The Five Spot (#5) – A Daily Train from Donetsk to Russia

5th in the series looking at the 5 key points from a non English-language article / event

It’s been announced that a daily train is to run from Yasinovate, by Donesk, to the Russian border, each day, 6.30am, via Donetsk to Kvashino on the Russian border. 5 points from that.

1. A bit of shelling aside, this is now the longest period of sustained calm in Donbass, since hostilities began 18 months ago. A quiet September, a quieter October, and attention is turning to civilian matters rather than military, Fullscreen capture 17102015 174407.bmprebuilding rather than fighting.

2. The DPR continues to break away from Ukraine, while building ties with Russia. A trip to the Russian border sees masses of trucks every time, with almost all products, from supermarket shelves to petrol, coming from, or via, Russia – a trade blockade in force from the Ukrainian side.

3. The train situation has long been a bit unclear in the Donetsk and Lugansk republics. A route from Donetsk to Lugansk was meant to start back in March of this year, № 6603, but that didn’t happen. Various reports of trains from, or through Debaltsevo too, but locals there tell me the train station is still closed, and has been for some time. This announcement of a train service seems more Fullscreen capture 17102015 175143.bmpofficial, more … believable than previous. So, let’s wait and see if train transport is indeed ‘back on track’, here.

4. Kiev won’t like it – expect the usual noises from the Kiev authorities about the route’s ‘illegitimacy’, and so on, as happened with the recent announcement of intention to run a service from Lugansk to Rostov, in Russia – still waiting for updates on that one.

5. It’s really been a long time. The last trains departed from Lugansk in May of 2014, from Donetsk in September. I was at Lugansk train station in August of 2014, to find it thoroughly deserted –

So let’s see. There have been a few false dawns, but if this really is train travel starting up in the DLPR, it’s a big deal, and perhaps a platform to push for further economic development, and recovery, of the region.

2 thoughts on “The Five Spot (#5) – A Daily Train from Donetsk to Russia”

  1. According to the “Putin’s aggression” claptrap issuing from usk/nato, Putin has been aiming to separate off “Novorossia” from the rest of Ukr. This is actually bonkers as is the entire “Putin destabilising Ukraine” myth. Ukr was continuing to be an essential part of the RF economic system, as evidenced by their continuing to supply heavily subsidised gas. And while it isn’t entirely impossible to grow food in the cold land around Moscow, it’s surely a great deal easier in warmer Ukraine, so the latter has also been a food supplier for RF. The last thing a sane leader wants is for such an essential neighbour to be “destabilised. (Meanwhile every time the RF establishes a positive relation with another government the usk/nato destablisation ops then churn into action (as per Syria for example), with the “regime” word immediately applied.)

    The real intentions of Putin towards the Novorossia project have been exactly what he said they were, that he did not want an independent Novr. And that’s because if Ukr loses NR, then the rump Ukr inevitably becomes balanced more away from Russia such that it is liable to be permanently lost from influence thereof. And that matters more than an “independent” Novorossia ever would, not least because it leaves a hostile nato-controlled border even closer to Moscow etc than the NR border is. If I understood it correctly, it appears the Minsk agreement specified that NR should participate in Ukr elections, which would be just as “Putin” and the RF would prefer. Oh and the idea that the RF can be totally Putin’s plaything is as daft as the idea that Obomber can order everyone however he pleases over in the war industry controlled McStates.


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