The Five Spot (#3) – One DPR Unit Could Take Control of Mariupol

3rd in the series looking at the 5 key points from a non English-language article

Head of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, and of the Social Nationalist movement in Ukraine, Andrey Biletskiy, has said only one DPR battalion could take control of the city of Mariupol, the coastal city of near half a million in south Donbass.

1. It’s unclear how honest Biletskiy is being here. Mariupol has been fortified as a major Ukrainian stronghold for some time, with many of the 230 humvees sent from the US, battle-equipped in Ukraine, and other military equipment sent as part of the $75 million US deal, based in Mariupol.

Fullscreen capture 17052015 232558.bmp2. Biletskiy’s remarks come amid an escalating situation in and around Mariupol with fighting between sides intensifying there.

3. The Azov Battalion have recently been on the end of further bad publicity, with two of their members filmed laughing, joking as they fire on an apartment building in Mariupol. Yet it must be said most western media have ignored this, in favour of relentless stories about ‘Russian-backed separatists’, and their supposed plans to capture Mariupol.

4. There was a referendum in Mariupol just over a year ago with the city turning out, voting by a huge majority to secede from Ukraine. And growing reports from inside the city of building discontent with Ukrainian forces there. Biletskiy’s remarks may be designed as a ‘provocation’ to incite a local reaction, and clamp down on that.

5. One thing Biletskiy clearly wants is funds to build the ‘zone of fortifications’ he references, giving an idea that while his statement in itself may be disingenuous, it may also be allied to real fears of the DPR’s ability to take Mariupol.


The Five Spot (#2) – Ukraine Asks Russia to Pay $350 Billion for Damage to Donbass

Second in a series looking at the 5 key points from an article in foreign-language media.

Alexander BorovikSeveral articles recently referenced Ukraine’s First Deputy Economic Minister, German lawyer Alexander Borovik given Ukrainian citizenship so he could take up post, with his statement that Russia should pay Ukraine $350 billion for damage caused to Donbass.

1. The ‘blame Russia for all’ culture takes on an absurd new twist, as Ukraine blame, try to claim money – for damage mostly caused by the Ukrainian military. The main damage in Donbass – to Lugansk, Donetsk, caused by shelling of those cities by the Ukrainian military, as part of the so-called ‘ATO’ (‘anti-terror operation’)

2. Ridiculous statements still keep coming out of Ukraine – remember then new defence minister Valeriy Heletey promising to retake Crimea, ‘hold a victory parade in Sevastopol’ upon his appointment in July last year?

3. The figure, arrived at by guesswork rather than algorithm, nevertheless starts to give a real idea just how much damage has been caused to Donbass – a world away from Ukraine warthe paltry 500 million Euros offered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel last summer.

4. Ukraine wants to retake Donbass, but even if it could, clearly has no money to repair the damage there, as recent, desperate attempts to re-structure $23 billion of a debt fast rising to $100 billion. There is also Ukraine deflecting attention from the $3 billion it owes Russia, which Russia has recently refused to restructure.

5. Political careers in Ukraine are short. Just a few days after his Russia repayment remarks, Borovik had a disagreement with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and left his position.

Who’s Who in Ukraine Propaganda: Rob Pulse News

Graham W Phillips

A new series looking at the most prominent purveyors of Ukrainian propaganda.

Ukraine propagandist ‘Rob Pulse’ of ‘Rob Pulse News’ didn’t much like the last expose I did on him, when he claimed he’d found ‘Russian troops’ in what was actually the Ukrainian army. Actually he liked it so little, that in an extraordinary move he complained to Twitter and asked them to remove every single mention of it. That’s right – MENTION. I had to remove all tweets even with his name in them, to restore my account.

Rob Pulse

Rob Pulse 1 Rob Pulse 3 Rob Pulse 4

On the other hand, this is just a selection of what I’ve put up with from ‘Rob Pulse’, the man who calls himself an ‘investigative journalist’ in the last year, without once complaining, as he’s run a relentless hate campaign, based on lies, abuse, and falsehood –

He posts photos of my passport – 

Fullscreen capture 01042015 214508.bmp

Draws arrows to falsely insinuate I fire weapons in combat positions – an assertation clearly designed to put my life in danger by demarking me as a ‘combatant’ –  

Fullscreen capture 01042015 214547.bmp

Digs through social media photos to accuse of me having ‘underage friends’ – this, just some Halloween fun with students from Donetsk National University where I’d recently spoken, given a sinister twist by the propagandist –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 215117.bmp

Pauses my videos at moments I’m speaking, or in expression, then makes false accusations based on those screenshots –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 215331.bmp

Fullscreen capture 01042015 214428.bmp

He’s frequently tried to get me arrested, tipping off authorities with information –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 221207.bmp

Fullscreen capture 01042015 221130.bmp

Fullscreen capture 01042015 221514.bmp

Fullscreen capture 01042015 221443.bmp

Ran attacks against me while I was in captivity, unable to defend myself –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 221012.bmp

Fullscreen capture 01042015 220825.bmp

And this really is just a sampling. I’ve stayed above personal attacks, and only wrote the above expose to address his putting out of a blatant falsehood. Have never complained about his tweets – clearly they are nasty, vindictive and breach all Twitter policy, but I do Fullscreen capture 17052015 141219.bmpbelieve in freedom of speech, however unpleasant the individual who chooses to exercise that.

In Rob Pulse’s case, it’s actually enlightening to let him go on. You see the hapless, yet relentless Rob Pulse – on Twitter since December 2010, with over 32,000 Tweets putting him as a 20+ a day Tweeter, yet since troubles in Ukraine, and Donbass began, much more active and even often double that a day now – is a man who invariably finds a way to get everything rather embarrassingly wrong.

Take this, just one example, of his claiming these two, clearly completely different men, are the same person –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 214247.bmp

Fullscreen capture 01042015 215426.bmp

But who is the blundering, hyper-sensitive propagandist? ‘Rob Pulse’, an invented RobPulsename, used for his tag, his Twitter name ‘Silver Surfer’ taken from the Fantastic Four series of films. Rob thinks he’s an ‘investigate journalist’, yet the only record of his ‘investigate journalism’ – credit in a couple of hit-job pieces by notorious pro-Ukraine propaganda outlet The Interpreter.

He’s actually called Rob Schultz, where he’s from is undeclared – he lists his locations on Twitter as Miami and London, yet several references connects him to the English town of Stockport. His user photo is an opaque one of himself in shades, yet there do exist photos online of Rob Schultz. However so sensitive is Pulse, who appears to be around 40, that posting a photo of him will result in his immediate reporting of your account to Twitter – as I found –

Fullscreen capture 24032015 232925Скриншот 25.03.2015 222501

While Pulse/Schultz stays pretty faithful to the pro-Ukraine script in general, he often blunders off into territory even they won’t touch. Comes out with claims like my video of Ukrainian forces firing phosphorus was a ‘fireworks display‘, an assertion so bonkers he found little support for that even in pro-Ukraine ranks never shy of embracing the crazy (as long as it shows DPR, LPR, Russia in a bad light, of course) –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 214757.bmp

In Pulse-world, all Russian journalists are ‘GRU’ agents – as I pose here with Alexander and Roman, of Life News –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 220458.bmp

Then, the standard, oft-peddled Ukraine line of everyone filmed in Donbass being ‘Russian actors’ and often the ‘same person’, well, suffice to say Rob follows it zealously – here on January 16th –

Fullscreen capture 29032015 153159.bmp

Sadly for Rob, he got it completely wrong here, and for a man who loves nothing more than self-congratulation on Twitter (‘I picked the right tweet to translate‘ just one of many self-endorsements), had to issue a rather less than humble admission that, once more, he’d cocked up –

Fullscreen capture 29032015 160305.bmp

Not learning from this lesson, just a week later, on January 23rd, Rob was now saying that people filmed at the scene of the Donetsk trolleybus shelling tragedy were ‘Russian actors’, the ‘same people’ (as the above even). But even his normally loyal followers, now near 8000, spluttered at this, even more ridiculous than his earlier claims.

Fullscreen capture 29032015 234135.bmp

Fullscreen capture 29032015 152915.bmp

Rob Pulse 2Hasty, across-the-board deletions ensued from Pulse. All of this leading up to Pulse’s most embarrassing ‘self-expose’ yet, when he found ‘Russian troops’…. in the Ukrainian military, one which prompted his Twitter meltdown, reporting every tweet with any reference to that.

So, that’s Rob Pulse – quite a combination of a man – vindictive yet hyper-sensitive. An ‘investigative journalist’ who doesn’t investigate anything. A rampant egotist, terrified of his own photo being shown. A man still believed by some, despite a track record now littered with gaffes, blunders and cock-ups. Clearly the amount of effort put in by Pulse requires a considerable time input, with no apparent source of income derived from that. Who pays Pulse / Schultz for his ‘work’ is unclear, as is whether he has other employment, income source.

No question though, Pulse plays his part in the Ukraine propaganda game. His tweets then retweeted by more senior figures – Louise Mensch of the Guardian being a notable ‘fan’, along with Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat, and others. Whether they know just who ‘Rob Pulse’ is though, is another story, one which if Pulse is telling it, will have little relation to reality.

18+ Mariupol May 9th – What Really Happened (Part 2 – HRW Cover-Up)

Graham W Phillips – photos from here

The second part, looking at what really happened in Mariupol on May 9th 2014. There have been certain key dates in the ‘Ukraine crisis’. May 2nd, of the Odessa Massacre, the Semenovka Shooting of May 5th, yet where the crisis in Donbass really tipped over into Mariupol May 9 2014civil war, was Mariupol, May 9th, when Ukrainian military entered the city on Victory Day celebrations, and opened fire.

International NGO Human Rights Watch arrived in Mariupol late on May 9th, and that evening, myself also in Mariupol, I got into a Twitter argument with Anna Neistat of Human Rights Watch about how many had been killed. I had earlier been to a hospital where a doctor had told me, off the record, the figure could be in excess of 100, something I tweeted on as exactly that, exactly as I always do. Anna was determined the figure was 7, and she came down in the end, perhaps inevitable, by insulting RT, with whom I was working.

Now I never said the figure of 100 was my own, and before an investigation never would. But it was a figure which came back several times in interaction with locals in Mariupol – one which deserved further examination rather than the immediate dismissal of HRW –

MariupolAnna said the figure was 7, in our Twitter exchange, rebuking any information to the contrary, when her figure was always manifestly inaccurate. The next day, Anna published a report which seemed to be aimed directly at myself, with the title Dispatches: Truth a Casualty in Ukraine Conflict. And she’d started to do a couple of things, revise her figures and bring unknown people into the dialogue. On May 9th, Anna had been determined the figure was 7, now on May the 10th it was “at least seven killed”.

And then this statement of Anna’s – “Today, a reliable source with no affiliation to either side but too frightened to be named informed me that “no more than 10 bodies” were brought to the city morgue. Did other people die whose bodies were not brought to the morgue? Did other people die whose bodies were not brought to the morgue? I have seen no proof of this.”

Now, in fairness to Anna – and I won’t accuse her of dishonesty in this, although that would certainly be an explanation, and HRW has not infrequently been accused of promoting a political position at the expense of truth – the morgue was quite often closed (I went 3 times) –

But, when it was open, speaking to people there was not a problem at all – no one was frightened to be named. I showed no credentials to get in, nor was asked for any. The senior mortician told me clearly there, that 11 bodies were brought to him at that morgue, on May 9th, as a result of Ukrainian military actions, however he was more than open to the possibility that bodies had been sent to other morgues, some even not sent to morgues.

Now that interview was secretly filmed, but I feel he had some idea of it, and no problem taking a photo of exactly who that mortician was either – Vladimir Sosnitski –

Lugansk Morgue

So, the figure Human Rights Watch reported of 7, then ‘at least 7′ is entirely incorrect. As for the ‘reliable source with no affiliation to either side but too frightened to be named informed me that “no more than 10 bodies” were brought to the city morgue.’ I will try to believe that person exists, if I were being uncharitable I’d say Anna Neistat just invented that person. As for this – ‘Did other people die whose bodies were not brought to the morgue? Did other people die whose bodies were not brought to the morgue? I have seen no proof of this.‘ – Anna gives no indication at all of what steps she took looking for proof.

Arriving, and sticking at ‘at least 7′ (Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov cited 21, but with his reputation for speaking nonsense, the HRW figure was given precedence in Mariupol massacremedia) was very dangerous. 7 (or ‘at least 7′, using covering journalistic terminology) was the figure cited in many news reports (with Human Rights Watch prominently referenced) – such as here, here, here. It’s a low number and that effectively ensured that there never would be a proper investigation carried out into what happened in Mariupol.

Indeed, there never was, and at the start of 2015, with the incident having hugely escalated the situation in Donbass, but never really having gone up in the international consciousness, due to the supposed low numbers, the Bellingcat agency, with a track record of white-washing actions of the Kiev government, were able to issue a report exonerating Ukrainian forces of any wrongdoing. 

Coming in the next instalment, events of that day, May 9th, in Mariupol.

Key Days in the Donbass War – Semenovka, Slavyansk, May 5th 2014

Ukrainian military were increasingly moving into positions around Slavyansk, from mid-late April. From May 2nd, 2014, they pressed, taking up positions right outside the city –

There were several casualties, at least one fatality among local people who turned out to protest their presence on the night of May 2nd, 3rd –

The scandal over civilian fatality, plus strength of that protest, hundreds of Slavyansk locals out to picket, heckle the Ukrainian military for being there, forced a retreat as the Ukrainians withdrew the next day from positions right at the city circumference –

But it was to be temporary. On May 5th, Ukrainian forces made their most aggressive move yet on the city, which had been under the control of anti-Kiev forces since April 12th. They hit perimeter points, notably Andrievka and Semenovka, with a minimum of 8 civilians killed, 16 wounded making it the sharpest escalation yet in the Donbass conflict, and just days after the tragedy of Odessa, May 2nd.

Here are the videos looking back on that day – this, Andrievka, at the city limits, in the aftermath of the Ukrainian attack –

A house by Semenovka, riddled with bullet holes –

Across the road, vans shot up –

Gunfire still going on –

A destroyed truck, by the Slavyansk city sign, by Semenovka –

Pools of blood on the ground – and emotional scenes from locals –

A destroyed petrol station, as Ukrainian military vehicles had roared through, on an incursion into the city which had been unexpected, quick, and brutal, as they mowed everything in sight in a hail of bullets –

This local man spoke about how it had been –

While locals at the scene did what they could to clear the smashed-up settlement, which had been an innocuous interchange pre-conflict, petrol station, few kiosks, homes –

There were fatalities on both the Donetsk People’s Republic militia side, and Ukrainian, and a minimum of 8 civilians killed, with funerals held in the city 2 days later –

The victims included a 30 year old nurse, Irina Boevets, who had stepped out to her balcony for a cigarette, reportedly shot by a Ukrainian sniper.

That was May 5th in Slavyansk, the day which marked the sharpest escalation yet in events in Donbass, and 2 days later in Mariupol, it got even worse.

Mikael Skillt Interview – 15 Key Points

Mikael Skillt

Graham Phillips

Yesterday, continuing into today, the interactive Twitter interview with Swedish citizen, Mikael Skillt, senior member of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov battalion, took place. Skillt’s prolific use of social media has made him effective spokesman for the Azov battalion, one of the battalions ever at the forefront of events in Donbass, giving him a high status as a representative of proceedings.

The basics about Skillt

Mikael Skillt AzovFull name: Kjell Mikael Skillt

Age: 38, 13th December 1976

From: Sundsvall, on Swedish coast

Employment: 7 years in Swedish army, speciality – sniper. Worked in construction industry as ‘project manager’.

Current: Officer, Senior member of Ukrainian Azov Battalion, reports himself in charge of ‘Operations of Swedish Volunteers’.

Location: Skillt spends a lot of time in Kiev, where he was during the interview. He is currently deployed by Mariupol.

Politics: Connections to Nazi Party of Sweden, National Democrats, neo-fascist National Youth, neo-Nazi Swedish Resistance Movement.

Record: Reported sentenced to two months in prison by Sundsvall District Court in 2009, for ‘vandalism, and assault with racist motives’. Again reported convicted in 2013 when he received 75 hours of community service in Solna District Court for rioting.

There was a huge response to the interview, here are the 15 Key Points – 

1. Skillt’s reason for fighting on the Ukrainian side, for the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, is that he ‘hates imperialism‘. He adds that he is not fighting for any government, but ‘fights for Ukraine‘.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 005622.bmp Fullscreen capture 04052015 010045.bmp

2. There seems to be some issue, or differences, between Skillt and the far-right terrorist group also fighting for Ukraine, the Pravy Sektor. Skillt stops short of fully supporting them, and has apparently never met, or spoken, to leader Dmytro Yarosh ‘That will be between me and Yarosh, if we meet‘.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 010252.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 140025.bmp

3. Skillt does not seem interested in subjects in his own country, Sweden, in which, with his far-right views, you would perhaps expect him to have an interest in. He answers ‘Not my problem, I moved to Ukraine‘ in response to a question on the ‘islamification of Sweden‘.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 010359.bmp

4. Skillt purports to believe that he is fighting against ‘Russians’, and reports himself as 5km away from Donetsk at one point. Yet, his statement that Russia is sending ‘drunks‘ casts some doubts as to whether he really believes it is the regular Russian army.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 011541.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 013545.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 012001.bmp

5. Skillt thinks that Donetsk, Lugansk, and Crimea, will ‘return to Ukraine‘, does not think Ukraine itself should be in Europe. Unlike the official position, Skillt believes there should be an independence referendum in Ukraine.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 012107.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 011629.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 132825.bmp

6. Skillt says he wouldn’t shoot me, but, in his capacity as an expert sniper, can shoot someone from 1400-1500 metres. He seems to derive pleasure from boasting about his ‘kill count’ – ‘Let’s say that I killed more soldiers then (sic) your whole family have fingers, toes and ears together.’ At one point he adds ‘my soul would give you life long nightmares‘. He seems to enjoy war, adding that his ‘soldier family‘ has been ‘waging war for 500 years‘.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 011803.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 021114.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 021617.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 140657.bmp

7. Skillt has abandoned his earlier plan, to go to Syria and fight for President al-Assad. As for Ukraine’s president Poroshenko, he declares that he would ‘prefer a more battle like president‘, but that Poroshenko ‘has his full loyalty‘.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 012736.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 140609.bmp

8. Skillt joined the neo-Nazi Azov battalion because they ‘had what he needed‘ – a ‘structure and armory’, and reports himself as senior in the operation. Despite numerous statements from Azov about ‘reporting to no one‘, and their links to oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, and ultra-nationalist Ukrainian politician Oleg Lyashko, Skillt states that Azov are in the National Guard, neo-Nazi Pravy Sektor founder Andrei Biletsky is the ‘supreme commander‘. Skillt would not be drawn on Azov’s oft-declared intention for ‘another Maidan’ in Kiev.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 012958.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 013014.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 015624.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 013631.bmp

9. It was Euromaidan which made Skillt want to get involved, and he reports himself as having only received 4000UAH, around $200, for his participation. He reports himself as having ‘lost 60,000 Euros’ fighting for Ukraine, thinks of himself as a ‘modern crusader’.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 013334.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 015829.bmp

10. Skillt expresses mixed feelings on Ukrainian WWII Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, but believes he ‘saved a lot of lives‘ (the first time I’ve heard this claim about Bandera).

Fullscreen capture 04052015 020936.bmp

11. Despite fighting for a Ukraine going to enormous lengths to make people speak the Ukrainian language, rather than Russian, Skillt only speaks Russian.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 105322.bmp

12.  Skillt expressed numerous, extreme anti-Russian sentiments throughout the interview, he would ‘color the Azov sea red with the blood of Russian soldiers if needed‘, yet declares he ‘likes Russians but hates what Russia has become under Putin‘. Skillt believes the recent Chernobyl forest fires were started ‘by Russia‘.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 021554.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 020246.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 021501.bmp

13. Skillt does clearly not believe in ‘respect one’s enemy’, saying that Motorola and Givi, commanders of NAF forces, are ‘war criminals‘ ‘rabid dogs‘. whom he would kill with pleasure. He states that he has killed ‘over 100′ in Donbass‘. He says he has ‘no feelings when I work‘, and that when he works he ‘turns into a machine‘.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 021420.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 021645.bmp

14. Skillt is in a serious relationship with a Ukrainian woman, which seems to have heightened the lengths he is prepared to go to for his ’cause’. He goes back to his native Sweden ‘regularly‘, where he receives assistance, is prepared to take Ukrainian citizenship. As for his own mortality, Skillt seems to believe himself near invincible, on asking how he would like to be killed ‘it will never happen‘.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 020403.bmpFullscreen capture 04052015 021212.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 021155.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04052015 020630.bmp

15. Skillt admits that the Ukrainians shell civilian areas of Donbass, yet attempts to justify this by saying the ‘Russians‘ use them as ‘human shields‘.

Fullscreen capture 04052015 021959.bmp     Full transcript here.

Одесская бойня – личная дань – расширенная статья

Грэм Филлипс

Эта статья первоначально опубликована здесь – это расширенная версия, с дополненным текстом, фото и видео.

В субботу – завтра – в Лондоне, мы проведём акцию у посольства Украины. Я до глубины души потрясен, тем, что они проводят мероприятие по сбору средств для неонацистских по своей сути вооруженных сил Украины в годовщину Одесских Odessa3событий.

Я не могу притворяться, что моя реакция на Одесскую бойню не шла от самого сердца.

Прожил там почти год до резни 2 мая 2014, в котором проукраинские активисты сожгли заживо множество пророссийских активистов, очевидцы сообщают, что количество жертв превышает сотню человек.

Мной было написано большое количество восторженных статей об этом чудесном южном прибрежном городе, снято бесчисленное количество фотографий, демонстрирующих мою любовь к месту, в которое я решил приехать и назвать домом.


Odessa man


Я слушал Одесские радиостанции в своем автомобиле, выучил ‘Одесский русский язык’.

Odessa 2

Но, конечно, сам был гостем в Одессе. Это правда, что я англичанин, не одессита. Но я знал, много одесситов – настоящий дух Одессы я наблюдал каждую неделю на Куликовом поле, настоящих одесситов. Я помню как в действительности развивались события, взявшие свое начало в Одессе, в марте 2014 года. Мирные демонстрации в поддержку проведения референдума, в которых принимали участие тысячи человек –

Это надежда, что дело может быть решено мирным путем, в марте все более и более сменялась опасениями, что мирного решения не будет, поскольку ситуация в Одессе обострялась с каждой неделей –

Я не был там 2 мая – снимал репортажи в Славянке, как бы то ни было, учитывая Odessa massacreчастоту посещения мной мероприятий в Одессе, многих погибших в том аду я знал. Я помню то, как я услышал о произошедшем в Одессе. Я не мог поверить в это сначала. Ситуация уже начала накаляться в Славянске, где я работал с RT, но то, что произошло в Одессе полностью перешло все рамки возможного. Сидел и смотрел это по телевизору, потрясенный, едва сдерживая слёзы. Я звонил людям, которых я знал в Одессе – некоторые отвечали на звонок, некоторые так никогда и не ответили.

В начале апреля 2014 г., до того как я откликнулся на призыв приехать на восток, меня можно было застать, бродящим по Одессе. В свое время я работал в качестве штатного журналиста в киевском издании, а также преуспел как фрилансер.

Я знал, что переезд в Одессу в краткосрочной перспективе будет сопряжен с сокращением количества журналистской работы, но я чувствовал, что в долгосрочной перспективе, Одесса вдохновит меня, как вдохновляла писателей от Исаака Бабеля до Ильфа и Петрова. Я работал главным образом как преподаватель английского языка, начал вести блог, ходил гулять, взяв свою камеру, просто ради удовольствия. Вот я снимаю концерт –

Катаюсь на велосипеде –

Я смотрел шахматы –

Просто гуляю по улицам города, основанного по приказу Екатерины Великой –

Я помню, как замечательно гулял по привозу и делал покупки. Замечательные люди на рынке, хорошо известные своим одесским характером -дружелюбная, весело!



И я хорошо помню, как видел летом в Одессе развевающиеся рядом флаги Украины и России. Так много в Одессе носили майки с надписью Россия или размещали российские флаги.

Odessa Russian flag

Я даже был фанат Черноморца, пошел на матчи!

Odessa Chornomorets


Но после 3 марта 2014 и событий у административного здания города, стало ясно, что город, до того момента в основном пережидавший Евромайдан, пробудился. С Odessa3того дня я фотографировал и снимал события с обеих сторон, и с пророссийской, и с проукраинской.

Я знал людей на пророссийской стороне. Одесситов, весьма недовольных нынешней ситуацией на Украине – Киевское правительство, которого не выбирали, принимают законы, как было очевидно многим, напрямую посягающие на их культуру и образ жизни. Это были, как вы можете убедиться здесь, нормальные жители Одессы, и, по моему собственному опыту общения с ними на личном уровне, хорошие люди. Уроженцы Одессы, гордящиеся своим городом, «городом-героем», своей культурой, великой и богатой историей.

Конечно, по мере обострения ситуации, в Одессе появлялись более воинственные люди как с пророссийской, так и с проукраинской стороны. Тем не менее, следует сказать, что в толпах людей в Одессе, которые я лицезрел, были «проукраинцы», пришедшие с оружием –

Как бы то ни было, случившееся вечером 2 мая, когда по сообщениям 42 даже более 100 человек с «пророссийской» стороны были заживо сожжены «проукраинцами» в Одесском доме профсоюзов в центре площади Куликово поля, стало переломным моментом в этой ситуации. Таким, после которого не было возврата, да и не могла быть. Это был день, который изменил настрой и ставки, и вся картина произошедшего быстро перетекла в полномасштабную гражданскую войну. Всего неделю спустя, другой большой прибрежный город, Мариуполь, увидел свою собственную трагедию, когда украинские войска вошли в город  и открыли огонь по мирным жителям.

OdessamanВ Одессе 2 мая, действительно, некоторые мирные про-украинцы пытались помочь своим соотечественникам, погибавшим в здании, которое было их базой, их местом сбора в течение нескольких месяцев. Но большинство наблюдали, скандируя про-украинские песни, и даже позируя для фотографий. Некоторые из тех, когда-то мирных проукраинских активистов, даже делали «коктейли Молотова» и закидывали ими здание, нескольких выпрыгнувших из окон на землю, и тем самым сумевших спастись из огня, как сообщалось, забили до смерти. Другие, разбились о землю, но, по крайней мере, избежали агонии смерти от сожжения заживо.

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Это непростительно. На человеческом уровне, не говоря уже о журналистском, это боль, пронзающая мою душу, когда я думаю о тех людях, которых я видел на Odessa massacre May 2 демонстрациях – о молодых девушках и юношах среднего возраста, о пожилых мужчинах и женщинах, погибающих таким варварским способом.

Кроме того, просто истинно шокирует черствость украинского правительства и средств массовой информации – в отношении погибших посыпались обвинения в том, что они были «русскими террористами», «русскими» (на самом деле, они все или почти все, были урожденными одесситами) Злорадство. И последующие мемы о сжигании колорадских жуков, о пикантных шашлычках Я не буду публиковать их здесь, даже в виде ссылок.

2 мая 2014 года, украинская сторона потеряла какую-то ключевую составляющую страны. Что-то, что делает человека человеком. Сострадание. Человечность. Сердце. Прошел год с тех пор, как украинская власть сделала все возможное, Odessa victimчтобы помешать надлежащему расследованию, а затем списать все на «сильный ветер», что является вопиющим издевательством над убитыми. По причине моей депортации и запрета на въезд в страну, продолжающегося террора против деятелей «оппозиции», я еще не смог вернуться в Одессу, чтобы отдать свою дань.

Находясь в Бразилии, я записал сообщение, заявив о моём намерении поехать в Одессу, чтобы отдать дань уважения погибшим, что, однако, так и не произошло, поскольку я был взят в плен украинскими военными и выслан из страны.

В субботу, завтра, я буду в Лондоне вспоминать их. И задавать вопрос – почему “сторонники Украины” отнеслись к ним настолько неуважительно и в жизни и в смерти? Если Евромайдан разрушил восприятие Украины как страны, то события в Одессе 2-го мая разрушили Украину как нация. А сейчас каких условиях репрессий и запугиваний живёт сейчас часть Одессы как Приморский бульвар часть Одессы.

Вот так Одесса сейчасПравый Сектор, члены которого живут в отелях около Одессы, останавливают людей на улице, совершают облавы, инструктируют полицию в этом государстве террора, который мы наблюдаем теперь в Одессе. Сегодня, 1 мая, очередной аресты по «сепаратизма», даже бронетехника, войска на улицах, чтобы напугать людей.

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karaokeЯ по-прежнему помню, как уезжая записывать репортажи в Донецк, говорил девушкам в любимом местном клубе караоке “До скорого!” Я не мог представить себе, честно, что буду в Донецке только неделю, но не вернусь в Одессу даже через год, я не ожидал этого, даже оставил еду в холодильнике! В Одессе я только что начал брать уроки русского языка с хороши преподавателем, у меня был местный супермаркет. Такой была моя жизнь и я скажу что это все было очень хорошо. Всегда изучал город, обнаружить новые места в Одессе. Но больше всего, Одесса было для меня – народ!

Odessa DeribasovskayaВсё же дух Одессы по-прежнему там, я знаю это. Я получаю столько сообщений от людей в Одессе. Это действительно город герой. Настоящие народ Одессы – герои.

Я уверен, наступит день и я вернусь, чтобы отдать дань памяти тем, кто боролся против фашизма в этой новой, «пост-Евромайданной» Украине в одном из ее городов, в Одессе. В городе, в котором они родились, и в котором погибли гордыми, дерзкими, овеянными славой.

Я надеюсь присоединиться к Вам, моим друзьям, которых больше нет с нами, я буду вас вспоминать, как и мои друзья, которые никогда не признают фашизм. Наступит день, когда Одесса вновь будет свободна.

Мая 2 – мы не простим. Мы помним.


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