the time of my visit The hotel Luhansk in September 1941.

    American Admiral Fleet Ernest Joseph King had looked like my native grand-father, whom was been killed in the summer 1941 in Russia and leaved my grandmother as a widow and my mother as the orphan.

    I spent a lot of time for this mystery, with the conclusion that they were being two different persons, just looked really similar.

    I do not know the reason why the photo of Admiral Ernest Joseph King from one of the historical Conference 1941 or 1945 was being here in the hotel Luhansk in September 2014 in Ukraine, as this looked as not relevant to the history of Luhansk and Ukraine, but may be there were some Americans from USA too in this hotel Lugansk for some their meeting, as I met Americans from USA here in Luhansk in September 2010 – i was on their free English lesson on the American Mormons Club in Luhansk.

    It was something while I was in this hotel.

    I was one in my room all times, enjoying the privacy.

    I had a shower, a really hot shower, it was plenty hot air around, and suddenly I had started to feel myself badly with my heart.

    I tried to move outside from the shower room immediately to a room – but I was being locked inside. the door was being locked, I was not able to open the door.

    for the some reason, the small screw from the shower door hand had feld down and so the hand too, and this locked the door of the shower room with me inside.

    My mobile was in the room. I was locked, with a pain in my heart and a problem with the chess breezing.

    I started to try to damage the door to break to open, as I was near to a death thought the possible heart attack and had not a time.

    I was lucky to open the door.

    I saw when I leaved my room, soon and later,as some really tall man with a wood box with plenty screwdrivers here leaved the next hotel room in the some time as i leaved my hotel room. He looked so British, as the ordinary usual British man.

    He was in the special working suit.

    But I was not able to blame him to go secretly in my hotel room to check my camera and my bags here secretly from me, while I was in the shower and that he was whom took out the screw from the shower door, to block me here while he searched my baggage and my camera and my photos.

    May be it was just the case with no one as involved here at all.

    I was in this hotel room one, all time one, on my own, as I liked this way that nobody would disturb me.

    I looked Luhansk, Museums, walked on streets, ate in some Luhansk small private cafes.

    When i read that Scottish Engineer, British, Karl (Charles) Gaskoin was one of the founder of Luhansk and the Luhansk factory, that it was a monument of Karl (Charles) Gaskoin here in Luhansk – i was not able not to come to look at this monument.

    Our favorite song on Russian was the translation of the ancient French students (vagants)’es song from The Middle age. … we song here foreign words “Gaskoin Gaskoven, Das Petrengen …” on the top of Russian words.

    I am staying, keeping a paddle.
    Still a little, soon, and my boat will leave.
    My heart is with a sorrow and with a sadness.

    Good bye, my friends!

    Gaskoin Gaskeven, Das Petrengen….
    We sand this songs for years, years, years.

    Later I thought about Gascony and Gaskones from France, whom needed to leave his best friends-students (vagants) and to move to another country.. probably in British Impair? Scotland? England? and whom named himself as Gaskoin later in a memory about a loss of his motherland – Gascony in France, became to be Scottish-British. Good bye, my friends!
    So, when I read that it was a monument of Scottish Charles – Karl in Luhansk – Gaskoin — in Luhansk – I was not able not to come here to see this myself in a memory about my student life and our student song with a word “Gaskoin” here.

    When I put my house in UK for the sale, I used British Gaskoin Company just as i liked their name.
    If I would sold my house in UK successfully, with a good profit, I might leaved to settle down to live from UK to Ukraine to live in Crimea or to somewhere else as it was inside something as a wish to move somewhere at that time. But in a shortage of time, it was a rapid sale, still with a profit, but less, as my ex-husband and me shared the profit 50:50 after return back all debts, so I had not enough to move from UK to buy something in another country for me.

    Just as a curiosity, I was looked some sale adverts in Luhansk too, some offers and prices.
    If I would be really brave.. to do this step to move to Luhansk… I might lived in Luhansk and so my destiny would be to go though all what others had and have here.

    I remember a peaceful time, I walked here.

    But be honest, I did not feel something as right for me here, it was not something as a comfort and the safety. I was happy to leave. I was in Luhansk just for couple days, 14-17 September 2010.

    It is a really interesting for me, dear Graham Williams Phillips, to look your videos in that part from Luhanks, thank you very much for sharing. I enjoyed to see, a lot. thanks.

    I had the offer from one man from Luhansk after my divorce, to marry with him and to move to live with him in Luhansk, but it was not right for both. I am really happy we apart.

    But this circumstance to be a fiancee of some man from Lugansk, made my interest to Luhansk and to The East Ukraine a little bit as a personal interest to see the destiny of this place and the town and people.

    I was being here, in another situation I might lived here and shared all with locals. I remember this town still when it was a peace here.

    It is interesting for me to look for the destiny of the British Citizen here in Ukraine.
    Good luck to you! And safety return back to Great Britain!

    Thank you for a sharing your videos and memory.

    It was interesting for me to look at all your videos from this part connected with Luhansk.


  2. When i was in the Hotel Lugansk/Hotel Luhansk in September 2010, 14-17 September. i liked the building as a really high and a nice view but
    1. I felt a fear to use their lift, it was noisy, and a feeling he might feld down or to break.
    — the owner of the manager of Hotel Luhansk was greedy to do all things as working properly.
    — a noisy old lift 9in a high building
    — a broken shower door as a screw feld down and I was not able to leave the shower room
    — so I did not eat here, preferred to use private small cafe in a town instead, as I was thinking that all might be by such way as broken, damaged, not safety and not really clean
    — their receptionist, some blonde woman, was not polite and not pleasant
    while their hotel staff had their salary and jobs from people as i was whom paid our money for the accommodation here.
    2. I booked the room via Internet
    3. Really, the good building but a poor level of Manager and greedy owners.
    4. I did not enjoyed their receptionist, she was not polite with me – British Citizen.
    My ex-husband, British, paid me £70,000 per year, and so my income was more big, may be, righter the income of some receptionist in Hotel Luhansk. And still I was as his wife and his ex-wife of whom served In British camp near Kandahar in Afghanistan for years.
    I was not able to say all truth about the hospitality for me from Luhansk people in Luhansk in September 2010.
    5. Thieves took money from my handbags in Luhansk.
    6. I never wish to visit this town again. it was not nice memory, not safety place for a British woman to be here as a British tourist.
    7. My British ex-husband was not happy to know something about the hospitality here for me.
    8. The reason was that I used Russian instead English all times, so local people looked at me as to some woman from Russian Ethnic group whom moved to live to England and they put me more low righter usual foreigners.
    It was the experience of humiliation from side some of them, as Luhansk women.
    9. I was polite and not offended no one from locals, keeping my feelings, emotions, thoughts inside me.
    10. I am be wrong… but this blonde in the reception.. looked like connected with some from their SBU and/or with the owner of Hotel Luhansk, as the hotel staff s a hotel staff and servants for visitors whom paid their money for the accommodation. And the qualified staff which provided a good comfort and a good experience.
    11. Staff has their job and their salary from people whom come but if some of staff had the salary from someone else or by some another way, it would be a way to low down all business.
    12. Staff may think about themselves as nice, humans, etc, but for people whom used the service -they are just servants and staff to provide the comfort. and if there are no any comfort and no a nice, it is a strong feeling of the loss of money, as a visitor knows that all these people worked for the salary from his payments.
    13. I found as their staff tried to humiliate me, a British tourist, a woman, in age, as it was their attitude to work, to serve, to other people.
    — so nice building of Hotel Luhansk… and a low lever of service and the comfort here was in September 2010
    — I was not able to eat their food too on the breakfast.
    — so, just a nice building
    14. The reason … that some of their staff had a longest noses to try to imagine other people sexual life though their own age, experience. I saw this. This was not pleasant.
    15. you know… i wish all the best.. and a peace… but all good memory from Luhansk was just as I walked at evening time on the street from Hotel Luhansk on the fresh air, there were being some lights, green firs, calm night, a darkness, and a small time of peaceful memory. Just 20-30 minutes and not more that 1 hours from all 3 days 14-17 September 2010 as a nice memory. Nothing more.
    15. I did a mistake, just to come, without the organization meetings with local people. I might founded plenty locals in Internet and so to meet them to chart and to communicate.
    But as it was a suddenly rapid decision, i just bought tickets, and came.
    and so no memory about locals.
    16. I sat in the park. Old Luhansk ladies sat near me in the pack bench, they started discuss their kids, One pensioner, Russian Lady, said to her friend- neighbor on the bench that she leaved her flat for his son to be with his women here.
    It was so differently from what we had here in UK.
    17. But my experience was really small as i did not communicate with plenty people around, so my bad memory was just from some of them whom I had met.
    18. I leaved Luhansk, traveled to Theodosia in Crimea and here no one offended me, and so I had a good holiday here. It was a nice private accommodation, i enjoyed to swim.

    But be honest, the service in Turkey more and more better and high and more hospitality righter in … Tunis was nice, Egypt. still some island.. not remember…

    When I was in Luhansk, it was not any feeling that these people and I connected – we all are people from Russian Ethnic – but in reality – as different Sub-Ethnic, it was not no one common point for us – me and them for the some reason.

    But as I was with a short visit 14-17 September 2010, I might just had not a time to meet people, and my bad memory was from this.

    I am happy to find as they met you, But if you would be as me – British Citizen of Russian Ethnic whom talked on Russian without any accent as on own native language — you would have another experience with some of these people.

    You are really great, Graham. but as i had a bad hospitality here in Luhansk, I do not recommended this town for a visiting for British tourists, especially for woman.

    and as i did not humiliate no one, it was my mistake, probably, to try to talk and to communicate with others here as with all as with the equal to me people.

    Great Britain gives a right for the distance for a comfort and a privacy. The open free chart and the communication with all as with the equal is a great experience to hear all opinions and thoughts 🙂

    But as i had not a good memory about someone from Luhansk after my visit Luhansk. I am calm, cold about all events here.

    It was the decision of local men – so they have what they have as the result.
    Sorry, but i have not feelings or any wish to protect them.

    I just wish a safety return back to UK for you, as British to British.

    They might “jumped” near you just as they tried to use you.
    i had the opposite experience as to be blocked in a shower room in Hotel Luhansk as the door had not opened, it was blocked – it was the loss o crews and hand from a door.

    The some beloved people may do with you the some as with me, some of them.
    I do not trust them. and I do not trust you too, as my experience for over 17 years of living in UK near British people.

    — Did you sent to show your photos and videos to Cameron? Interpol? —
    — so, your photos just as the Internet attraction and for the sale for collectors of so type of photos and videos?

    I know if you would sent them to Cameron, Obama, Interpol, — it would be not worked – as it looks like as some decisions had been made already. we are not able to change something here.

    If there will be more military actions here, it is a really small probability to survive for all.
    Better to leave.

    The life is more important righter all political temporal ideas.
    The saving of lives is more important rights to keep houses, flats.

    Luhansk is near with border of Russia – there were being plenty foreigners, spies, saboteurs. Some killed people on 2 sides of Conflict in Ukraine might be killed from this group.

    To stop this – need to close this conflict that the police would start to work again to investigate all cases of wounded and killed people.

    there events closed the investigations from a police in this area.
    Plenty videos. but no one investigate cases.

    This situation may be good for murders, saboteurs, spies and bad people to kill people without any investigation.

    1. it was more safety in Ukraine before Maidan righter now
    2. it was more safety in the East Ukraine under Ukrainian protection righter now.

    please, take my apology. I like that first video without any war while you just drive a car, you looked as a really attractive here and nice to see you.

    and I liked these beautiful young girls from Luhansk Hotel Karaoke too, they moved really nice and sand songs nice.

    I am not able to understand why local people not run from here as refugees to Russia as it would be more safety for them, their, their kids, their grand-kids.

    To try to keep flats, house, while all them might broken and people killed, it is not any sense.
    So, it is late here, i am tired. This all emotional. But this conflict in Ukraine and so Ukrainians must to solve their life and their conflict here.

    For us, Ukraine is not our country.
    How may we help to them? to invade their country to put our people to rule?

    so, this is a right of Ukrainian and Russian to be clever to decided their life as it will be better for them.

    I just wish you the safety return back to UK.


  3. Dear Graham, thank you for all your videos and photos, when you are calm or driving in your car – you are so attractive and nice and pleasant to see you as a support.

    Girls from Luhansk are beautiful on your videos, and they danced and moved and sang songs really nice. Thanks for them and for you to share this!

    About the conflict – I live in another country far away from Ukraine.
    and I am not able to help, I am the ordinary person to swim from the the all politics and human opinions and thoughts and wishes and idea. I may look… but only locals may change their lives, not we may.



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