Announce: Closure of my 2nd YouTube Channel, Facts about First

Graham Phillips

Since first uploading a few general videos onto YouTube around the time of Euro 2012 in Kiev, my main channel has grown from a few hits and couple of subscribers to approaching 45 million hits, over 70 thousand subscribers. I get inundated with ‘partner’ requests, the works, on a daily basis, based on numbers which put my channel only around 30,000 subscribers shy of Channel 4 News – and that achieved on around 3000 fewer video uploads than them – and ten times the subscribers of ITV news. I understand my channel to be one of the most popular independent news channels in the world.Fullscreen capture 04102015 143256.bmp Fullscreen capture 04102015 151151.bmp

Fullscreen capture 04102015 143238.bmp

However, there have certainly been a few bumps along the way. My July 2014 captivity by Ukraine’s SBU saw them hack my accounts, and wipe some 2000 videos from my YouTube account, which I was mercifully able to restore. Then there were the travails of January – with new territory being taken by NAF all the time I would arrive at places to find piles of bodies, Ukrainian soldiers, film that, Fullscreen capture 04102015 143631.bmpthe outraged ‘pro-Ukraine’ side complained, relentlessly, I got a total block for 2 weeks then my main account restricted for 6 months.

This 6 month block was highly inconvenient, limiting the length of videos I could upload to 15 minutes. In this time was key content requiring considerably longer, notably MH17. So I took to using the second YouTube channel I’d set up as a back-up.

I then entertained the idea of keeping this channel on, for longer, more documentary-themed content…. But, the numbers here just don’t add up. My 2nd channel has under 7000 subscribers, less than 10% of my main. Any video posted there, whatever it is, is guaranteed far fewer hits than on my main channel. There are videos on the 2nd channel with hundreds of thousands of hits, which if Fullscreen capture 04102015 142534.bmpon my main channel would be in millions. I could post a video on my first channel filmed with the shutter on, which would get more than a juicy confrontation on my 2nd channel.

I never shoot a video thinking ‘I want this to be popular‘, but of course I’d like every video to find its natural audience. There are people, signed up to my first channel, who no matter what I do by way of Twitter, Vkontakte, Facebook, just wouldn’t know about a video on my 2nd. I know, I’ve tried.

So, as of today, the process starts to migrate content from this channel, to my first. I better understand how YouTube works now, it’s not perfect, it is
susceptible to campaigns which can be mobilised to flood them with complaints, but it’s still the number one video portal in the world by such a stretch it’s barely Fullscreen capture 04102015 152243.bmpworth considering competitors.

Extreme 18+ videos (but let’s hope it never comes to that) I’d now upload here on the Truth Speaker, so there’d never be a reason for YouTube to block my main channel again.

I’ll migrate all of the best content from my 2nd channel to the first – not just Fullscreen capture 04102015 152649.bmpDonbass videos incidentally, I filmed reportage from Paraguay even last year. There are those videos which aren’t really ‘migration worthy’ – old press conferences etc. But everyone now has a chance to go to the channel, download whatever they like, the migration process is likely to take a week or so.

So, that’s that, I hope that’s all clear and I very much look forward to bringing you more videos – with more accent to come on English-language content, and even German!

As ever, a huge thanks for all your support!

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