Crimea, Where to Start

Graham Phillips

Crimea is hitting headlines again, with French newspaper Le Figaro stating that the EU needs to accept the peninsula as Russia, and move on while a French atlas, followed by Oxford no less, puts Crimea as Russia. 

CrimeaI’ll shortly be bringing you a longer article, with videos, the works, after my recent month in the 27,000km2 territory.

Before that, if, in light of all the attention you are curious about Crimea, but finding most of the reportage to be in Russian – unsurprising given that was always the language some 97% of the 2.4 million used, here’s a short guide in where to start with English language Crimea reportage.

This documentary, by Miguel Francis, Crimea for Dummies, filmed in 2014 shortly after Crimea’s secession, is a lot of fun, and very informative –

While in Crimea this year, I chatted to people on Yalta beach, English subs –

Spoke to some students – English –

Asked the opinions of some tourists – English –

Chatted with A Ukrainian girl –

Set the world to rights, with an Australian, a South African, and a local –

More to come on Crimea (it really is Russia, you know).

4 thoughts on “Crimea, Where to Start”

  1. Graham, Russia is really a part of Mongolia, which has managed to maintain its separatist rebellion so far but I wouldn’t bet on it holding out forever.


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