Exclusive: My Emails with Dutch Safety Board Today

Graham Phillips

Text just as was, hyperlink added –

Hello Graham

I saw that you put some pictures on your Twitter account showing victims of MH17.

We were contacted by relatives of the victims and they brought these photographs to our attention.

Out of respect to the victims and their relatives I would kindly ask you to remove them as soon as possible

I would be very grateful if you would respect and comply with this request.

Kind regards

My reply – 

(Name withheld) as you will be aware, respect for the victims of MH17 is always my first priority. That’s why I concealed, and will conceal, identities so as not to show who they were. In fact you can always be sure of, from my side, respect and compassion.

I’d be interested if you sent the same email to Ukraine’s MIA rep Anton Gerashenko, who posted this several times –


I would not have released any medical records had I not been so appalled by the results of your investigation today. Unprofessional. Deceptive. Misleading. Lazy. Disrespectful to victims.

As it is, every piece of real information to confront your wall of deception and disinformation, should be in the public domain – with due respect to victims.

How on earth anyone can stand by less than half a cockpit and say the investigation was ‘based on parts collected’ – it truly beggars belief….

I now understood how completely I wasted my time in giving my time, and assistance to your investigation.

As I see now, you only wanted to ask me questions about Givi, and tell the UK police which flight I was on, so they could interrogate me.

And that part of the plane I was given almost 3 months ago, and took so much time and effort trying to give to you… all futile. You didn’t care, your minds were made up long before that. You didn’t need anything inconvenient to get in the way of coming to a verdict clearly designed decided, to suit political interests, from day one.

Be sure that everything I publish will be respectful to the victims. However, given that everything I do is aimed at getting to the truth, it may not be convenient for your ‘investigation’.

That’s all, I’m truly disappointed. Graham


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8 thoughts on “Exclusive: My Emails with Dutch Safety Board Today”

  1. Very well said Graham, though it was all too predictable from a year ago how this “investigation” was going to proceed.
    That’s even if we ignore the precedent of the Lockerbie plan bombing, in which the deliberately perverted trial of Magrahi has been left standing as the supposed truth and the real bombers have never been investigated.
    In the case of MH17, the reality has been made clear enough long ago to those willing to look at relevant websites showing pictures taken in the immediate aftermath days.
    – A buk missile would have produced a huge vapor trail but no-one got any picture of it, therefore conclusion there wasn’t one.
    – on one cockpit fragment could be seen the many micro-scratches which indicate that the explosion occurred within a meter of that fragment, and therefore was not a sam type missile but an air-to-air instead.
    – round bullet holes, aimed at pilots and not from a missile
    – round bullet holes with visible copper traces, indicating they were copper-lined bullets not missile fragments.
    – the disappeared video report from bbc Bridget Kendal.
    – the report of the pilot returning who said he’d shot it down.
    – the alteration of wikipedia’s data about flight height capability.
    Needless to say none of this will be mentioned by the pre-fixed “investigation”. And the chances of honest Western reporting of it are zilch. We’ve already had mary dejevsky drivelling about Russia being unflattered by it.


      1. Debunked how?
        I listed those points above (and they’re far from all).
        By contrast you just make a blank one-line assertion against them all.


  2. And you don’t need any lessons about respect from those deceivers. Telling politically-convenient lies about what caused their deaths is way high on the disrespect scale.

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