The Fury of the ‘pro-Ukrainians’…


Graham Phillips

It’s no secret the western media has, since the start of Maidan, been almost unflinching in its support of ‘pro-Euromaidan’, which became, what you could call after Maidan took over Ukraine on February 22nd 2014, ‘pro-Ukraine’, or ‘pro-Kiev’. This, a BBC classic from February 19th, 2014 –

‘Police in the Ukrainian capital Kiev have launched a fresh attack on anti-government protesters as the death toll in renewed clashes has climbed to 26.’

Euromaidan1A protest already violent for 3 months, one at which in January I’d witnessed protesters throwing multiple projectiles at a police offering little retaliation. A police tasked with enforcing law and order in the country. A law and order which precludes a violent mob taking over the centre of a capital city and overthrowing a democratically-elected government.

Yet, the western press decided to support the mob. They then flipped in Crimea, and decided to support the new Kiev regime (unelected, incidentally), over the protesters. Kept that position in Donbass, and have kept on doing almost everything they can to manipulate facts to make the ‘anti-Kiev/Ukraine’ seem a lot worse than they are, and pro-government forces, including any number of far-right, extremist elements, a lot better.

Fullscreen capture 30092015 231659.bmpMost recently, this quite outrageous attempt of the Guardian (in association, perhaps inevitably, with the notorious Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat) use of a photo from Donbass of the aftermath of shelling by Ukraine’s military used to illustrate a ‘report’ (the use of inverted commas indicating the general standard of reports emanating from Donbass – essentially PR dossiers for western press consumption) on how ‘Russia’ was shelling its own positions.

Fullscreen capture 30092015 231705.bmp

And that’s another western press schism, of course, that it’s all ‘Russia’. It started with ‘Russia-backed separatists‘, before a convenient-for-western media/government transition to ‘Russia’, albeit one unaccompanied by any actual evidence to back that up.

So, in short, the pro-Euromaidaners/Ukrainers have been spoiled – western media has, with a few notable exceptions including the Guardian’s John Pilger, given them blanket support from the start. Yet in the last week, I was featured in the Huffington Post, contacted by the BBC, and then offered a job by Vice. I was pleased to be featured in the Huffington Post, refused to speak to the BBC as usual (I simply don’t trust them), and turned down Vice (after their relentlessly propagandistic coverage of Crimea, Donbass coverage, it’s not an outlet i want to be associated with).

Here’s just a sampling of the pro-Ukraine / Euromaidan reaction.

The first response, by a pro-Ukraine side pampered by a press always on their side, is simply not to believe their faithful western press would want to speak to a non pro-Euromaidan/Ukraine journalist –

Fullscreen capture 30092015 224931.bmp

Fullscreen capture 30092015 175101.bmp

Then, when it’s confirmed, the indignation, the rage, the relentless tweeting of said publication to try to get them not to work with me –

Fullscreen capture 30092015 111105.bmp Fullscreen capture 30092015 111135.bmp Fullscreen capture 30092015 111145.bmp Fullscreen capture 30092015 111241.bmp Fullscreen capture 30092015 111303.bmp Fullscreen capture 30092015 111322.bmp Fullscreen capture 30092015 111329.bmpFullscreen capture 30092015 175136.bmp Fullscreen capture 30092015 175151.bmpAnd there you have it, the reaction of pro-Euromaidan/Ukraine side when the western press wants to speak to a journalist not on their side.

As it is, as an independent, freelance journalist, I’m not on anyone’s side. I like to report, and tell things exactly as they are. The pro-Euromaidan/Ukrainers have been seemingly irreversibly spoiled by a western media which has long lavished sweet spoonfuls of what they want to hear. Now, they can’t go back to the savoury of objectivity, they’ll throw their toys out the pram instead.

6 thoughts on “The Fury of the ‘pro-Ukrainians’…”

  1. Curiously, Ukraine appears to have completely dropped out of the international news picture in recent weeks. There was just that rightwing protesting a while back. Would I be right in guessing that the “anti-terrorist operation” has now been abandoned in failure and everyone is just too short of cash and resources to do anything much more than ordinary living or surviving?
    And meanwhile no less than Kissinger is saying the McStates should cooperate with Russia rather than be hostile. (Bliar said likewise too, and when two invasive war criminals advise such peacemaking like that it surely has some weight.)


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