Setting the Record Straight – Graham Phillips (#1)

Graham Phillips 2I read the worst stuff about myself online every day, what could perhaps be a lifetime of insult for an average person, compressed into a day. Not complaining, just how it is. As my work comes under new scrutiny in light of MH17, and new people come to my work perhaps through the prism of the various campaigns against me, it’s important to set the record straight.

What I hear, that I’m a ‘Kremlin-propagandist’, a sex tourist / blogger, an FSB agent. It goes on. Today I’ll deal with the FSB stuff. As for the sex tourist / blogger – the first is nonsense, the second a simple manipulation of facts.  I’ve written on the subject of prostitution in the past – probably gone a bit further than most journalists, in terms of frankly sharing my own experience – but there are many journalists who’ve covered the theme, Louis Theroux has made several documentaries on the theme…

This, first in the series, to set out who I really am. I can take any amount of abuse, that’s cool, but would like to use my right to reply. The most important thing for me, is my work. I’ve made over 3500 videos since the start of the conflict in Ukraine.

Graham Phillips 1Rather than destroy my work, those against me would like to just take me out, and my work with it. I can’t allow that, I love my work, it’s my mission, to bring the truth to the world.

So, I’d like you to know who I am, in order for you to come to my work with trust, to know that I make it sincerely, from the heart. It’s made, as an independent journalist, funded by crowdfunding.

I’ve always been completely open, never done anything in my life which could compromise the integrity of my work. However, there are things people will use to try to do that, to undermine it, for their own ends and agendas. That’s a shame, but that’s how it is, the truth is an enemy to many.

I believe in letting most abuse and nonsense slide, but taking a stand when needs Graham Phillips 3be. This is that place, where the facts are set out, the record is set straight. Falsifications are addressed, the record is redressed.

Those who hate preternaturally will continue to do so, those of you who look at sources from both sides will hopefully have those doubts cast up, cast off, and continue to come to my work for what it is. For all, I’m always hugely grateful for your support of my work, independent journalism, the truth.

7 thoughts on “Setting the Record Straight – Graham Phillips (#1)”

  1. Okay… my comment: I don’t know Graham, but I have known his work for probably a year, or just over. His videos, most of them documenting “the troubles” happening in East Ukraine, have been a brilliant source of news to me.

    In London we would have not seen the carnage and devastation which the paramilitaries of West Ukraine have inflicted on mostly the civilian population of Lugansk and Donetsk … however, for a solid year, Graham has been portraying this *war against civilians* [I call it so because so many women, children, old people, animals, civilian homes, civilian farms, were bombed with impunity by *their own compatriots*] – if you had watched Grahams films, you would have understood straightaway why East Ukrainians just want to look after their own people and their own region by themselves. To be honest, they’ve earned the right to self-determination and a special status, with all the suffering that has been inflicted upon them all these months… a lifetime of months…. cruel months, everyone of them.

    The war in East Ukraine, according to Graham’s films, wasn’t about reporters, the BBC, RT, CNN… it was about real people, living through a nightmare, in incredible dignity and bravery [civilians] … often ordinary people being killed as they were queuing for very basic rations … wherever they could find them. The West of Ukraine didn’t suffer a siege of everything … of absolutely everything… and often of destroyed homes and maimed or killed family members.

    The menfolk of East Ukraine, together with as many volunteers which trickled to Donbass and Lugansk did their absolute best to turn themselves into a fighting army. They fought bands of rampant fascists who were given a green light to kill in the most horrific ways they could… The people of East Ukraine suffered the horror of the carnage of the flight MH17, over, and over again [without making it to the news except for Graham’s videos] – any civil aircraft accident is horrific – and for Donbass – villages, blocks of flats, schools and hospitals were each another flight MH17 in their own tragedies. Incendiary, shrapnel bombs were the favourite weapon of West Ukrainian paramilitaries against East Ukrainian civilians for over a year.

    The Russian government, it is my impression, has done more with its military assistance to aid Syria than it has done in aid of East Ukraine – other than taking the initiative to bring Crimea back to Russia. They’ve been very much at arms’ length. Any Russians there, imho looked like volunteers who had a sense of loyalty or family connection to East Ukraine. That is how I’ve seen this war developing.

    I can’t wait to hear a final confirmation that the special status of East Ukraine will be fixed in law forever. These people deserve to be left alone to build their own region well away from West Ukraine.

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    1. Latest claptrap from the Bullshat Borecasting Conspiracy and their “intellectuals” is that the Ukr war has ended because Putin has run out of money to finance his (supposed) aggression in Ukr and so had to stop it. Meanwhile any idiot can understand the real reason which is that the conspiracy unleashed with the Feb 2014 coup in Kiev has failed in its objective of subduing Eastern Ukr and the Kiev junta has bankrupted and morally/physically trashed its rump statelet (Kievkraine?) and consequently had to give up on its “defence” against the “terrorism” supposedly coming from Putin personally firing ICBM rockets from apartments in Donetsk.

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  2. Graham, I don’t think you needed to write this article, because any fool can see that you are not a propagandist, but instead a source of the most accurate and direct information, and that’s exactly why the natophile name-callers are so bothered by you.
    There are of course a proportion of suckers who do indeed believe what the bbc/cnn and their “intellectuals” tell them, but in my experience the picture of opinions from the media is regularly miles discrepant from what people in the streets are thinking. And the now widely-documented facts of MH17, as of the preceding “destablilisation of Ukraine”, are not going to go away and are going to constantly eat away at the lies of the propagandists from now onwards. This is not going to be whitewashable as previous historical matters have been.


  3. You revealed that you gained access to autopsy reports of the victims, which are subject to confidentiality. Incidentally those autopsy reports do not contradict the official report on the causes of the MH17 crash, since the missile fragments were found in the remains of the crew and not in the bodies of the passengers.

    On the other hand, the day that the MH-17 official report reveals that the plane was hit by a surface-to-air missile, you start trying to discredit it, in line with the official policy of the Kremlin (in another words: just like the Kremlin did).

    If you are a propagandist or an FSB agent or a troll or just a blogger aspiring to be a journalist, only you (or you and the FSB) knows. But I dont believe in coincidences.


    1. “You revealed that you gained access to autopsy reports of the victims, which are subject to confidentiality.”

      So what? I object to the crooked secretised “investigation” having access to this “confidential” info. Graham is a person eminently entitled to access to it. Far worse than any breaches of “confidentiality” have been the breaches of openness with the secretive “investigation”.

      “you start trying to discredit it, in line with the official policy of the Kremlin”

      No, he just states the matter accurately, which just happens to be in line with the Kremilin and out of line with NATO’s liars.

      “If you are a propagandist or an FSB agent or a troll or just a blogger”

      No, he’s just a conduit of tons of rather obviously true information. Do you seriously think all those thousands of videos have been faked? (Plus huge numbers from others.)
      There are no videos supporting the NATO claims (apart from disney cartoons I guess), for the reason the videoable truth wasn’t ever convenient for the NATO propagandists.

      There has long been tons of proof that a buk missile was not involved. Just the bbc hasn’t published it (apart from the one they did but then removed as it didn’t conform with the nato fabrications). Indeed Graham isn’t a propagandist or “trollL”. But you are certainly a sucker mugged by the nato propagandists.

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