Crowdfunding (#1) 12 Reasons why my upcoming Baltics Reportage Trip is Important

Graham Phillips

I was planning my Baltics reportage trip for February, but for a few reasons, have put it off until March. I’m a crowdfunded journalist, the trip will be entirely crowdfunded. So, why should you think of contributing? Here’s 12 reasons –

    1. Fullscreen capture 22022016 122610.bmpThe Baltics are clearly important – the BBC recently predicated their World War Three documentary ‘Inside the War Room’ on a hypothetical Latvia invasion.
    2. Yet what’s really going on there, what’s the real situation?
    3. When was the last time you actually saw a proper news report from the Baltics?
    4. Just a note on this trip, I had planned it for February originally –
    5. Fullscreen capture 22022016 132706.bmpThere was a fair bit of interest in that, not all positive it must be said – here’s a sampling of the, many, spread across social media, not so welcoming messages –
      Žygimantas Gasiūnas Žygis We know how you tried talk with Ukraine people in London. And they kicked out. So stay away from our baltics becouse I will punch your face.
      Mindaugas Glodenis I am from the Baltics and I just give you a friendly warning. If anybody, who has seen your “journalism’ in Donbas sees you in Lithuania, you might be badly hurt.
    6. There was also some support, but I clearly didn’t to enough to convince people of the merits of the trip – the first crowdfunder only took in around $500 – not enough to cover trip costs. I need to do more to convince you this trip is worth your support!
    7. Do you know that all the stories you hear from the Baltics come through the prism of US propaganda? They’re sending $500,000 there to ‘counter’ ‘Russian propaganda’, with their own propaganda.
    8. Graham VilniusI remember the Baltics, visiting there several times in the mid 2000s. I remember people speaking Russian there, telling me they were Russian, Russian-language schools and societies. (Photo of myself, and mother, in Vilnius, 2007)
      Now what? Latvia’s in NATO, has seemingly become one of Russia’s most virulent opponents – saying it will refuse to ever accept Crimea as Russia, even refusing to recognise Russian passports with Crimea as Russia. What’s going on there?
    9. In my many times visiting the Baltics, I’ve always been very fond of them. But I go there absolutely objective, with no allegiance to anything other than reporting the truth of how things are there.
    10. Graham in CrimeaThe trip is on for March, in any case a more interesting month there, with lots of things on. I’m really looking forward to it! It’s going to be the style of reportage that I love – street reportage, from the ground, no censor, just how things are (this, Crimea in summer of 2015) –
    11. It may well be for longer than 2 weeks, it’ll be for however long is necessary to do some really worthwhile reportage.
    12. I estimate needing to raise another $1000 or so for the trip. I’ll be doing another crowdfunder for the trip, if in the interim you’d like to donate to my Paypal account, I’ll match that up with the rewards on crowdfunding – everyone who is a part of this trip, will get something in return – Paypal:
      Be sure, I don’t measure support just by financial contribution, all kind words, comments, support for my work means a lot to me!

6 thoughts on “Crowdfunding (#1) 12 Reasons why my upcoming Baltics Reportage Trip is Important”

  1. If I wasn’t a poor person (benefits dependent living under threat of review) I would certainly add to your funding. I see you aren’t scared off by the cheap threats even though of course they may not be entirely hollow. Clearly entering into “hostile” territory so Take Care!


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