Ukrainian Forces Open Fire on Humanitarian Aid Convoy

By Gleb Kornilov, Russian humanitarian aid worker – 

Humanitarian2Ukrainian forces opened fire on Russian humanitarian aid convoy ‘Relief Fund Novorossiya’. One member of the convoy was killed, one wounded, six captured.

Yesterday our convoy consisting of 3 vehicles arrived in the Shirokino region, with humanitarian aid. The load consisted of food, medicines, seeds for crops, clothes for civilians. There were also 20 bulletproof vests and helmets for the members of the people’s militia to reduce the fatalities they are sustaining there. Among the members of the crew was journalist Boris Borisovich, who had intended to film a report on civilian life in Shirokino.

For reasons which are unclear, the convoy left the planned route, and ended up arriving at positions of the Ukrainian military, 27km southwest of Donetsk. The Ukrainian forces opened fire. As a result of this, 1 person was killed, and the rest were taken into captivity. Among these, 1 was wounded.

HumanitarianA Ukrainian officer with the call-sign Captain Price has already written on his Twitter account “6 DPR separatists captured, 1 wounded, 1 killed”. However he didn’t say a word that the convoy was humanitarian. All the members of the humanitarian aid convoy had the relevant documentation, and the lead car was marked up with our symbol, and Moscow registration plates. Moreover, Captain Price confirmed that our convoy didn’t return fire. And in photos and videos the man killed is without a bulletproof vest, or any firearms. This seriously calls into question the legitimacy of the Ukrainians opening fire.

Humanitarian1The process of negotiations with the Ukrainian forces has already begun. Since yesterday evening we’ve been doing all possible to rescue our guys alive and well. The call-sign of the man killed was Doc. He’d done a lot of good work in the sphere of humanitarian aid… may he rest in peace. We are still working to ascertain the name of the wounded.

We’ll report further news as soon as we have it. It’s necessary to make this information public to help our guys.

P.S. But the main issue remains why they changed route, and fell into a trap.

11 thoughts on “Ukrainian Forces Open Fire on Humanitarian Aid Convoy”

  1. There must be a traitor amongst them. This “change of direction” leading to a trap has happened before with journalists from Russia.


  2. So a convoy from Russia carrying supplies for civilians and militia goes off the authorised path and into the warzone and it gets shot at by a sovereign army defending its territory ? So what ?


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