How to Donate to my Humanitarian Fund for Donbass

Graham Phillips

As per this article, JustGiving cancelled my recent Donbass fundraiser.

Fullscreen capture 26072015 233757.bmpIn the interim, I’ve thought about how to continue important fundraising work, which made such a difference in Donbass last time, and which I hope to make even more of a difference with next time.

I understand it’s against Paypal regulations to fundraise for a specific cause, and be sure the ‘pro-Ukraine’ activists will complain about even this. So to be clear – this is not fundraising for a cause. I’ll give my Paypal account details – if you send a donation to that, and mark what it’s for, be sure it will get to the intended (within the scope of my powers / requests within reason).

Paypal –

Halifax – 80-91-28 – Account – 00716272 – Graham Phillips

The aim of my humanitarian aid is to take aid to those most in need, and those in places which sometimes get forgotten about – Gorlovka, Pervomaisk, Oktoberskiy region of Donetsk. The money given so far has done everything from give out food and vital products in the hardest hit areas of Donbass, pay for an ambulance to be repaired in Donetsk, pay for a proper funeral for a 16-year-old victim of Ukrainian shelling.

I film as much as possible of distribution, so it’s all accountable. There are also times when an old woman or so will approach me on the street, in a desperate Fullscreen capture 31072015 184328.bmpsituation, and I’ve given out funds here in extreme situations for food, medicines.

In short, your aid gets to those most in need, and most often you’ll see video of that.

Now, to note, this is my only Paypal address. I’m an independent journalist, not contracted to any company. Donations made to this address to support my work, allow me to buy equipment, cover costs, are very important. However, they do not in any way overlap with donations given for humanitarian aid. Donations for humanitarian aid are always used for exactly that.

And always thank you for your support, in any capacity. On behalf of those in Donbass who have benefited, and whom I hope will further benefit from your support, an enormous thank you.


My Response to Rob Pulse Article that I’m an ‘FSB Agent’

1Graham2Graham Phillips

I thought a while about responding to the Rob Pulse / Schultz article on me – my first thought was not to, it’s so risible, ridiculous. But then it started to get retweet, passed around, by people who really should know better, including Edward Lucas of the Economist (who promptly blocked me when I asked why he was circulating such manifest lies).

So, I’ve decided to respond to it.

Here’s the article –

The main thrusts of which are to do as much damage to my reputation as possible, have me branded a combatant / ‘Russian agent’, so I can be shot.

In its desire to insult me on all levels, the piece, quite exhaustive, with clearly days of research expended attempts to straddle two stools – dismissing me as an ‘amateur / sex blogger’, but supposedly also the secret weapon of ‘Kremlin propaganda’.


1Graham1My response

I’ve never even been in the Kremlin as a tourist, never been given any instructions by the Russian government on any level at all.

I worked with RT for a while, but after my 2nd deportation they told me it was too risky for me to continue working in Donbass, they didn’t support that. Our working relationship ended, on good terms, but ended in July 2014.

I filmed pieces for the Russian channel Zvezda for a few months from October 2014 until February 2015. I then decided, again on good terms, not to continue working with Zvezda.

Graham medalThe medal was given to me as a ‘thank you’ by two guys I knew from doing humanitarian aid in Donbass. That’s all – it’s not state-accredited, state-endorsed – just a ‘thank you’ from friends.

I supported UKIP in the UK 2015 General Election because I support the United Kingdom leaving the EU, have absolutely no links to any far-right or ‘neo-Nazi’ groups, never have nor would.

I never kept any kind of ‘sex blog’, but true I wrote a few blog posts on that theme, including a 2-part blog post where I described my, limited, experiences with prostitutes. In the former Ukraine, as a journalist, you couldn’t ignore prostitution as a topic. I wanted to write as best possible about that subject, as with any, and share my own experiences with total honesty, as with everything. The conclusion of my 2-part blog post on that theme, was that prostitution is, in almost all cases, morally unacceptable.

1GrahamI’ve got no armed guards, never have had. Sometimes NAF security accompany me to places when I’m filming, that’s a standard thing for every journalist.

I’ve never taken part in any combat as a participant.

I’ve given over 5500 GBP of humanitarian aid out in Donbass, to civilians – everything given to me for humanitarian purposes is always used exactly for that, I even add my own funds.

My drone’s never been used for ‘spying’, only for filming news footage. It’s a basic drone, can’t fly very high or far. I’ve always flown it to get the most interesting footage possible.

I’ve never filmed any child soldiers, there was one army cadet back in November, Andrei.

1Graham3I’ve questioned POWs etc, and filmed it, just as the Ukrainian side questioned, and filmed, when I was a POW.

Ok, that’s it – surely no-one with an IQ above double digits believes any of the nonsense in that article? It’s written by a man, Rob Pulse, with a track record of getting absolutely everything wrong. 

I won’t take any kind of legal action against this – despite the manifest defamations, 1Graham4falsifications, fabrications. I believe in freedom of speech, even if that be used as freedom to lie. Let this lie as a monument to how much my work bothers the ‘pro-Ukraine side’, and how far and low they are prepared to go to try to hurt me.

It doesn’t hurt me. The only people who’ll believe any of this are irredeemable idiots. You can like me or dislike me, but it should be for what I am – an indie journalist, who works for his YouTube channel. The weight of the ‘pro-Ukraine’ propaganda machine is being used against me, but if they think I can’t take that, they are even more wrong about me than everything in Pulse’s article.

Just Giving Cancel Donbass Fundraiser

Graham Phillips

I’ve just returned from 3 months working in Donbass, the undoubted highlight of which, thanks to kind people and their donations, was being able to distribute over 5500 GBP of humanitarian aid.

Fullscreen capture 28072015 170628.bmpThis was made possible by my Donbass event in London, back on April 2nd, and donations to the first campaign I ran on JustGiving, which raised over 2000 GBP.

I was hoping this would just be the start of things, giving aid to those places and people most in need – your aid went everywhere from paying for the funeral of a 16-year-old victim of Ukrainian shelling, to giving out vital supplies, and children’s products, Fullscreen capture 26072015 233857.bmpfrom Gorlovka to Pervomiask. It even paid for an ambulance to be repaired.

I then ran another JustGiving campaign, to set up humanitarian funds for my next trip to Donbass. Thanks to the kindness of people, responding to the desperate situation in Donbass, the campaign was successful. But then, on July 23rd, I received the following message from JustGiving –

Lily, Jul 23, 12:50:

Fullscreen capture 29072015 115025.bmpDear Graham,

Congratulations on reaching your target. The pledges will shortly be processed into donations.

In the meantime, it’s come to our attention that you are no longer working in the region and are unable to re-enter the country for which the aid is intended.

We’d like to offer our help in finding a charity that you can work with to ensure the safe delivery of the aid supplies as outlined on your page.

We’ve found two charities for your consideration that work in the region: the Red Cross and the Ukraine Charity.

Please can you let me know how you wish to proceed as soon as possible?


JustGiving Support

It was clear that someone from the ‘pro-Ukraine side’ had reported the campaign to JustGiving, along with my farcical ban from Ukraine. I responded, on July 23rd –

Fullscreen capture 29072015 122711.bmpHello Lily, 
Thanks for your message. I’m absolutely still working in the region, I’m here right now, and distribute the aid myself. I’m absolutely able to enter the country for which the aid is intended – the Donetsk People’s Republic, and Lugansk People’s Republics. My ban is for Ukraine, these are autonomous republics already. 
I’d like for it to be like last time, transfer the sum collected to myself, and I’ll distribute the humanitarian aid here as i always do.
Neither of the organisations you mention are suitable in any way. People have given the aid as they know that I distribute it, and film it being distributed myself, as I’ve done today. 
Let me know how you wish to proceed, as soon as possible. 
Best, Graham

Lily, this was today, distributing over 560 GBP of aid, in Donetsk –
Best, Graham
JustGiving replied to me –
Fullscreen capture 29072015 122718.bmpLily, Jul 23, 17:01:

Hi Graham,

I’m afraid that, having sought legal advice in the meantime, we feel that the Page breaches our guidelines. As such, we’re no longer in a position to be able to pass these funds to you.

If you select one of the following charities, we can transfer the funds over to them so that the aim of your page can still be carried out:

British Red Cross
Ukraine Charity

The alternative option would be for us to refund your donors, so they may choose to redirect their funds as they wish.

If we have not heard from you by 28/07/2015, we will begin the refund process.


JustGiving Support

Fullscreen capture 29072015 122813.bmpI responded – 

Ok, Lily, your choice, refund the donors – absolutely do not give the aid elsewhere.
I will be sure to report your decision widely!

And that was that. I was absolutely against the aid being given elsewhere, especially to organisations I’ve seen do little, if anything, to help Donbass.

People donated to my page because they know what they get – all the aid is delivered to those people, and places most in need, and it’s all accounted for, and filmed.

Sadly, this distribution of humanitarian aid seems to have come to the attention of the pro-Ukraine side, and JustGiving have taken their side. It’s just the latest in a long line of ‘pro-Ukraine’ attempts to sabotage humanitarian aid reaching Donbass.

So, that’s the end of fundraising on JustGiving – I’ll find another way!

MH17 Reportage – One Year On – Total Objectivity

I got a call from RT mid-afternoon last July 17th, as I was at my great aunt’s home in Birmingham, UK. A Boeing 777 had just come down in Donbass, RT asked that I go to Donbass to start work on that.

I left some 30 minutes later, drove for 2 days almost without stopping and arrive in Donetsk on the 19th. My intention is to get out to the site immediately, but RT already Fullscreen capture 18072015 104352.bmphave a correspondent there by this time, other things are kicking off in Donetsk. I work Monday, and Tuesday, July 21st, 22nd, covering ongoing shelling in Donetsk. The night of the 22nd, I go to Donetsk airport to cover battle there, against the wishes of RT.

I get seized, deported, banned – the works. Having thus to return to work in Donbass via Russia, I first go to Lugansk, spend a month there, Stakhanov, and make it back to Donetsk early October. My first time on the MH17 site is October 16th.

1grem1It’s worth noting that despite having worked in Donbass for RT, then for Zvezda, both Russian channels, I’ve never once worked for a tv channel on the MH17 site. I’ve driven out there on my own petrol, filmed pieces for my YouTube channel, the one piece taken by agency Ruptly probably covered costs for the first couple of trips. But this has never been about money, never been about filming for a channel. I’ve been driven by the manifest, blatant bias of the western press in relation to this.

1GremI remember driving from London to Donetsk and listening to 2 days of World Service already having arrived at an MH17 verdict. Before any investigation – how can this be? And even more disconcertingly, any subsequent investigation has seemingly only sought to match the hastily jumped at conclusion, one which gave the EU and US the opportunity further ramp up the sanctions on Russia and promulgate a position through the media which seems to reconcile more closely with business and geo-political interests than any relation to what happened in a windswept field in an unassuming part of the Donbass region.

Graham MH17I’ve now been on that site 5 times, spent some 30 hours here. I’ve not earned anything here, i’ve actually given my own money, and time to be there. This is nothing at all to do with finances, it’s about justice. I’ve been driven by a knowledge of he western press perpetrating a manifest wrong, and a wish for justice in the names of those killed.

People who fell in fields, through houses. Who fell into body parts. Whose body parts remained on site for months. To see them used as political pawns at the expense of justice in their name – verdicts arrived at by an agency like Bellingcat, never once on site, couldn’t even be bothered to come to the one-year anniversary today…

1mh17I understand there are some allegations of my holding some sort of bias. I’ll be quite open about the fact that i acknowledge, and in doing so support the existence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. I do so because I remember the mass will of the people here for that, the mass queues to vote in the May 11th referendum – which I witnessed for myself in Mariupol. 

However, this doesn’t compromise my objectivity on MH17. Even if I believed the DPR forces had downed MH17, I’d still believe in the will of the people for autonomous republics. However, I don’t believe that – evidence doesn’t show that. My special reportage, released in a few minutes, doesn’t defer to any side – it’s the facts just as they are, from the site as it was, and is.

MH17 и информационные войны


Грэм Филлипс

Вероятно, ни одна авиакатастрофа в истории не сопровождалась таким количеством дезинформации как рейс MH17,  разбившийся 17-го июля 2014 года на недалеко от города Торез на Донбассе приблизительно в 70 км от Донецка.

Прежде чем было начало какое-либо расследование, сразу же на следующий день 18-го июля Британская газета The Sun кричала «Ракета Путина»

Putins Missile

Но не только The Sun – точно желтая газета, даже более уважаемые издания начали быстро распространять ту же самую историю «сепаратистского» БУК – The Times объявила 19-го июля  «MH17 разбился в результате того, что мятежники ошибочно сбили не тот самолёт». Для подтверждения была приведена иллюстрация с целым рядом ошибочных данных, в том числе с абсолютно неверным числом пассажиров на борту –


Сразу же после этого большое значение было уделено сообщению, сделанному в «вконтакте» группой, которая идентифицировала себя как представляющую Игоря Стрелкова, бывшего лидера ополчения Новороссии, претендующая на знание истины относительно сбитого украинского транспортного самолета АН-26. Сообщение появилось в 17:50 (по мск.), ………… и было удалено позже в тот же день, когда появилась более подробная информация.

Strelkov MH17

Однако Стрелков заявил, что не имеет непосредственного отношения к странице «вконтакте», скорее всего это так наз. «фан-страница» созданная поклонниками. Всё же, учитывая значительные отличия в размерах между самолетами АН-26 – 78 футов, Boeing 777 – 242 фута можно с лёгкостью определить, что это был пассажирский самолёт, поэтому весьма маловероятно, что кто-либо, имеющий отношение к ВСН сделал бы такое заявление. Наиболее вероятно, что кто-то слышал о катастрофе и в погоне за горячей историей, разместил первое сообщение в надежде на эксклюзив.

1mh14Поддержкой полемики о «сепаратистском БУКе» активно занимается агентство «открытой журналистики» Bellingcat. В действительности эту работу ведёт дискредитировавший себя в СМИ, Элиот Хиггинс (справа), манипулировавший и скрывавший информацию во время сирийской войны. Как считается, финансируемый «краудфандингом», но в большой мере всё же связанный с поддержкой  богатых покровителей, Bellingcat смастерил отчёт, основанный на фото и видео, предположительно, найденных в социальных сетях, и в «Paris Match», в этом отчёте намёки, кажется, играли ключевую роль, а немецкий эксперт по судебной экспертизе Йенсом Кризе охарактеризовал  исследование Bellingcat, как «субъективное и полностью не основанное на науке».

Fullscreen capture 13072015 123036.bmp

Bellingcat целиком и полностью отстаивал теорию БУКа, через западные СМИ ссылаясь на страницу Википедии о MH17. Несмотря на то, что результаты агентства Bellingcat часто были дискредитированы, западные СМИ продолжают на них ссылаться. Кроме того, Bellingcat никогда не был на месте происшествия, что стало темой моего обращения к Bellingcat с места крушения MH17 – на английском –

Что касается тех, которые продолжают  прокиевскую версию о «сепаратистском БУКе», но кто был на месте крушения – это голландский журналист Йерон Аккерманс (справа), антироссийская позиция которого по всей вероятности Jeroen Akkermansсвязана с полученным ранением во время бомбёжки предположительно российской стороной в Южной Осетии.

Он был на месте в ноябре 2014 года, спустя четыре месяца после катастрофы и по видимому, нашёл маленькие фрагменты, которые позже, скорее чудесным образом  после неофициального расследования, превратились в такой фрагмент «БУКа», что даже имел на себе российские маркировки. И это заключение было сделано после того, как Аккерманс изъял с места катастрофы по собственному желанию то, что он нашел (если Вы, конечно, думаете что он это нашёл) до того как отправить это на неофициальную экспертизу. Однако такие бесчисленные небрежности были пропущены западными СМИ, ликовавшими, если находилось что-то, что они могли назвать «сепаратистским БУКом».

В этой связи было моё сообщение к Аккермансу – на русском –

Rudy Bouma

Затем, совсем недавно, соотечественник Аккерманса, известный тележурналист Руди Боума (слева) опубликовал твит, что глава деревни Роспино, расположенной недалеко от места крушения, ну, в общем, читайте внимательно твит – «власти #ДНР  заменили главу Роспино за проявление сострадания к пострадавшим рейса #MH17, «не спрашивая разрешения».

Когда кто-то спросил его вопросы об этом, Баума изменил свою историю, то, просто удалил свой изначальный твит. Однако к тому времени эта история попала в голландские СМИ, став громкой историей в Нидерландах.

Rudy Bouma 1 Rudy Bouma 2

Так это есть – заголовки, не основанные вообще ни на одном расследовании, на ошибочно приписанных постах в социальных сетях, на поддельных заключениях, сделанных по фотографиям в журналах, фрагментах либо подброшенных, либо украденных с места, заголовки новостей, основанные на удаленных твитах….

И Вы ещё задаетесь вопросом, почему люди поставлены в тупик  MH17?


Спасибо за русского языка помощи – Наташа Фрайтаг

MH17 and the Misinformation Wars

Graham Phillips

Likely that no aviation disaster in history has been mired in as much misinformation as flight MH17, which came down July 17th 2014 near the town of Torez, Donbass, some 70km from the city of Donetsk.

Before any investigation had even begun, the day after on July 18th, the Sun, in the UK, was screaming ‘Putin’s Missile’ – Putins Missile

But not just the Sun, as broadsheets which should have known better were quick to start spreading the same story of a ‘separatist’ BUK – The Times declaring on July 19thMH17 lost after rebels shot down wrong jet‘. To back this up, they included a graphic with a litany of mistakes, including entirely incorrect passenger numbers –


In the immediate aftermath, much significance was attached to a post made on Vkontakte by a group identifying itself as representing former Novorossiyan militia leader Igor Srelkov, claiming credit for shooting down a Ukrainian transport plane, AN-26. The post went up at 5:50pm (MSK), with MH17 having come down at around 5:15pm, it was deleted later that day when further details emerged.

Strelkov MH17

Yet Strelkov has stated he does not operate the Vkontakte page, rather it is a ‘fan page’. More, the vast difference in sizes between the planes – AN-26 at 78 feet, Boeing 777 at 242 feet, and it being immediately apparent it was a passenger plane, make it highly unlikely anyone connected to NAF would have issued this statement. More likely someone heard about a crash and in the rush for a hot story, put up the first posting in the hope of an exclusive.

1mh14Propping up the polemic of a ‘separatist BUK’, comes ‘open source journalism‘ agency, Bellingcat. In reality, an operation run by a discredited media studies dropout caught out suppressing information in the Syrian war, Eliot Higgins (right). Supposedly funded by ‘crowdfunding’ yet heavily linked to supporting causes with wealthy backers, Bellingcat cobbled together a report based on photos and videos supposedly found across social media sites, and one from Paris Match, in which shadows seemed to play a key part in a Bellingcat analysis described by German image forensics expert Jens Kriese as ‘subjective and not based entirely on science’

Fullscreen capture 13072015 123036.bmp

Off the back of this, Bellingcat have been a bulwark of the BUK theory, prominently referenced across western media, the MH17 Wikipedia page. No matter Bellingcat’s findings have been frequently discredited, the western media continues to reference them. Now Bellingcat have never been to the site, this was my message to Bellingcat, from the MH17 site –

As for those towing the pro-Kiev line of a ‘separatist BUK’, who have been to the site, Jeroen AkkermansDutch journalist Jeroen Akkermans (right), whose anti-Russian stance has been alleged to be because of his own wounding by presumed Russian bombing in South Ossetia, was there in November 2014, four months after the crash, apparently found small fragments, which later rather miraculously, after an unofficial investigation, turned out to be such part of a ‘BUK’ as to have even Russian markings on them. This, after Akkermans had taken whatever he found, if you believe he found it, off the site, of his own volition, before submitting it to the unofficial examination. However these myriad irregularities have been overlooked by a western media gleeful
at finding something they can call a ‘separatist BUK‘.

Incidentally here was my message to Akkermans –

Rudy BoumaThen, most recently, Akkermans’ countryman, prominent tv journalist Rudy Bouma, (left), posted a tweet that the mayor of the village of Rozsypne, by the crash site, had been, well, read the tweet –  ‘#DNR authorities replaced mayor Rozsypne for showing compassion to bereaved flight #MH17without asking permission“.

Bouma was challenged on this tweet, proceeding to back down by the tweet – before deleting his original tweet. But, by then, the story had gone big in Dutch media, becoming a headline story in the Netherlands.

Rudy Bouma 1 Rudy Bouma 2

So, there it is – headlines based on no investigation at all, mis-attributed social media posts, spurious conclusions based on photos in magazines, parts either planted or looted from the site, headline news based on deleted tweets….

And you wonder why people are confused about MH17?

The Five Spot (#4) – Plotnitsky and Zakharchenko Press Conference, Basurin Briefing

4th in the series looking at the 5 key points from a non English-language article / event

1press11. This was the 2nd Donetsk presser between the respective heads of the DPR and LPR, the first being back in early February. A gap of a few months, lots of event inbetween and inevitable questions arise as to relations between DPR and LPR, and their leaders, with a public, and perception gulf between the two of them –  Zakharchenko an ever assured, popular figure, Plotnitsky ever mired in controversy after high-profile deaths of several popular figures in the LPR.

2. The official reason for the press conference was to ask the UN to conduct a tribunal to investigate the war crimes of Ukrainian soldiers in Donbass, as announced 1press2by Igor Plotnitsky.

3. Multiple figures pertaining to war crimes had been compiled – Zakharchenko gave this information, that 3,684 citizens had been killed in Donbass in time of war, of them 523 women, 65 children, 1212 killed in 2015.

4. Relations between Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky seem reasonable. There is neither obvious warmth or enmity between the pair. This press conference was short, 13 minutes, and to the point, with no forum for questions after.  Whereas the previous presser had some levity, this was more factual, albeit covering similar ground – 1press3with Plotnitsky reiterating his earlier points that those in the USA, UK, and more, who created countries were called ‘founders’, while those in Donbass were called separatists.

5. This press conference was followed up by one today, by DPR Defence Spokesman Edward Basurin, which contained a detailed, and chronological list of those killed in conflict, and further re-iterated the request for a tribunal. With hostilities here still waging, but the situation much calmer than it was a month ago, attention for now has clearly turned to analysis, and compiling figures pertaining to losses sustained in war.