The Five Spot (#2) – Ukraine Asks Russia to Pay $350 Billion for Damage to Donbass

Second in a series looking at the 5 key points from an article in foreign-language media.

Alexander BorovikSeveral articles recently referenced Ukraine’s First Deputy Economic Minister, German lawyer Alexander Borovik given Ukrainian citizenship so he could take up post, with his statement that Russia should pay Ukraine $350 billion for damage caused to Donbass.

1. The ‘blame Russia for all’ culture takes on an absurd new twist, as Ukraine blame, try to claim money – for damage mostly caused by the Ukrainian military. The main damage in Donbass – to Lugansk, Donetsk, caused by shelling of those cities by the Ukrainian military, as part of the so-called ‘ATO’ (‘anti-terror operation’)

2. Ridiculous statements still keep coming out of Ukraine – remember then new defence minister Valeriy Heletey promising to retake Crimea, ‘hold a victory parade in Sevastopol’ upon his appointment in July last year?

3. The figure, arrived at by guesswork rather than algorithm, nevertheless starts to give a real idea just how much damage has been caused to Donbass – a world away from Ukraine warthe paltry 500 million Euros offered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel last summer.

4. Ukraine wants to retake Donbass, but even if it could, clearly has no money to repair the damage there, as recent, desperate attempts to re-structure $23 billion of a debt fast rising to $100 billion. There is also Ukraine deflecting attention from the $3 billion it owes Russia, which Russia has recently refused to restructure.

5. Political careers in Ukraine are short. Just a few days after his Russia repayment remarks, Borovik had a disagreement with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and left his position.

3 thoughts on “The Five Spot (#2) – Ukraine Asks Russia to Pay $350 Billion for Damage to Donbass”

  1. Graham Phillips. I see you take quite a beating for expressing your opinion. Freedom of speech is becoming less free. It appears that any comments against war and abused power are sometimes met with what can only be described as hatred. I have been called a troll, for comments based on not liking what is going on in the Ukraine or the support of it by various countries and people as I see it as a precursor to WW3. We have the technology to build a better world instead of destruction of our fragile planet. Money and power go together and are being used against the world.

    Poverty is our enemy and is the instigator of terrorism. If we fight poverty, most terrorism will go away. We must understand that not all minds are sane. All people want the same thing which is to have families, homes jobs and lives. Collectivity we could make this happen.

    I don’t understand why the world appears to be headed in a downward spiral. I have few answers as the complexities of countries and opposing opinions and directions are unsolvable by one brain. Collectively, we have the intelligence to save our worlds. Being led by a great leader is fantastic but being led by a fool is devastating. Democracy gives us this choice but Money and power reduce our choices.

    When did the world loose respect for each other and our tiny planet? Hopefully the voices for freedom, respect and sanity will be heard above the roar.


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