The Donbass Online Auction Begins – 5 Up – **Updated**

April 17th **Following another campaign by pro-Ukraine activists, ebay have removed the Support Donbass store for now – I’m doing everything I can to get it restored soon**

Graham Phillips

Following on from my Donbass event, and auction in London, today I launched the ‘Support Donbass’ shop online. 

The purpose of this is threefold –

– Each sale generates funds for humanitarian aid in Donbass

– Gives you the chance to display your support for Donbass

– Gives me the opportunity, as a journalist, to showcase my work from Donbass

There are two strands to the shop, the Ebay store, and Donbass t-shirts, merchandise and so which will be listed via the Facebook Group.

For today, 5 of my photos, very special, limited edition, up for auction – 

The famous photo of Motorola and myself, in hundreds of articles, tweets and so – from Donetsk airport in October 2014, Motorola’s HQ – 


Frontline NAF fighters by Lugansk, one of my favourites – 


The original press passes issued to me in Donbass, covering all the reporting I did in Donetsk, December 11th to January 11th, and then all I did in Pervomaisk, including Debaltsevo, in February – 


One of my most famous photos, NAF Commanders Stepanich and Olhon in a moment of rest on the frontline –


An iconic photo, as NAF members celebrate the complete taking of Donetsk airport, new terminal, in January of this year


Watch out for more soon!

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