How to Donate to my Humanitarian Fund for Donbass

Graham Phillips

As per this article, JustGiving cancelled my recent Donbass fundraiser.

Fullscreen capture 26072015 233757.bmpIn the interim, I’ve thought about how to continue important fundraising work, which made such a difference in Donbass last time, and which I hope to make even more of a difference with next time.

I understand it’s against Paypal regulations to fundraise for a specific cause, and be sure the ‘pro-Ukraine’ activists will complain about even this. So to be clear – this is not fundraising for a cause. I’ll give my Paypal account details – if you send a donation to that, and mark what it’s for, be sure it will get to the intended (within the scope of my powers / requests within reason).

Paypal –

Halifax – 80-91-28 – Account – 00716272 – Graham Phillips

The aim of my humanitarian aid is to take aid to those most in need, and those in places which sometimes get forgotten about – Gorlovka, Pervomaisk, Oktoberskiy region of Donetsk. The money given so far has done everything from give out food and vital products in the hardest hit areas of Donbass, pay for an ambulance to be repaired in Donetsk, pay for a proper funeral for a 16-year-old victim of Ukrainian shelling.

I film as much as possible of distribution, so it’s all accountable. There are also times when an old woman or so will approach me on the street, in a desperate Fullscreen capture 31072015 184328.bmpsituation, and I’ve given out funds here in extreme situations for food, medicines.

In short, your aid gets to those most in need, and most often you’ll see video of that.

Now, to note, this is my only Paypal address. I’m an independent journalist, not contracted to any company. Donations made to this address to support my work, allow me to buy equipment, cover costs, are very important. However, they do not in any way overlap with donations given for humanitarian aid. Donations for humanitarian aid are always used for exactly that.

And always thank you for your support, in any capacity. On behalf of those in Donbass who have benefited, and whom I hope will further benefit from your support, an enormous thank you.


6 thoughts on “How to Donate to my Humanitarian Fund for Donbass”

  1. Donbass people are very close to my heart. Ukraine has been invaded, but not by Russia. It’s been invaded by America and the EU. The legitimate and peaceful government of Ukraine was overthrown in a EU US coup. They have installed a puppet government. I will certainly be donating to your fund.


    1. You explain your fund raising for Donestk and Lugansk very simply. A pound is a pound and will be well spent. So £10 can have an impact. There are no management costs which cheat most charity funders as their money is waylaid. Donations to your fund will go directly to the people. It will help them. Often I feel impotent where Donbass is concerned. The issue of financial help wasn’t there for a long time. As far as the Western powers are concerned the people of Donbass can go to hell. They don’t care in the least. Russian state aid in the form of food and clothing and medicines is absolutely necessary. It’s real humanitarian aid. Countries in the world are supposed to do this when a humanitarian crisis exists. Only Russia is abiding by common state principles of aiding people in a war zone.


  2. A suggestion:
    You can go to BTC-E and start a Bitcoin account very easily. They have Rouble-denominated accounts. Help pages in Russian as well as English… I have no idea how easy it is to withdraw Roubles from the account, but it seems worth a try. I believe they are one of the more reputable BTC exchanges.

    Their servers are in Bulgaria, I think.


  3. May God damn the political machine in America / EU / Commonwealth that has destroyed so many lives in this part of the world, and who hope to spread it up to the Baltic next. And may God help those in the Ukraine and East to open the eyes of the world’s public to the evils of the American / EU / NATO alliance whoo are happy to see their defense budgets bloom and hear the cries of their own hungry people replaced by fear from the war propaganda machine. I just heard on CNN that “Russian Zombie Flesh Eating Dirty Herion” is killing Americans at an alarming rate. They said Russian in almost every sentence; sublety implicating a bio terror situation. Disgusting.
    Lord, forgive the ignorant who have no escape from propaganda. Our Western nations have become godless fascists. Even Canada supplies armor to the Nazi militias who take such pride in killing their Russian ethnic ‘inferiors’. America will pay for its evils, individually as all people will be judged.
    Many of us are on the eve of elections, tell your candidates to stop killing our Christian brothers and sisters, or no vote.
    God help us. Blessed are those who realize that life is sacred.


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