Results of Your Patreon Support over the last Month (#1)


Since returning to work in Donbass over a month ago, I’ve recorded well over 100 video reports from here, from quick updates, to interviews, to breaking Graham Patreonnews, to documentary reports.

Your support on Patreon has been a part of all of that. This is all absolutely independent journalism, funded by you. And you’ve all played a part getting the truth out there, penetrating the wall of western propaganda.

For this monthly(ish) round-up, I’d like to focus on English-language reporting, with Patreon being orientated towards a western audience, and select some of the best.

A huge thanks to those already a part of it, and those thinking of being a part. My Patreon page here.

Early at the scene as, on the 10th October, Donetsk once again came under shelling –

Continuing work on MH17 –

A special report from Lugansk, as the clouds of war appeared to recede – some exclusive news, and the mood from the streets –

Special reportage from Krasniy Partizan, as a church is destroyed, and it’s unclear what or why –

An exclusive report from down by Mariupol, as DPR tanks are removed –

A report debunking the rumour about removal of DPR flags –

The start of a special new report following Luba, a young victim of Ukrainian shelling, as she tries to rebuild her life –

Comprehensive reportage, as Flag Day was marked in Donetsk –

A look back, at 18 months passed since a significant day in Donbass –

The start of a new series, to keep up-to-date with events in the DPR / LPR, as they really are –

Confirmation that shelling is once again back on in Donetsk ‘daily’ – an exclusive, for English-speaking audience –

A special report from Donetsk, as it comes under the shelling, and the OSCE are on the scene –

Exclusive reportage, as the UN visited a school in Lugansk area –

A special report, as a Grad hit the centre of Donetsk, in a strange story –

A breaking story, as a Canadian flag flies over Ukrainian positions –

A report from a school in Donetsk, where every pupil has a story about shelling –

5 thoughts on “Results of Your Patreon Support over the last Month (#1)”

  1. Replying to comments from Tiggi.
    I (and I am sure Graham too) appreciate your concern about people not being evacuated from the “war zone”, but I think you are mistaken in two ways.

    Firstly, much as NATO & Co would like to invade DNR/LNR, it is very unlikely to happen. NATO & Co were hoping to quickly defeat the “terrorists” but they failed in that objective. They may not have lost the war in Berlin 1945 -style but they have failed to win it. Even with military materiel assistance from NATO & Co the Kiev regime are lacking in cash and means and morale. A lot of people in the Kiev-occupied region are angry about the pointless ruinous war, and the regime fears that anger. This is a common end of wars, the one or both sides just get worn down and give up. So the people on the front-line may be better staying/returning there rather than becoming refugees (which isn’t an easy option either).

    As for Graham helping others to evacuate (even if that evacuation made sense anyway)… Graham has quite enough to do in his journalism role, in which he (and his “shy” assistant!) is the only person involved there. He can’t be expected to take on a travel assistance role as well. He is in any case very well appreciated in DNR/LNR on account of his unique journalism (nicknamed “Grisha”). Perhaps someone else could do these other sorts of thing if it were really necessary.


    1. Meanwhile it would be tempting to think that the future of Ukr will be analogous to that of Moldova/Transdneistr, where a “frozen conflict” has existed for 20 yrs. But I suspect the Ukr case will not be so persistent. There is not a sharp contrast of language alphabets involved. There isn’t a dividing river. The people in Kiev controlled regions didn’t choose to be, certainly not those in Odessa and Mariupol. The Kiev regime is not in a stable situation. And while the war has made many people more hostile towards the “other side”, it will also have made many in the Kiev-controlled become more pro-Russian than they were before. So my guess is that eventually a more positive relationship, with increasingly restored united Ukr, and with restoration of partnership with the RF, will develop. Not least this is what Putin et al would have wanted and appears to have been striving for (by refusing to recognise the DNR and LNR).


      1. Dear Dobbb,
        I am doubt in the ability of locals to control the situation in Ukraine themselves, while Ukraine had plenty American military staff here working. own Ukrainian Officials on salaries from USA, Americans and foreigners in each state building-office-towns working under Ukrainian mark from Ukraine, and as Congress USA put the additionally 300,000 dollars USA in this war zone conflict to help to bomb and kill local kids, women, men, to bomb their properties and house.

        USA and their money and Army WOULD BE MUCH TOO strong and big amount money opposite poor people living in damaged houses.

        I do not see other choices to exit as to leave the dangerous zone to evacuation to save lives of people… to leave… all damaged houses and towns to Ukraine and to leave this out.

        The goal of saving lives ….

        If the war will stop – the situation will change – they may to return back but on the safety place already to live if they will want this one day.

        This would be Ukraine the chance to build something after these damaged houses in Donbass by Ukrainian Army too, spending money from Ukrainian budget for these goals,
        so people whom damaged houses would work hard to pay taxes to re-build all again back.

        from their own pockets and from Ukrainian budget.


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