(18+) The Most Experienced Western Journalist on MH17 You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Graham Phillips

Eliot HigginsTurn on any news channel today, and speaking back at you with apparent authority, on MH17, may well be Eliot Higgins, of ‘open source investigation’ agency, Bellingcat.

This ‘expert’, so beloved by western media, will go on at length about his findings, conclusions, the works. However, he will say if asked, but won’t volunteer, one thing. He’s never actually been to the MH17 site. Not even near, despite its having been safe to access for well over a year.

Patrick LancasterThere is another western voice, a video journalist you won’t see on your screens today. Unlike Higgins, he’s spent over 70 hours at the site. He was actually there shortly after MH17 came down, on July 17th, 2014, and has been to the site many times since then, continuing his work.

It’s Patrick Lancaster, and here’s just a selection of his videos for you to see. Unique, invaluable, but the western media prefer the word of someone never once at the scene. Someone who has sat at home, and taken screenshots of YouTube videos.

I hope those coming here value the real journalism Patrick has done on MH17.

Rushing to the crash site, shortly after MH17 went down –

His first video report from scene –

Patrick’s report from the next day, July 18th, 2014 –

Patrick’s footage from July 20th, as he was once more at the scene –

And as I say this, just a selection of Patrick’s work from MH17. He’s not on one western channel today…

Patrick’s channel here. 

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