My Response to Rob Pulse Article that I’m an ‘FSB Agent’

1Graham2Graham Phillips

I thought a while about responding to the Rob Pulse / Schultz article on me – my first thought was not to, it’s so risible, ridiculous. But then it started to get retweet, passed around, by people who really should know better, including Edward Lucas of the Economist (who promptly blocked me when I asked why he was circulating such manifest lies).

So, I’ve decided to respond to it.

Here’s the article –

The main thrusts of which are to do as much damage to my reputation as possible, have me branded a combatant / ‘Russian agent’, so I can be shot.

In its desire to insult me on all levels, the piece, quite exhaustive, with clearly days of research expended attempts to straddle two stools – dismissing me as an ‘amateur / sex blogger’, but supposedly also the secret weapon of ‘Kremlin propaganda’.


1Graham1My response

I’ve never even been in the Kremlin as a tourist, never been given any instructions by the Russian government on any level at all.

I worked with RT for a while, but after my 2nd deportation they told me it was too risky for me to continue working in Donbass, they didn’t support that. Our working relationship ended, on good terms, but ended in July 2014.

I filmed pieces for the Russian channel Zvezda for a few months from October 2014 until February 2015. I then decided, again on good terms, not to continue working with Zvezda.

Graham medalThe medal was given to me as a ‘thank you’ by two guys I knew from doing humanitarian aid in Donbass. That’s all – it’s not state-accredited, state-endorsed – just a ‘thank you’ from friends.

I supported UKIP in the UK 2015 General Election because I support the United Kingdom leaving the EU, have absolutely no links to any far-right or ‘neo-Nazi’ groups, never have nor would.

I never kept any kind of ‘sex blog’, but true I wrote a few blog posts on that theme, including a 2-part blog post where I described my, limited, experiences with prostitutes. In the former Ukraine, as a journalist, you couldn’t ignore prostitution as a topic. I wanted to write as best possible about that subject, as with any, and share my own experiences with total honesty, as with everything. The conclusion of my 2-part blog post on that theme, was that prostitution is, in almost all cases, morally unacceptable.

1GrahamI’ve got no armed guards, never have had. Sometimes NAF security accompany me to places when I’m filming, that’s a standard thing for every journalist.

I’ve never taken part in any combat as a participant.

I’ve given over 5500 GBP of humanitarian aid out in Donbass, to civilians – everything given to me for humanitarian purposes is always used exactly for that, I even add my own funds.

My drone’s never been used for ‘spying’, only for filming news footage. It’s a basic drone, can’t fly very high or far. I’ve always flown it to get the most interesting footage possible.

I’ve never filmed any child soldiers, there was one army cadet back in November, Andrei.

1Graham3I’ve questioned POWs etc, and filmed it, just as the Ukrainian side questioned, and filmed, when I was a POW.

Ok, that’s it – surely no-one with an IQ above double digits believes any of the nonsense in that article? It’s written by a man, Rob Pulse, with a track record of getting absolutely everything wrong. 

I won’t take any kind of legal action against this – despite the manifest defamations, 1Graham4falsifications, fabrications. I believe in freedom of speech, even if that be used as freedom to lie. Let this lie as a monument to how much my work bothers the ‘pro-Ukraine side’, and how far and low they are prepared to go to try to hurt me.

It doesn’t hurt me. The only people who’ll believe any of this are irredeemable idiots. You can like me or dislike me, but it should be for what I am – an indie journalist, who works for his YouTube channel. The weight of the ‘pro-Ukraine’ propaganda machine is being used against me, but if they think I can’t take that, they are even more wrong about me than everything in Pulse’s article.

10 thoughts on “My Response to Rob Pulse Article that I’m an ‘FSB Agent’”

  1. OT: I thought the concept of embedded journalists was established and favoured and accepted by the US (and hence NATO) military.


  2. Reblogged this on Today,s Thought and commented:
    I do not know Mr. Phillips, but after following his work, I do know that the controllers who have a very sick and evil agenda, fear anyone who is willing to report, truth, since that is the only way towards the light.




  4. “(Mr Phillips’s) multiple illegal entries from Russia to Ukraine” – That is certainly an impressive feat, since any British passport holder has the right to enter Ukraine without a visa.


  5. Graham Phillips is a single journalist whose views and opinions reach a limited size audience in the UK. The enemies of truth don’t want any alternative opinion/outlook to be broadcast. They control 99% of the news reaching the general public. And they want us to listen to no one but them. All we must hear is their voice, the voice of six men who own the newspaper press in the UK and the other couple of dozen men who between them own the rest of the media. This is a dictatorship media. Representing the UK capitalist state. The whole system must be insecure if they are bothered so much about a small scale journalist such as Phillips. And it’s insecure because it is all based on a pack of lies. He gives us the view from Donbass. A view that must be crushed, must not be aired. The truth is indeed a powerful weapon. It threatens Western powers because their system is base on lies, lying twenty four hours a day. They cannot take the truth however small the dosage. Their interlocked media systems massively overspend Russia’s yet they accuse Russia of spending a fortune on its external news systems. Graham Philips is doing his job. Exposing criminality and showing how life is in Donbass. It’s being bombarded by the Western backed Ukrainian army and extremist militias. The people are being terrorised. That’s the truth.


  6. I always thought you were either FSB or an idiot.
    For FSB you would have probably had some training and wouldn’t run and scream like a chicken when you set off a tripwire flare.

    It is possible that someone is naive enough to support Russia even if they were born and raised in the UK, maybe because they are also trying to destroy the EU and you feel some sort of connection because of that.
    But it doesn’t mean you should create lies and propaganda, that is a tool with limited use and not constructive.
    Probably by now you are so used to blood, killing and lies you won’t even see it any more.


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