Your Letters (#1) – To The Brave, Courageous, Defenders of Gorlovka

IMG_1520-MOTIONCommander Olhon, and his battalion –

In the world there are many kind, brave, responsible men – but you guys among them all are the most steadfast, the braves. Thank you that you’ve stood for our Donbass, defended our land, and city.

I wish you all great strength, good health, and steady nerves!!!) My hopes are with you! My faith is in you!!!

OpolchenWhen shooting starts, and the whole town hears shots, explosions, I know you are in action. I worry about all our battalion, knowing that, god forbid, something could happen to you. I pray for you, so that all will be good for you!)

Thank you for protecting us from invaders, who have many times made attempts on our city, but you’ve stopped them! Thank you for giving us the possibility of peace!!) I know, you will never surrender, you’ll continue your defence of our native Gorlovka.

Thank you, from all of us!

Praying for you!

Thank you from Gorlovka – Victory will be Ours!!

Anastasia Orlova, 16


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