Ukrainians get their say on EU-Ukraine agreement in Dutch Referendum

By Stefan Beck, a full-time teacher, involved in the ‘No’ campaign for Dutch referendum based in the Netherlands

While war was raging in his country president Poroshenko signed an agreement to closely ally Ukraine with Europe (note – November 2015). Despite the Poroshenko Ukraine Netherlands Agreementsensitivity of this agreement between Ukraine and the EU, there was little opportunity for Ukrainians for voice their opinions. Now there might be a last chance to stop the Agreement and Poroshenko’s plans to integrate Ukraine into the EU, namely by a referendum being held in the Netherlands this April. This referendum might not only let the Dutch be able to voice their opinions on the agreement but also the Ukrainians.

The events the agreement set in motion are already numerous. Back in 2013, Yanukovychpresident Yanukovich’s refusal to sign the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement resulted into the Maidan protests. These protests in turn were eventually able to overthrow the government of Yanukovich. Shortly after the civil war in Donbass erupted. Eventually Ukraine’s new president Poroshenko would sign the association agreement in June 2014 while the Ukrainians were fighting each other, amongst others on whether or not to closer relate to Europe.

The agreement mainly focuses on trade but also has strong consequences for other fields. For example article 322 states that any dispute relating to the interpretation and application of obligations contained in the agreement about
trade barriers, services, establishment e-commerce and public procurement should be settled in the court of justice of the EU. Hence the effective control of the Ukrainian economy is placed into the hands of the EU, not of the Ukrainians.

Poroshenko Ukraine tradeBut even if this agreement was only judged by its impact on Ukraine’s economy based on a change in trade relations with the EU the results prove to be very severe. By signing the agreement Ukraine pledges to a free-trade zone with the EU and to produce goods in accordance with EU regulations. Russia felt like it had no other choice than to cancel its own free-trade agreement with Ukraine and has announced further measures. This deterioration of trade relations with the Russian federation will have dramatic consequences for Russian-oriented industries, especially in the east of the country.

Although originally no referendum on the Association Agreement was planned, the people of the Netherlands forced the Dutch government to organize a referendum on the 6th of April. Polls are now indicating a minor lead for the people voting against the agreement. However the campaign is still in full swing and the supporters of the agreement are slowly gaining ground.

One of the arguments used by the supporters of the association agreement is that all Ukrainians look towards Europe for support. There is little to no mention of the fact that the pro-EU Association Agreement led to the Maidan protests and partially to the war in Donbass. Supporters of the agreement are silent about any Ukrainians that feel more related towards Russia. The obvious is kept hidden: Ukraine propaganda BBCUkraine seems to be deeply divided on whether or not to engage in closer relations with the EU. (Photo, from BBC article of October 2015, given as typical example of how Ukraine is portrayed in western media)

All in all the Ukrainian voice in the debate prior to the referendum seems to be dominated by supporters of an EU-oriented Ukraine. A primary reason for this bias is a lack of more neutrally- or Russia-oriented contacts with the Dutch press. This results into a very one-sided coverage on what Ukrainians think about the European Union and its Association Agreement with Ukraine.

This means that the people in Ukraine oriented against a closer relation with the EU have a final chance to let their opinions be heard. This can be done by contacting the ‘No’-campaign on, or by using hashtags like #referendumoekraine on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. This way the Ukrainians can influence the referendum by making clear what the Association Agreement means for them. Giving them an opportunity to influence the implementation of the agreement in a way they never had before.

For more information about the agreement, see:

5 thoughts on “Ukrainians get their say on EU-Ukraine agreement in Dutch Referendum”

  1. Again, pathetic that we hear nothing of this from the British Bull** Conspiracy et al.
    (Leader of the Pseudo-Greens Twatalie Bennet has just now announced her support for staying in the Euseless “Union”.)


  2. Ukraine has their cheep organic food production, may be a little bit radiactive sometimes, but still nice to try as more cheep righter production of farmers of Great Britain, Nedertlands, Germany, France, and the some about the factory production of good. The cheep Ukrainian prices ate on the old base of USSR cheepest Soviet prices, when Ukrainians sodl a large bowl of apples just for couple pences or pennies as free, really. and cheep Ukrainian prices on the base of their deal on the more cheep prices for petrol, gas from Russia rigther for all other farmers in Germany, France, Nedethlands, Great Britian and still Ukraine has a good thick organic soil, which started to sold out by a huge ammount to Scandinavia, Germany by Ukrainian political leaders, while the cost of the some organic soil as a handmaded is really expencive to buy in UK – Ukrain had this. Hitler and Germany used trains to remove Ukrainian organic souil to them to Germany as germany had not this. It was a warm ancient forest here probably, in the past, died from the Frost from the Ice Age time, but giving this woundeful thick organic soil in Ukrainian land. This soil is the money, really, as producing better value tasty harverst, still cheep too. Just Ukrainians are not people in Nederthlands to use this by a right way. …. People in other part of Europe used the ancient forets to cut to burn to produce something to cut to do plenty fiels, and they cut the natural organic forest all, all modern European forest or British forets are mainly as park of re-creation, not the some as not having so plenty plans, mushrooms, berries. As USSR collapsed, the destroy of all Soviet property in forest started for the sale abroad. but Russian, Estonians, Latvians, Ukrainians had not the habit to re-create damaged forest back and thre new owners too, as no one bother about the future as better they like to have the income now and today. Nederlands is more smaller country, but producing more huge amount of all farmer goods, veg, fruits, flowers, around the year, while Ukrainians had the cheepest best organic soil and petrol not pruducing nothibg really as Nedethlands as no one bother to work, really – see as Ukrainian men did not work for months and month, just staying in Kiev in Maidan Revolution and not bother to go to work at all. See, as Ukraine has plenty revolutions – 1917, … later still more, later 2014 as just not to work – but they all dream to live as Europeans live more rich – just not working by on monbey from EU budget from other countries to keep Ukrainians not to work, just to dace or to do their Revolutions to stay on barridas not to work. Ukrainian women like this way, a lot, to put some bright on the head and to dance, not working, so Ukrainian mothers and wives do not teach their sons or husband to go to work each day, as Revolutions will give the opportunity to steal other people goods, houses, items just free as if you wanted and someone kind to give still some fodd for their husbands in Maidan Revolutions too. All men go to work each day to earn money to have money to spend. Just Ukrainian men and women prefer not to work, but they sure someone will give a cheep petrol or money for them to keep them happy as the way as people keep happy monkey in ZOO, giving bananas free. This is still from the snow winter time too, as it was not any possibility to do any work during the late autumn-winter-early spring, so, people sat in their houses, singing songs and no one worked. So, not right way to blame Ukrainians or Russians for their attitude not to work to be lazy. See, monkeys do not work at all. but they had their bananas to keep them happy and glad. Ukrainians men as the some. not bad, really, just as they are. as monkey as they are as monkey too, but no one blame monkeys to be monkeys. But if monkeys will say they wanted to be Eruopean EU monkey to manage to rule by all Europeans to give more bananas to monkeys ans to others to work harder. would you be really happy to have such leaders? Ukrainian Khruschov as a Leadre re-sign part of Russia to Ukraine, as rUSSIAN cRIMEA TO uKRAINE – THIS IS A MONKEY WAY TO BE LEADER TO STEAL OTHER PEOPLE PROPERTY TO THEM. See, Ukrainian leader of EU will do the some, he will try to steal something from other countries to Ukraine or in his own personal pocket. and you all will work hard just to satisfied Ukrainian Leader of EU to have more and more money in his pocket. so, all will be Ukrainian slaves and a slavery in EU. this what you need to decide to have or not to have.


    1. Tig, you need to get someone to make your writing clearer in various parts. Meanwhile cheep is spelt cheap and some is same.
      And sure the EU wants to get that food supply, but hasn’t Ukr been the traditional food supplier for Russia (with its three winters per year)? Nato’s plan to starve Russians?


  3. If it’s like the Irish rejection of the EU, the Dutch will have numerous opportunities to ‘get the vorte right’. Just as the Brits will, should they be foolish enough to vote for an exit.

    There is only ONE acceptable outcome.

    You did realize it was “Ukraine Week” at the EU Parliament last week, celebrating the ;’euro’ culture of Kyiv? And a very successful week it was – after the Ukrainians removed the photos of a tattooed ‘nazi’ hero. Unfortunately they couldn’t remove him from their ‘son et lumiere’ presentation. The Ukrainians blamed Putin for the media flap, minor though it was, and called it a Russian provocation


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