Blasts from my Former Blog (#1) FEMEN

Graham Phillips

First in a new series…

I used to keep a blog on my life in Ukraine, called ‘Brit in Ukraine‘. I put my heart Fullscreen capture 17102015 152717.bmpand soul into it, covered every aspect of life in Ukraine. I’d worked for a magazine in Kiev for a year, the idea was to have a site a respository for all my writing from there, plus whatever else I would write for publication, and then that written specifically for the blog. So, it was a combination of my work from What’s On, New Statesman, Pravda, more.

Of course, in their desire to attack me at every single turn, the ‘pro-Ukrainians’, Fullscreen capture 17102015 155026.bmpor ‘Euromaidaners’ as you will frequently cast it up as some sort of ‘sex blog‘. The reality is, yes, there was content on that theme! But, postings on ‘sex’ accounted for only about 10% of overall content, which also included a substantial section on a key interest of mine, the decidedly unsexy Abandoned Buildings –

Fullscreen capture 17102015 154542.bmp

– there along with articles on history, sport, my ex-girlfriend Ira, social networking sites, politics – I tried to cover everything of interest in Ukraine, and there was a lot of interest!

It was the blog which, when Euromaidan began and I started posting prolifically on that, brought me to the attention of RT, which started my career. But that was Fullscreen capture 17102015 155823.bmpnever expected, or the plan. My blog was a labour of love, it never derived an income, it was my passion – to set out life in Ukraine exactly as it was.

So, the question, if I love it so much, why did I delete it? Well, in the first place, when the idea was to use it as a portal for my work, I’d registered the site in my own name. Then, when it spun into more of a blog, kept it under that domain but named the blog ‘Brit in Ukraine‘. Then, when I started doing more active reporting on it, at the start of 2014, that no longer seemed so appropriate, so reverted to my own name.

But then, when things got more serious and I needed to convey actual events and facts, a blog under my own name wasn’t so appropriate any more. A site under one’s own name is just that, a personal site, not suited for the dissemination of news, or really credible for that. I let the domain lapse, with that went the premium storage capacity, so I pared it down and left it as a reference page, with just a few articles there.

Fullscreen capture 17102015 155953.bmp

As for republishing the old ones? Well, there was a time to write about everything from abandoned buildings to sex, in Ukraine. But, mostly, they hardly seem relevant now, after all that’s happened. It’s a different Ukraine, a different world.

In any case, the site exists in archive format. And, sometimes things come up which make a revisiting of my former blog pertinent, such as today when I saw this photo of FEMEN activist Inna Shevchenko posted on Twitter.

It made me think of the FEMEN articles I wrote in 2011. So, here they are –

A FEMEN Farewell (?) – Part 1 of 2

A FEMEN Farewell (?) – Part 2 of 2

Fullscreen capture 17102015 160122.bmp

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