A 1-Minute Guide to the War in Donbass


How do you define events in Donbass? Do you think of those who don’t want to be a part of Ukraine as – 

Fullscreen capture 12042015 151222.bmp



Fullscreen capture 12042015 144758.bmp


That could be because you believe what happened, the media told you what happened, on Euromaidan was

‘peaceful protest’

Fullscreen capture 12042015 173614.bmp

and the result was a ‘legitimate government’

Fullscreen capture 12042015 183315.bmp

I went to Euromaidan with an open mind, having lived in Ukraine for over 2 years. Written numerous positive articles about Ukraine.


What I saw on Maidan was –







The Kiev government which caused Crimea, then Donbass, to rise up, was actually completely illegitimate – it just booted out a democratically elected president, then a democratically elected parliament.

Fullscreen capture 13042015 015715.bmp

The new Kiev government contained far-right wing elements intent on destroying the culture, and history, of Crimea, Donbass.


Fullscreen capture 13042015 014806.bmp

So, when you understand that Euromaidan was terrorism. The Kiev government it installed was illegitimate, far-right.

Then you understand that what happened in Crimea, then Donbass, is actually anti-terrorism, counter-terrorism.



7 thoughts on “A 1-Minute Guide to the War in Donbass”

  1. Thank you, Graham. My personal opinion about events in Ukraine.

    There were being 2 steps planned before all events.

    1 step – Criminal took a power in Kyev by a force and without a vote.
    Criminals threw stones and fire to Ukrainian Police to take the power by force.
    In each country – USA, Great Britain, Europe, if someone throws stones or fire or shooting to Policemen, as a crime and criminals activities and criminals. The police of USA, Great Britain, .. had a right to shot such Criminals without any investigation at all for the protection of a laws and a state.
    So – if this would be in USA, Great Britain, some European countries – local policemen would shoot them without any investigation – as a serious crime and criminals.
    Ukrainian police did not used guns to shot Ukrainian criminals by order to President Ukraine to save their lives as his goal – they took a power, re-arranged the personal staff
    and as they were being Criminals – their next order was for Ukrainian army to go to bomb Ukrainian towns and Ukrainian villages in Ukraine with people whom were being disagree with a forcing to take a power without any vote by force, with criminal activity to a local police to damage the,
    So, it was clear situation – Criminals took a power in Ukraine, so the police stopped to work properly under their power to investigate cases of murdered humans and damaged properties.

    2 step. The disagree of locals in The East Ukraine was logical first reaction on the first law from Criminals to stop to use their native Russian language in their area, where people used Russian language for thousand years and that nobody came from Kiev to them to talk to know their opinion. It was so logical. One people took a power by a force – other people disagree with this, and so a conflict between them.

    But if to look more closely for the step 2, that the police stop to work to investigate all cases of murdered people here and all cases of damaged property here too – no any police here to protect local people — this is so similar to step 1, but just on the another way — I would say the Criminals took a power in the east Ukraine too, as they took in Kiev, but just on another way.

    1step + 2 step = Criminals took a power in Ukraine, everyone may be killed by murders without any investigation and protection here, the some for their property too.

    1 step + 2 step = as a plan before all events and Maidan for a goal

    which was a goal here? murdered local people an dlocal men and local women and local kids to reduce their number, their quantity.

    The war = reducing numbers of locals from both side of conflict.

    Why? What was the need to reduce the number of local males here?

    For example, someone , some country, some countries, some groups planned to invite Ukraine and to settle down their own males and people on this land in Ukraine, and they had/have no any need in local males at all, in local population, as they have own males, people, population, own goals and interests.

    If someone would wish to come to settle down in Ukraine with own people, males, females, kids – they did not wish to find here plenty locals, having own people to settle down here.

    Or, may be USA? and their military plan to settle down here their military base in Ukraine with no any trust to locals whom Pro-Russians? as their American base will be near Russia and against Russia? and so American idea to reduce all Pro-Russians as Russian Ethnic from locals might sounded wonderful for Obama, Senators USA, USA and whom planned and gave money for this.

    Another side – Ukraine as a possible land to settle down here people from Africa and Arabic countries? from Iran? Muslims? From China?

    Obama was from Africa by his origin from his father and relatives, so he might like the idea to give Ukraine for settle down here to live for his relatives from Africa?

    Senators USA might had a tips as waitresses from groups of Muslims from Arabic Countries, from Iran, from Africa, from China too to manage the reducing of number of local population in Ukraine too.

    American Military has their main idea to wide the presence of USA military base all over The Earth, they might like the idea to reduce quantity of locals in some country too.

    There were being much too big money… and plenty people involved to plans.

    What we saw? We saw plenty Americans – special military or as the some and near came in Ukraine to fill plenty jobs here instead locals. This is the invasion of Ukraine, by the fact.

    So, just practically and logical we find one big group which present their interests in Ukraine – Obama and USA and American Military.

    This is the invasion of Ukraine, by the fact. USA did not declare the war with Ukraine – just came inside with their staff and people.

    If to look the difference – Ukraine before Maidan – Ukraine after Maidan under American rule from Obama and USA – here is a big difference

    as now plenty murdered local humans here, including females, kids, eldery.

    What I said before? In my opinion, it was a plan with 2 steps before the Maidan already.

    1 step – Kiev, Maidan, taking a power by a force here
    2 step – The East Ukraine as the opposite political party, the separation from another part of Ukraine by a political point of view as different

    2 sides in a conflict and in a war to reduce their quantity from 2 sides.

    Laws and Police did not worked properly in each of side to protect lives, property, or to find murders — Criminals took power in Ukraine in both sides, to put 1 side to fight with another side.

    The East Ukraine side looked better as they did not come in The West Ukraine and 1st side with Kiev to do what have for themselves – they did not damaged houses of others as their houses, schools, hospitals, buses were being damaged in The East Ukraine side.

    But as it was not a police investigation in The East Ukraine for all cases of murdered humans here and damaged properties too,
    I prefer to doubt whom did this.

    As just one of the possibility here – the some criminals whom took a power in Kiev.
    another possibility – some spies and sabotage groups or religion groups
    another possibility – some goups of local criminals whom came in The East Ukraine.

    But as Obama said the Maidan was done as the part of American plan for Ukraine — there might be his American people in The East Ukraine, working as murders of locals, too as this way is forcing emotionally locals to fight and to continue the war and the killing of each another.

    Some may work with locals from one side to push them to a war.
    Some may work with locals from another side to push them to a war.

    with their goal and their interest to reduce the number of locals. and still to rule.

    These my thoughts are just the one of possibility of what happened in Ukraine.
    There are my personal opinions.

    But I do not the truth and may be never will know.
    I live in another country, far from Ukraine and I have not the information.

    So, my thoughts are just a some hypothesis or some possibility.

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  2. I live in a small British village with ex-miners. When mines were being closed down, it was a strike of local miners. British soldiers killed 2 local miners (whom were being without any weapons) for their political thoughts and ideas not to be happy with the decision of owners of mines. 2 men, without any weapon at all, were being killed by soldiers of British Army — so, you may understand what would be in Great Britain in a case of Maidan here in London – it would be a bloody mess from killed people in London.

    When someone used a weapon, a gun – the police just shoot as the Laws permits to kill in this situation.

    In USA the secret agent killed someone just as it was a knife in his hand in his own house and property on the time of a visit as fear of use it.

    So, in the case of Maidan in London, NY – Criminals started to trough stones and fire to a police to take a power in a country by the force – police would shot them without any investigation.

    But when Ukrainian Criminals took a power in Kiev by such way – Obama and USA and Europe and Great Britain and Cameron said for all they were right and normal and not criminals and murders, as murdered Pro-Russian thinking humans, babies, children, females, eldery. This is Fascism.

    WWII – Holocaust – against Hebreys/Jews
    2014-2015- – against Russian Ethnic and Russia


    Russia helped to stop WWII and Holocaust, with a loss of 40 billions lives, a loss of 23 millions lives of their soldiers-males.
    So, Fascists in other countries decided to destroy Russia, to do Holocaust for other countries and other ethnic later as it will be not Russian and Russia to stop this.

    Plenty Fascists hate Russia as Russia and Russian stop Hitler with his plan to murdered humans.
    Great Britain was in WWII since 1932 – and not able to stop the bombing of their island – Russia helped to stop.

    I advice to leave the East Ukraine as refugees for locals to save their lives.

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  3. 13 апреля 2015
    В США трехлетний мальчик застрелил годовалого ребенка

    В американском городе Кливленд, штат Огайо, трехлетний мальчик застрелил годовалого малыша. Об этом информирует Associated Press.

    Ребенок нашел в доме оставленный без присмотра пистолет и выстрелил в голову маленького мальчика. Вскоре он был доставлен в больницу, где врачи констатировали смерть.

    Подробности произошедшего не сообщаются. Известно только, что в этот момент в доме находился взрослый человек.

    Были ли дети родственниками, также не уточняется. При этом, по свидетельству соседей, в доме, где погиб годовалый малыш, проживала мать с тремя детьми. «Они были очень милыми. Ужасно, что такое могло произойти», — отметил один из местных жителей.

    В настоящее время полиция пытается выяснить, как в руках трехлетнего ребенка оказалось оружие. Человеку, оставившему пистолет без присмотра, будут предъявлены обвинения.

    Подобные инциденты с оружием в США не являются редкостью. 30 декабря в американском штате Айдахо двухлетний мальчик выстрелил из пистолета в свою мать. Ребенок полез в сумочку женщины и нечаянно нажал на курок. От полученных ранений она скончалась.

    В штате Теннесси четырехлетний мальчик случайно застрелил жену заместителя шерифа. Инцидент произошел во время семейной встречи. Ребенок воспользовался лежавшим на кровати заряженным ружьем, которое его дядя показывал одному из родственников, пришедших к нему в гости.
    13 апреля 2015
    В результате стрельбы в американском колледже погиб один человек

    В результате стрельбы в Wayne Community College в американском городе Голдсборо, штат Северная Каролина, погиб один человек. Его имя не сообщается, передает Reuters.

    Инцидент произошел в библиотеке учебного заведения. Здание колледжа оцеплено сотрудниками полиции. В настоящее время стражи порядка разыскивают стрелявшего. По информации USA Today, у полицейских уже появился один подозреваемый.

    Ранее стало известно, что занятия в колледже временно не проводятся, а находящихся в учебном заведении эвакуировали. Некоторые студенты по-прежнему находятся в колледже, пытаясь выбраться из здания. При этом отмечается, что учащихся не взяли в заложники.

    По данным экспертов, в США в результате стрельбы ежегодно погибают или получают ранения около десяти тысяч детей и подростков. Одним из самых громких случаев массовой бойни в американских учебных заведениях стал расстрел в городе Ньютаун, штат Коннектикут, в декабре 2012 года. Там 20-летний Адам Лэнза убил 26 человек, в том числе 20 детей в возрасте от пяти до десяти лет, после чего покончил с собой.
    USA came in Ukraine, so Ukraine had something as “really traditional for Americans in USA” now, what they had not here in Ukraine before.


  4. Excellent longer account here:

    Practice your Russian listening, or read the subtitles in English.
    (Gets slightly derailed into RussoNationalism at the end!)


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