Support Donbass Stores Raises 250 Euros #ForDonbass


Fullscreen capture 14052015 174317.bmpI’m very pleased to report that, in less than a month of being open, the Support Donbass Store has now raised 250 Euros for Donbass.

This will be allocated thus –

100 Euros – A young girl called Yana, from the Lugansk area, has written to me many times on Vkontakte. Her father is disabled, her grandmother seriously ill. War has left Fullscreen capture 14052015 174311.bmpthem without aid, or money for medicines.

Upon confirmation of the circumstances, 100 Euros will be awarded here.

100 Euros – Yana is a 26-year-old mother trying to bring up a 7 month-child alone, with no support. The reason for that, is that her husband was tortured to death by Ukraine’s SBU.

They live in Torez, Donbass, and will receive 100 Euros.

50 Euros – I know of two children’s homes in Gorlovka always in need of funds for the children there. I will ascertain which is in most need, award 50 Euros there.

A huge thanks to everyone who has bought something from the Support Donbass Store – it all makes a difference!

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