18+ No Human Rights Given to These People

By Patrick Lancaster – journalist, video-journalist – @PLNewsToday

On February 19th of this year, 2015, I was embedded with a Anti-Kiev or Lugansk Peoples Republic battalion Near Debaltseve. They took us to a small village, Chornukhyne, in the area. We went to a ditch on the side of the road. In this ditch were several bodies. Many were in civilian cloths and had appeared to be tortured. Some had their lips and noises cut off while others had wire tied around there hands and feet and appeared to be burned while still alive.

The soldiers we were with said that these people where civilians that had been tortured to death by Pro-Kiev or Right Sector forces, because they helped the Anti-Kiev forces. Also in this ditch were dead soldiers that showed no signs of torture. We were told these were Pro-Kiev Right Sector forces that had died in battle.

The apparent torturing, to death, of civilians is a clear violation of human rights and a violation of the Geneva Convention. There needs to be an investigation into these atrocities, whether there will be is another question. Perhaps it will just remain another tragedy of this war in Donbass.

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