Mine, and Your, Crowdfunding Way Forward

Graham Phillips

As is known, I started my career working for RT, that came to an end when, after my 2nd deportation from Donbass, in July of 2014, they, politely, gave me the opportunity to continue my career with them, or return to Donbass and it be over. I returned to Donbass.

Fullscreen capture 12012016 165647.bmp I then worked with Russian channel Zvezda for a while, at a time when there was active war in Donbass, a war-themed channel was a good fit.

Fullscreen capture 12012016 170420.bmp

However, after Debaltsevo, in March 2015 I decided to discontinue my working relationship with Zvezda. It had been a good working period, but it was time to move on.

Since then, I’ve had offers from several western channels, and Russian. However, grahamfrontI’ve declined all of these – there’s no way I either want to be associated with western channels who have so misrepresented events in Donbass, while if I work with a Russian channel, any work I do will have the western world saying ‘Graham’s only saying that because he works for a Russian channel’ – and prevent it from getting through.

I want to stay independent, for my work to live as true independent journalism. I like being a people’s journalist much more than I like being a channel’s journalist.

Of course I have to then think ‘how can I continue my work‘? I have no large donors or sponsors, no organisations or administrations funding my work. My work is funded by support on Patreon, revenue from my YouTube, and crowdfunding.

Patreon and YouTube generate a modest revenue, which covers some operating graham phillipscosts. However, to really continue, crowdfunding is absolutely vital. But it’s not just about money – it gives you the chance for unique involvement in my work, to be a part of a project which gives raw, real information to the world.

I’ve been running a campaign to raise funds for my Baltics trip. And there will be other crowdfunding campaigns for other projects. The aim from them is never to make a profit, simply to cover costs.

Some of my crowdfunders may exceed the target, others may fall under. In any case, we’ll find a way! If you want to support my work via Paypal, you can do that via – gwplondon@gmail.com – and write how you’d like your donation to be used.

And remember, there’s no pressure on you to donate financially! You are free to enjoy my videos, and articles, for free! However, if you are in a position to support, then it makes sure that my work can go on, and I want that work to encompass not just Donbass, but wherever in the world there is a need to fight propaganda, and get the truth out!

Huge thanks for your support, Graham

One thought on “Mine, and Your, Crowdfunding Way Forward”

  1. Dear Graham,
    Thanks for all the good work you have done in the Donbass. Will you be producing an English version of your Bandera article?

    I tried to get to your meeting in Finsbury, the one that was sabotaged by the local UkroNazi supporters. Are you likely to run a repeat?


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