An Exciting New Way to Support Independent Journalism

Graham Phillips

I’ve written here about not wishing to, declining to work, with western media. Graham PhillipsRecently in Russia, I was also approached by a major Russian news channel, with an offer of work.

I was flattered, of course. But, I realised when thinking over both offers – I love being independent. I love not answering to anyone, not going where anyone tells me.

I love bringing you independent reportage – reporting from the places I want, Graham Phillips Patrick Lancastersaying exactly what is here to see, and say. Going to the places I want, where I know the best reportage will be there for you.

I don’t like accusations ‘Graham’s only reporting that because he works for such and such’. It undermines my work, my mission, to bring the truth to the world.

I love doing the final cut myself, knowing exactly how it will appear for you, releasing it on my own channel first, so you can be sure of finding the freshest content there. 

My own channel generates a small revenue, I live modestly, it’s enough to get by. Your additional support means I can film more content, better content, better equipment, invest in getting English subtitles on my work quicker. 

To that end, I’m delighted to launch an appeal, with the help of my friends at Russia Insider, on pledge site Patreon –

Click here for my page, and know I truly value your support – it makes us a team, together in fighting propaganda, bringing the truth to the world.

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