Who’s Who in Ukraine Propaganda: Rob Pulse News

Graham W Phillips

A new series looking at the most prominent purveyors of Ukrainian propaganda.

Ukraine propagandist ‘Rob Pulse’ of ‘Rob Pulse News’ didn’t much like the last expose I did on him, when he claimed he’d found ‘Russian troops’ in what was actually the Ukrainian army. Actually he liked it so little, that in an extraordinary move he complained to Twitter and asked them to remove every single mention of it. That’s right – MENTION. I had to remove all tweets even with his name in them, to restore my account.

Rob Pulse

Rob Pulse 1 Rob Pulse 3 Rob Pulse 4

On the other hand, this is just a selection of what I’ve put up with from ‘Rob Pulse’, the man who calls himself an ‘investigative journalist’ in the last year, without once complaining, as he’s run a relentless hate campaign, based on lies, abuse, and falsehood –

He posts photos of my passport – 

Fullscreen capture 01042015 214508.bmp

Draws arrows to falsely insinuate I fire weapons in combat positions – an assertation clearly designed to put my life in danger by demarking me as a ‘combatant’ –  

Fullscreen capture 01042015 214547.bmp

Digs through social media photos to accuse of me having ‘underage friends’ – this, just some Halloween fun with students from Donetsk National University where I’d recently spoken, given a sinister twist by the propagandist –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 215117.bmp

Pauses my videos at moments I’m speaking, or in expression, then makes false accusations based on those screenshots –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 215331.bmp

Fullscreen capture 01042015 214428.bmp

He’s frequently tried to get me arrested, tipping off authorities with information –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 221207.bmp

Fullscreen capture 01042015 221130.bmp

Fullscreen capture 01042015 221514.bmp

Fullscreen capture 01042015 221443.bmp

Ran attacks against me while I was in captivity, unable to defend myself –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 221012.bmp

Fullscreen capture 01042015 220825.bmp

And this really is just a sampling. I’ve stayed above personal attacks, and only wrote the above expose to address his putting out of a blatant falsehood. Have never complained about his tweets – clearly they are nasty, vindictive and breach all Twitter policy, but I do Fullscreen capture 17052015 141219.bmpbelieve in freedom of speech, however unpleasant the individual who chooses to exercise that.

In Rob Pulse’s case, it’s actually enlightening to let him go on. You see the hapless, yet relentless Rob Pulse – on Twitter since December 2010, with over 32,000 Tweets putting him as a 20+ a day Tweeter, yet since troubles in Ukraine, and Donbass began, much more active and even often double that a day now – is a man who invariably finds a way to get everything rather embarrassingly wrong.

Take this, just one example, of his claiming these two, clearly completely different men, are the same person –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 214247.bmp

Fullscreen capture 01042015 215426.bmp

But who is the blundering, hyper-sensitive propagandist? ‘Rob Pulse’, an invented RobPulsename, used for his tag, his Twitter name ‘Silver Surfer’ taken from the Fantastic Four series of films. Rob thinks he’s an ‘investigate journalist’, yet the only record of his ‘investigate journalism’ – credit in a couple of hit-job pieces by notorious pro-Ukraine propaganda outlet The Interpreter.

He’s actually called Rob Schultz, where he’s from is undeclared – he lists his locations on Twitter as Miami and London, yet several references connects him to the English town of Stockport. His user photo is an opaque one of himself in shades, yet there do exist photos online of Rob Schultz. However so sensitive is Pulse, who appears to be around 40, that posting a photo of him will result in his immediate reporting of your account to Twitter – as I found –

Fullscreen capture 24032015 232925Скриншот 25.03.2015 222501

While Pulse/Schultz stays pretty faithful to the pro-Ukraine script in general, he often blunders off into territory even they won’t touch. Comes out with claims like my video of Ukrainian forces firing phosphorus was a ‘fireworks display‘, an assertion so bonkers he found little support for that even in pro-Ukraine ranks never shy of embracing the crazy (as long as it shows DPR, LPR, Russia in a bad light, of course) –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 214757.bmp

In Pulse-world, all Russian journalists are ‘GRU’ agents – as I pose here with Alexander and Roman, of Life News –

Fullscreen capture 01042015 220458.bmp

Then, the standard, oft-peddled Ukraine line of everyone filmed in Donbass being ‘Russian actors’ and often the ‘same person’, well, suffice to say Rob follows it zealously – here on January 16th –

Fullscreen capture 29032015 153159.bmp

Sadly for Rob, he got it completely wrong here, and for a man who loves nothing more than self-congratulation on Twitter (‘I picked the right tweet to translate‘ just one of many self-endorsements), had to issue a rather less than humble admission that, once more, he’d cocked up –

Fullscreen capture 29032015 160305.bmp

Not learning from this lesson, just a week later, on January 23rd, Rob was now saying that people filmed at the scene of the Donetsk trolleybus shelling tragedy were ‘Russian actors’, the ‘same people’ (as the above even). But even his normally loyal followers, now near 8000, spluttered at this, even more ridiculous than his earlier claims.

Fullscreen capture 29032015 234135.bmp

Fullscreen capture 29032015 152915.bmp

Rob Pulse 2Hasty, across-the-board deletions ensued from Pulse. All of this leading up to Pulse’s most embarrassing ‘self-expose’ yet, when he found ‘Russian troops’…. in the Ukrainian military, one which prompted his Twitter meltdown, reporting every tweet with any reference to that.

So, that’s Rob Pulse – quite a combination of a man – vindictive yet hyper-sensitive. An ‘investigative journalist’ who doesn’t investigate anything. A rampant egotist, terrified of his own photo being shown. A man still believed by some, despite a track record now littered with gaffes, blunders and cock-ups. Clearly the amount of effort put in by Pulse requires a considerable time input, with no apparent source of income derived from that. Who pays Pulse / Schultz for his ‘work’ is unclear, as is whether he has other employment, income source.

No question though, Pulse plays his part in the Ukraine propaganda game. His tweets then retweeted by more senior figures – Louise Mensch of the Guardian being a notable ‘fan’, along with Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat, and others. Whether they know just who ‘Rob Pulse’ is though, is another story, one which if Pulse is telling it, will have little relation to reality.

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