Bellingcat – Caught Up, and Out in Yet Another MH17 Falsification

Note from editor, Graham Phillips

The discredited ‘citizen journalism’ agency Bellingcat has, from the beginning, pushed the line of a ‘Russian BUK’ responsible for downing MH17, on any number of spurious grounds, key in this has been the BUK supposedly originating from the Russian ’53rd Russian Air Defense Brigade’ –

“The Bellingcat MH17 investigation team also believes the same Buk was part of a convoy travelling from the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade in Kursk to near the Ukrainian border as part of a training exercise between June 22nd and July 25th” 

Key to the Bellingcat polemic, one ‘Ivan Krasnoproshin’ –

“Images posted to the now-deleted profile of brigade member Ivan Krasnoproshin also show vehicles that are part of the convoy.”

Here are two photos of a the same truck, the first image is from the video in the Krasneyskiy area and the second was uploaded by Ivan Krasnoproshin who serves in the 53rd brigade.”

By Anna Vatavu

A small introduction: there are two types of army service in Russia – conscription and professional contract service. Conscription service takes exactly one year (apart from fleet, where it can be 2 or 3 years) and it is compulsory. As for the contract service, one can sign a contract for at least 3 years. 53rd brigade has soldiers of both types.

I decided to find out, what type of a sergeant Krasnoproshin could have been. From the photos of his (now deleted) VK page we can estimate, that he started his army service in June 2012 (he took the oath on 22/07/2012). So, by 2014 he would have already left the army, if he was a conscript. And if he had a contract, he would not have been able to leave the army until 2015. So, his dismissal in June 2014 looks suspicious indeed.

But how do we know that Ivan was dismissed in June 2014? Mainly because Correctiv tells us this:

Ivan Krasnoproshin

“Note of the dismissal – stamped and dismissed: In June, a week before he and his unit went to Ukraine, Ivan Krasnoproshin and some of his colleagues were dismissed from the Russian army. Coincidence? Or intent?”

However, if we look at the photo of the journal, that Ivan posted, it is very clear that he was dismissed in 2013.

The first line says: “was dismissed due to the end of service term according to the order №225 on 13(5)/06/13“. Other three soldiers were also dismissed in 2013. One does not have to know Russian to see the numbers clearly. They were all dismissed in 2013, more than one year before the tragedy. So, everything is crystal clear now – Krasnoproshin joined the army as a conscript in June 2012 and in June 2013 he finished his service. This fully corresponds to the Russian laws and regulations. Knowing this, we understand that this part -“This alleged dismissal of a lot of soldiers seems to be happening with one special reason: the Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to be able to claim that there are no Russian soldiers deployed to Eastern Ukraine” is complete bullshit.

Correctiv team were sure – if they say “In June, a week before he and his unit went to Ukraine, Ivan Krasnoproshin and some of his colleagues were dismissed from the Russian army“, nobody will look at the journal closer. What is more, in the Russian version of the report, Correctiv says that it is impossible to see what is written in the journal after the phrase “was dismissed due to the end of service term according to the order…“, though in fact we can clearly see the numbers. Obviously, they knew that Krasnoproshin and the other soldiers were dismissed in 2013 and had nothing to do with Ukraine and MH17 in particular.

Now we see, how they manipulated only one small fact, but it destroys Correctiv’s/Bcat’s credibility immediately. They claim to be “investigative journalists”, but they hide and manipulate facts to fit their story line. The most disgusting thing for me is their style of writing – they attack you and make you think they are 100% sure in the truthfulness of their words. Just look at this: “The online investigative team Bellingcat was able to identify the 53rd Russian Air Brigade from Kursk as the unit which employs the soldiers who possibly launched the deadly missile at Flight MH17. One guy who really helped to uncover this unit was Sergeant Ivan Krasnoproschin.

16 thoughts on “Bellingcat – Caught Up, and Out in Yet Another MH17 Falsification”

  1. This is the decade when western governments decided to totally depart from anything resembling objectivity, and to rely upon citizen free agents who will tell them what they want to hear. This began with the UN uncritically reporting casualty figures from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which was one guy running the operation out of his house in Coventry and getting all his information from activists in Syria with an agenda to overthrow al-Assad.

    Abdulrahman, a regular guy who ran a clothing shop when he wasn’t Counting Casualties For Jesus, met with western leaders and UN bigwigs, and they plainly liked the cut of his jib. The same goes for Bellingcat and Eliot Higgins – it suits western foreign policy objectives for Russia to have shot down MH-17 and to try to blame it on Ukraine, so that’s what happened. And they’ll believe – or pretend to believe – whoever will put that in print.


    1. Todays journalists are not like those of yesterday. Those days, foreign correspondents lived in the country they reported from and even spoke the language there. They knew people there that gave them valuable information to write on.
      Todays writers live in other countries and get their information from Marie Harf and Jen Psaki which they peddle as the mother of all truths.
      They dont have a clue as to what they are writing.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. i posted a blog outing him as an outright liar …i know he reads it as he changes the story again in a pathetic attempt too disagree with my post. But he landed himself in it when he changed his “launch site” when i showed it was a coalmine emitting to smoke so he said it was closer to suar mogila but not one of the thousands of ukies that were there fighting seen a buk launch


    1. The answer on:

      “bellingcatadmin – April 18th, 2015

      Except Bellingcat never claimed Krasnoproshin was serving 2014. We used his photographs to show vehicles from the 53rd Brigade were in the June 2014 convoy, it’s Correctiv that claimed he served in 2014, so this is just Graham Phillips trying to attack Bellingcat using someone else’s errors. As you say, it’s so important we check our facts.”


  3. There was always a discussion about BUK telar 312 shortly after downing MH17. Most of the pictures provided by SBU shows this number. The numbers of a telar you will find on this ( Bellingcat page is now 213 and 211 from the 53rd Russian Air Brigade. All other pictures there from the path through Donbass show no number at all. This pictures looking more blurry also. Not a proof, just a detail.


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