Why I can get the truth to the Western World – 10 Reasons

Graham Phillips

In recent times, I’ve seen myself featured more in Western media. This is important, as with key projects coming up – my film Aramis in English, a documentary on MH17, more from Donbass, I want to be reaching the western world as much as possible.

Of course, they’re not kind about me, (standard line – Daily Beast – ‘British blogger, Graham Philips, known for his strong pro-Kremlin agenda), nor would they, or could they, be kind about journalist who went against the pre-set western narrative.

But I believe my message will get over the walls erected, and reach the western world. Here’s why –

  1. Graham at work1In a world becoming ever more cynical of mediasome 50% of Europeans do not trust mainstream media – people are getting better at reading through the lines. It’s fairly obvious if I’m being described as having a ‘strong pro-Kremlin agenda’, with no supporting material to back that up, it’s bogus.
  2. There’s a limit to what can be written about me by other journalists, and it comes down to my record – the first western journalist to cover all the breaking stories in Donbass in the last 2 years, countless times on the frontline, wounded while reporting. Where were they?
  3. I have a clean past. No criminal record, I’ve not done anything which could come out, and undermine my work. The worst that can be said, that I went to Ukraine as a ‘sex tourist‘ in 2010? Firstly, of course it’s completely untrue. Secondly, is that it? (As for the ‘FSB agent’ stuff, it only warrants a laugh).
  4. I have a clean present. No ties with any person, any organisations which could be used against me. The ‘worst’ which is said? That I’m a member of UKIP – at the Graham Phillipslast election in the UK, I entirely supported the party which represented a clear goal for the UK – exit from the EU. That now seems likely to happen, in the June ‘Brexit’ referendum.
    As with everything, I was completely open about that, and make no secret of my political views in my own country, the UK – I don’t support our being in the EU. Outside of the UK, it’s not my country, I’m completely objective.
  5. I’m not going to do anything which could compromise the integrity of my work. Not get mixed up in anything, caught up in anything. I don’t give my name to, or get involved in projects, not interested in making money via commercial projects, adverts etc.
  6. I’m a hard worker, put my soul into everything I do, will give my full commitment to my work to make sure projects are realised, then do everything to promote them, so they reach their audience.
  7. Graham at workYou give me feedback, I listen to it, take it on board. I’m always looking to improve my work, use new technologies etc, take things to the next level.
  8. I do believe, that in the end, the truth gets through. All my work is dedicated to reporting the truth, things, exactly as they are. Sometimes it needs to be forced through, but it has the power to break through the walls of propaganda.
  9. You are with me, we’ll do it together. All my work is crowdfunded, it means you are with me, and you help get the work through – via sharing, reposting, retweeting, the works – it’s a team effort.
  10. Ultimately, I believe people want the truth. Anyone can be passive, be fed propaganda, digest it. Many people in the west have fallen under the influence of powerful media outlets with pre-determined narrative. They’ll do whatever it takes to stop anything which doesn’t fit their agenda from getting through. But, most people do want the truth, and because of that, we’ll get it through to them.

24 thoughts on “Why I can get the truth to the Western World – 10 Reasons”

  1. “In a world becoming ever more cynical of media – some 50% of Europeans do not trust mainstream media – people are getting better at reading through the lines.”

    Funny, I was thinking that three paragraphs earlier. Especially when I hear bbc “news” people use the word “regime” a little box ticks!


  2. “I do believe, that in the end, the truth gets through.”

    Sometimes but very often not. In the case of Ukr the introduction of youtube and routine phone use has made the deception much harder. In other fields honest people continue to be portrayed as criminals while criminals are portrayed as heroes. Note who the really evil regimes were in ww2. Nothing to do with who writes the history books of course.


  3. In my opinion, your attempt of mixed videos show me the ability to create some FUTURE TV CHANNEL with you as acting actor, journalist, singer, as you may show and news from some area as it is, and flexible looking to attract plenty woman to play fiction or open-life stories or scenes, you could be an actor in own movies. Your channel and page had a feed-back, what plenty present TV channels have not, as people just looking TV and this all, while people around you gave their feedn-back, any as a positive or not, as their financial support to someome or to your plans – so, just more activities, rigther the ordinanry TV channels, as people started to try not just to see news, but to try to express their feelings, thoughts, see – some drew drawings. I was walking on the streets in Enland, looking as plenty British people just sat near TV to watch. While your channels gave more activities. I was upsad to see you more in some political action news, while some of your work show you as more flexible to more different roles, as to be in a documentary or in fiction moves too. I remember and liked your video as you was singing a song with the umbrella-so nice and romantic! But a point of to do own life as a show moves, you will not have nothing your own personal life for yourself. See – stil not married, while plenty women admired by you. still all time for a work, nothing as your own home. This pity to see. Plenty people, men and women, worried about you. and as this may be not appripriate sometimes, as we all need some barrier to save our individuality and our personal life from others, including our thoughts too. I saw as your attempts to show this truth had not been accepted in the Western World and by Western Politics including in your own country Great Britain, too, as all your videos about the bombing civilians here had not been noticed by British Politics or by BBC to support them to show them to accept them. You know, I had leaned with you as the truth never works to change this world, as powerfull politicians will accept just theirnown ideas, the the bloody things they named as a good things if the bloody things had been ordered by a politics in power in other country which are their closed friends now — so, the spend money to show the truth is not working to change the world as we have Murders as Politicians in power, and as they are rich and powerful. This why no one try to discuss politics or to listen politicians or to trust politicians. and when powefull politicians had their decisions they closed their eyes not to see and ears not to hear. and all their population the some as rules of British Sociaety. Great Britain was under bobms during 1932-1945, British people could not stop this on their own, but when Russian helped, in WWII< giving their 40 billions lives and 23 billions lives of their soldiers, British allias betrayed them soon as they had what was their goal as the stop WWII and they destroyed the country of their closed allias by a lie as British thanks. And when British people started to see a bombing of Donbass in Ukraine , properties of civilians here, this had not remained them WWII, and British Politics and Great Britain prefer to support whom ordered to bomb civilians in their own country and all Briitsh populkation kept a silence to support this too. So, a point is not to show some truth to someone whom had coldest dull hearts of hienas and murders and just enjoyed to see this bloody things, putting more and more money to order to continue bombing of civilians in Europe in Ukraine in Donbass. So, I do not think to support your job to continue to film this, as your videos may be used by Congress USA to check the way of spending their money in Ukraine for their American military goals and as some locals might/may be target to murders to kill them. I prefer you to talk the truth in UK by filming UK life. I do not trust. German Faschists filmed locals happy to kill them straight after that. Some locals had been alive on your videos and killed after, and whom knows if murders used your videos as to target people from your video or around you. Yes, you show the truth. Including some secret information as military password openned to you in video and so for all to use after, secret nicknames of locals too. You are just crazy to receive plenty really documentary trustful information, including some closed secret information too, to put open in Internet. some locals might be killed after though this all … whom knows. I think better to create the tv channel without any politics, as each political activities shared people and created wars. But your investigation of MH17 would be unique to sjow this as a witness what was and how. for peole whom may to see to know all this information. When as I started to see your vidoes, my blood pressure up and up and up, so I stopped to see all, as such things are not for each, probably. You may film as some wolf eats eats eats all babies lambs to show to all but this vidoes never stopped any wolf to stop to eat baby lambs. people aid money to support you and your video with their hope that their strories and the truth will changed their situation – but we all saw as all knew the real things but played not accept them and to lie and to support the mass kiiling of local civilians, women,m kids, men, pensioners by American Congress uSA, by American President, by British Politics, by all these English-language World of UK and USA. a kiiling a kids as a good deal for uSA/UK as their English-speaking mother and gran-mothers never leaned their kids as this a crime to kill someone, as all people are created by our Creator-God, and languages too. you know… English-speakers aborigen of island England and USA are the some minded people in their goals to kill people in far away countries whom used other languagers. But as the political power to rule from local people in USA and UK only, and they do not see your videos with truth as not bothed to do any changes. It is a loss of money to pay for your videos. as some Western Politics may just enjoy to see this bloody mess sometimes of killed wounded Russian kids and women as this what they wanted and planned to others. USA put hundreds of billions dollars to support the political power in Europe which ordered to bomb houses and schools of their own civilians for the use of Russian language as their native langauge – Ukrainian Ethnic and Jewish Ethnic including. these people knew and know Russian language, used as most of population had been Russian Ethnic here. So, people of Jewish Ethnic as Poroshenko in political power in Ukraine ordered to bomb properties of other Ethnic Group in Ukraine with the full support of American President Obama and American Congress USA and see – American Police never bothed to stop their orginizing murders whom took the political power in USA to order to do activities to kill plenty civilians in other countries. German Police had the full support of Hitler and his state too till May 1945. The Police never work to save lives in the state when Murders took the political power in their country. See-the lesson. Whom can do somethings where such huge money? see while no any sense to continue to support your videos-they had not work to change things as to see near the cat whom eating a fish or meat saying that this waw wrong to do to steal this from the table – natures and criminal habits of people in power had not changed from your videos. They laughed, probably, looking for wounded Russian kids in blood, without led-arm-eyes. damaged houses. People in power looikibg for others as some type of some animals, whom they not value as equal to them. I am sorry. I will not support you financialy as this way is not work to change things or to stop wars. There were plenty vidoes from 2014 – Odessa – Donbass – open in Internet, on English and Russian – this way had not stop to see them whom just did not wanted to accept other people lives and other people rights for their properties and opinions and wishes.


    1. Tiggi apart from your faulty spellings (which you can’t fix) and lack of paragraphs (which you could), and also going on longer than most people want to read….
      I notice your ending that supposedly Graham’s videos have not (it seems) had an effect of informing or changing anything politically.
      I disagree. It’s true that there were other videos from the Ukraine “ATO”. But Graham’s have added a lot, not least due to having English language and also due to him going to where “it” is “at”, a bit like Grossman being AT Stalingrad and then Berlin rather than writing about them from a distance.
      And just because the mass media here only report Graham negatively, and few people are commenting here, that does not reflect the full impact which is rarely measureable in terms of mass media admitting things or people bothering to register to a site.
      Furthermore Graham’s videos are going to be still around as the record of what happened long after our time.
      I think you are right that the truth does not always break through to become the controlling standard “knowledge”. But sometimes it does.
      The propaganda against Graham reflects that the forces of darkness recognise him as a threat. And they’re not exactly clueless about this sort of thing.


      1. Dear Dobbb,

        I sure we both value Graham Phillips a lot, just as I am not a political leader in power or something,

        I value Graham Phillips for his strong British real character to do things, for his hard working attitude, for his braveness – I would run away plenty time, while he continue to stay to do his things in the war zone conflict,

        but as I value Graham Phillips as an attractive young man too – see, there are not such many attractive British men, be honest, to enjoy to see them,

        so I just tried and try to cheap to save his life far from all dangerous events, as I would wish to see his wedding and his kids one days, and that he would pass his DNA genes to the next British generations.

        And this particulr last point of mt thoughts put me to try to re-organizing the work of Graham Phillios for something more peacefull to see him and to enjoy for all his fans.

        This was a main point of my thoughts here as my opinion about his ability to be brilliant as British actor or singer in movies on TV or in films or in shows. I hope you value my thoughts as not just we all as people and – as women of our time have rights to see brilliant attractive brave men, males, but the next generations too.

        So, while Graham Phillips is not married man with kids yet, his must to do something to marry and to have his kids and his house at 1st, too.

        Secondary, see, dear Dobbb, my job is not to write comments to Graham Phillips’es articles or my post here. so my comments here on common open public base – I am writing from my home, as my home thoughts from the ordinary person from England. I may be drunken sometimes too. as a human whom is alive, or to try to joke in my style.

        Thrird, I had wrote and pub;ished today already my own things, as my poem and a small article, so, I was used all my attention to check my spelling here.

        you may read too:
        – here on English and russian as a game in sharades in my collection:
        Тимофей, к англо-русской игре в слова

        – here on Russian- from today-my poem-quite long –
        Моя реакция – стихи в ответ этой истории Марии Захаровой
        ‘Об игре ногами в футбол в России’/About foorball game in Russia, a poem

        There were more my poem, on public forums, but their moderators deleted to clean all. I had not saved them.

        Plus, additionally, I cooked, while I have the couch and a flue, not well yet. Plus, I tried to find some job as I am unemployed.

        See – I was writing on the end of day already, tired and ill, with couch, tfrom my hime, on the oldest small laptope with the small screen to see – but I like it.

        I bought it in 2007 in Latvia, with a double Russian-English keyboard, I bought twoo, one broken, with the large sceen-this another, with the small screen – I do not see really letters which i typing here clearly, putting onb my luck to be right sometimes.

        This is as a rain… if you see my mistake just as drops of rains from the nature, you can not blame the nature for mistakes in English Grammar, so and me too.

        Kind Regards 🙂
        Inna Tiggi


      2. “while I have the couch and a flue, not well yet.”

        That was funnier to read than you expected. Should be:
        cough and flu.


      3. Dear Dobbb, my writing English is more better rigther to understand my talk on English, so I like to look Graham Phillips vidoes on Russian as easy to understand and on English as to improve my skills in English, as Graham Phillips ‘es Ennglish is sounding as a nice for me, he is singing songs nicely too, so I use him as a teacher of English free to hear how to talk right on English. and this more interesting for me to leab English by such way of leaning. I tried to do to English lessons to lean, this was dule, just to sit to write my thoughts, and all, nobody talk with me, all in a silince, to see how right to pronaunce things. HHere is a great value of all Graham Phillips’es videoa as a resource of proper English language. I like and value this a lot.
        You may write my book on Russian, without any edition, how it is, with pages 82 and 83 just on English. *I had the offer to publish 3-4 books in 2015, but I did not this yet yet. some things on English would be here, some on Russian, some studies between two languages as sharades or game or remarks to laugh or to curiosity. *
        * What do except to wait from me as 54 yo woman, started to listen Engkish language in UK just from 12-2-2001? I have not a radio or TV, via a cost of TV licene too, so, I use youtuve and Graham Phillios video as some news channels and to lean English here too, to listen how to pronaunce all right. This means my idea to value Grahan Phillips ability to creat some TV Channel as the future next generation range with more great feedback and activities. He did not use all his talantes in the full range of spectres, just sparks of plenty of them sometimes to admire his fans. I pity to see him just one one side of some politcal career, with plenty talantes to be a teacher of English, British talanted actor in films , movies, TV-shows, perfomaunces, a British singer too. He would be great as an actor for role of lover in plenty movies too, and in comedy style too. and still he is a brave person, as not plenty Britons would be able to do what he was doing, as to be in the war zone of conflict. I so pity our British BBC was not used his videos to show to UK, and for introducing with one of Britons from UK here too, to think to others. *Sorry, plenty mistakes, probably, as usual, I did not use nothings as a support of my grammar here. Really sorry about this. I have not Word in this laptop, just Open Document, but lazy to use this and copy-past procedure while just chating in Interent. Please take my apologies for any inconvinces though this. I am British Citizen Russian Ethnic, fan of Graham Phillips, as he use two laguages, so easy to look his videos for me, as more interesting too. Kind regards.


      4. Pardon, dear Dobb, it was a mispriting and a mistake – * What do except to wait from me as 54 yo woman, started to listen Engkish language in UK just from 12-2-2001? I— from 12-2-1998 would be right here. My book on Russian “Странный Мир. Тигги” ISBN ISBN 9781312811782 — our British Libraries had not bought it, asked me to buy to present them instead, so, I am on the way to do this.
        I have sent one my book as my donation but it was missed, probably.
        I have donated still one, they had not gave me a note of this, too, just took on the face-o-face meeting, saying they will sent to the library catalogue. I will present stil one or two, probably, to British libraries, and others to other countries, in Russia, probably, or in Ukraine, and to Canadian town Scotford and to Edinburgh in Scotland, as they save me in 2001 from the strongest toothpain 🙂 while I visited Lady Bay camping side here, enjoying the nature and views. See – the work to edit all mistakes and misprintings are a huge work to have attantion to details, and while I have printed my own poems on my own web-sides, I may be tired already to correct all mispriting here as I am using my free time, priting from my home, and here as fan of Graham Phillips or just as a person whom looked his information from 5th March 2015 while I read about him in news on newsru web-side. I am not as the public person here or as a some journalist, my opinions all are just mine as some ordinary British woman, 54 yo now, British Citizen of Russian Ethnic, mother of two, grand-mother of two. I divorced in April 2010, so just I have plenty free time, as still unemployed JSA person too — your advice to use Word programm would not work to buy this for a low income JSA £73.10/week. I just was polite and delicate not to say this truth about this point to you, and as the screen of my greatest ASUS laptop from 2007 yeas, double keyboard, Russian-English, a small, so all letters in a small shrift too to see to rea to re-read to correct texts. But as my opinion just my own personal opinions only, in my free time from my home, so I do not bother a lot about any grammar, to leave my feedback. as this way is traditional and common for Internet users. But if I would have a salary, I would use more long way of checking grammar, in some programms, and copy-past to here. I am writing here my remarks as it is. as my style of a home user from UK. Kindnest regards and best wishes from Nottinghamshire England UK!


      5. Dear Dobbb, I am not able to read your thoughts and minds, really sorry. what do you mean “delete” on my offer to look at mu booh pages 82 and 83 here on English language with the tale of one British girl here? It was a really kind offer, as the cover of my book is nice. But if you really dislike tghis idea – this just for you, as all like their own choice what to see and what to read. May or can you introduce yourself, please? from which country are your from? and what is your name? as sure this would be not Dobbb? But if not, and you prefer to keep your mask and inkognito – this just from you what to do in your life, the some about me, and others. Just a spending our some free time here to chat, as I see, not a point probably, … to be polite to the authir of book not to say “delete” – as this is not your book, which you would not like to be treated by this way — see, a point of property as your or not yours put you on the position to say “delete” somethings which is not your property. Why all British people value rights of other people properties and other habits as rights of others. You had replied to me a lot, so and me, in return back. But probably we boith pity about this now, and you and me. Have a nice time to spend in your reality. with your thoughts here in your property to delete all your property when you are not in the right mind. Please save your word what to do with other people property for yourself to do with your properties what you want as the some what you adviced to my property to do. All people have their habits. If you dislike my habits, may be netter to use someone else to chat here, not me, whom will listen all your advices, as your kids or grand-kids or friends, probably, or Graham Phillips, probably. You are not polite, while you used to mooning a lot with rules of English Grammar. See – your granmar rules stopped to work for you youselve suddenly. See, you rude and unpolite, and your English Grammar was not the full right style as before. Is this as you read me as unemployed JSA loe income £73.10/week as a person for wom you talk here trying to teach English Grammar? While you youself is not good, started to be suddenly. See – this better to be to be open? as it is? as a rude unpolite person? with the shortage of English Grammar started to be for you suddenly? Thanks for the attention. Bye. I may be a really short in words, as plenty Russians. But I had tried to be polite with you, looking you as a dule person, with plenty free time, not knowing what to do, so I replied.


      6. Sorry Tiggi, that “delete” was not intended as a message to you. It was just that I was having some problem with my posting to webpages and I put that “delete” as a test with the intention that if if appeared it would be deleted by the blog operator anyway.
        By the way, re Word program, I have here v2, v6 v97, v2000, v2003, and v2007. The only one I use is the 2000 as the others aren’t as good. Well, 2003 has some enhancements but looks uglier than 2000. If you tell me email or phone I could send you one of them. (I won’t put my email/phone here cos I am being anon!) Don’t type your email directly (undisguised) here as it will attact spambots.


      7. O, dear Dobbb, you save my heart, as I was upsad for such reaction, while we both comunicated here a lot as politely. So, this was a misundertsanding as a loss of message here.
        I noticed it better not to put any links here.
        You may use Google search for my webside, I have in proza.ru stihi,ru and in samizdat with my e-mails here. samizdat САМИЗДАТ is samlib web-side. so, to put Инна Тигги or Бальзина-Бальзин Инна Александровна or Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin or …. tiggi dog list dot ru as in one of my web-side and I will pick your e-mail if you will write me some day to here.
        What is about Word programm to take from you – I can not, sorry, as I need to buy to have my own, just later someday. I have Open Office Programm, with Word Document transfered to this or out and a vocubrary too. I can not overload this my last old small laptop with any programms and Word too now, not enough memeory in this. My old laptop was much bigger, just crashed. I am not able to use Word as not licenced programm, I am really sorry. So, I will buy one day later when I will buy a new laptop. Open Office as the some, with vocabrary here, free to use to downloads, just I have not habit to use this, I prefer to print in Wordpad all, as free. Thank you very much for your offer. But I had bought all programms if I used them. I live in UK, this is our rules of life here. But thank you a lot. 🙂


      8. Dear Dobb,

        all women like this “should be” as all husband “should be honest” – but some still have the adultery with other women or prostitudes, “all kids must to listen their teachers and parents as shoulb be be” – but this is not working too, all our British streets “should be” clean – but plenty rubbish all time on a view of all. All people “should be” talking on Engliash with the perfect grammr and pronancation”, but plenty people in the Eath talk with their accents and mistakes.

        All people “should be” to live happy just as they had their birth and alive – while British Laws respect rights to the access to the fresh water 24 hours just for British dogs by Briitsh Laws, not for women, kids, men, pensioners and foreigners.

        “should be ” are dreams and illusions and fantasies adn expectaction about everything — while no one obligate to do something free to another person here, and still the some inside families while a wife “should be ironed husband’s T-Shirt,etc, but plenty men do this themselmes as their wives do not do this for them.

        See – me alone, living as a single after divorce, unemployed on a low income. this “should be” right to expect me as married, having my husband, my good income, my job or financial support — nothing in the reality as it is.

        You adviced me your advice to use Word programm to check my spelling — o, “this should be” but I have not Word programs in my small laptop, and as this expensive to buy. I bought Word programm before, this “should be right” to use in other computers and laptops, but see – Microsoft asked to buy the some product again and again and again, while each other tiems on sales in shop, for buying to use them forever.

        We have what we have. I tried to close down any my valuetion adn expectaction, to work to see things as they are, but to do something where I can do something for me. Just I have not any wish or wishes for a time already at all. But… I am practical person, to see things as they are. not as they “should be”.

        David Cameron asked all Britons to have their holiday in the North of England to support this area damaged afater a flood. as this “should be”. But he and his wife and plenty other rich British families have their holidays outside of UK – as David Cameron in Spain – as they had prefer the warm undamaged areays for their holiday wit the comfort and not to be really patriotic as “should be” supporting others.

        Things are working such way. not as “should be” but “as it is”

        The some my speeling “as it is” not as “it should be” – sometims better and ner to perfect, sometimes “as it is”, as the nature, really, as it is.

        Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin


      9. Dear Dobb,

        I “should be” to be married, to have my property, my house, my car, my husband, still a good pension too, to be on pension already if the private pension – but in the reality, as it is, I am divorced, since 2010, living alone and one, renting a private 1 bed-rrom flat, unemployed a low income JSA £73.10/week – see my inability to buy Word, Microsoft Office pagage from this to check my spelling.

        My laptop here is s small, nice as with a double Russian-English keyboard, but with a small screen-so i Just not able to read easily all this small letters on the small screen of laptop. as more worse – as I am writing my opinion from my home in my free time, – so, I may be drunken sometimes, with a bottle of beer or a some glass of wine.

        See, Graham Phillips is not working in British Parlament as David Cameron yet, he it working with his fans in Internet web-sides, from plenty countries around The Earth – so, with oridinary home users of Internet as me, for the example.

        And as he used to put the link on this his web-side in Internet – on twitter and others sidess – so, open for each Internet user to come to read and to react to write own opinions.

        As Internet is connected home users of The Earth planet and may be some aliens from other planet too read us – so, each may come to write commebts here, and not all to be users of native English language at all.

        * See, I doubt a lot as each Alien from all others plantes are just native English-speakers, birth in England and in USA in rich families of local politics or just rich families.

        American and British Politics in power tried to do all to ruin the use of Russian language on the Earth, while I doubt in this, as Bible mentioned as our Creator as God or Gods liked to have plenty different laguage here, so he had distroyed Babilon / Vavilon for the attemot to have just one common language for all here — see, as the protection of use and the support Russian language and Russia would be a protection of existing USA and UK too, not to have Babilon destiny for all us here.

        We all read in Bible about the destiny of destoyed ancient Babilon as some Megacity till stars with one language of all here as the wish of our God to have plenty different languages and states here on the Eartyh for us.

        So, the supporting ruights of Russians and Russia to survive to use their language is a supporting rights to stay alive for each od us here too. the supporting all languages too.

        See – I do not hide my face under mask here, clealy show myself as British Citizen of Russian Ethnic Group, so my accent too — plenty Indinian British and others have their accents too, I do not see this would stop them to have a job or a respect in UK.

        Just some true-born Briitsh Englishmen or women named me as Red Thoad or Pro-Russian or Rushists for my Russian Ethnic, native language, accent.

        Some groups in UK shouted on me loudly “Talk on English” in my face, rounded me on my walk. and on 24th December 2007, during snowballing over 1 hours in windows of my private house, which I was a co-owner. his grand-kids from his ex-lover, British woman, had been here too, all 3 from his son, named him as his son, while his father was another man with another surname. Two, a man and a woman, both British, shouted on my face “Witch!” —- and Briitsh woman shouted on me as I put Russian songs on the daily time in my garden to celebrate a news me will be grand-mother. She shouted on me as here is not Russia! to listen your Russian songs here in UK! Switch off all your Russian music immidiatly!

        I switched oof, trying not to dirturb this British Lady in age over 18 years of my age. You know, plenty people in other countries listen songs on English free. just in England if someone as me put Russian songs, some true-born British person from British village will shout to stop to listen songs and music.

        See, my mistakes in English and accent just as I was 36 yo coming to mayy to British man as his wife. On the stage of my divorceand after that, I had applied for Russian Citizen and Russian passport to move to live to Russia, but I had 4 refuses in this – in 2009, 2010, in 2014, in 2015, as I am not Russian Citizen by their Russian Law. They like just rich people with money to take to be Russians now 🙂 and not these poor unemployed Britsh Citizen of Russian Ethnic in their age 54-55 yo without any income, savings, money. see – Russia and UK now – more for rich people. just a state langaueg another, and this all, all other are the some.


      10. Dear Dobbb,

        one my young reader, a girl, saw draing bye me and my poems, stories, etc, so she named me as a writer and was emotional to said me that she sured me me not – me on my photos – as i was looked like not as “should be looker writers, writing poems, stories, articles, etc” by my look and choice of my clother. She had her strong valuation of expectation of this world and people here as “should be” — but the reality – and as me to – had broken her “should be”.

        She could not belive in the real as this real was “as it is the real reality” and not as “should be2 expectation of reality.

        I hope you are not this really young woman girl, starting your living way to live just with rules of your own mother and grand-mother as “should be” . as one “should be” may be just as a dream. another “should be” may be just the way of traditions and a lie.

        See — Graham Phillips tried to show things as he marked them as the truth, and not as “should be”, but as it was whre he was.

        I hope you do not apply to scold Graham Phillips for his mirrow of events in his videos, photos? as plenty Ukrainians were upsad to see what he filmed here, as not as “should be” in their imagination about the civilian war in their own countries with the army involving to bomb civilians and their property in towns and villages here.

        But see – Graham Phillips is doing something as his job, having some payment, probably. after on on the time of this. While I am communicate with me hust in my free time, in my home, having unemplyed JSA low income £73.10/week. See, I doubt you have rights to obligate me to use more better English grammar when I am inside of my home in my free time, chating in Internet web-sides from my home.

        Kind regards,
        Tiggi / Miss Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin /// ex Mrs Inna Scotford // ex Mrs Inna Priskin /Inna Prieshkina-Inna prieskina/ ex Miss Inna Balzina or Miss Inna Balzin


      11. Dear Dobbb,

        I have wrote my comment as the reply to you here, but accidently something was going wrong and I am not seeing it here.

        All the best! Regards!


      12. Thanks Tiggi. Maybe your comment was even longer such that it was too big to travel through the “e-tunnel” to this website? Can sometimes be best to first write in a program such as word, and then edit it down a bit (or lot) before copying to the blog. Then at worst it doesn’t get lost.


  4. Maybe I come to learn journalism In Moscow State University because I love listen BBC – so interesting in 60’s-70’s, so clever, so truth in compare to Pravda another soviet propaganda….
    and now? BBC lie lie all what is close to Russia, Putin Palmira…
    On this debilistic word propaganda of lie it is great that it is Gracham


    1. I was a fan of BBC and CNN news channels while I saw the war in the South Osetia – to know the truth about this it needes to look Russian and Italian channels. USA and UK came to a war since 2001 with the censura. Now is 2016, but still the some. So, to know the truth about events somewhere, it needs to find locals here to ask, or peiple as Graham Philips with camara to see things. USA said about the freedom of information – the freedom of information closed soon as some political issues and cenzure. When Georgian army started to bomb their small Georgian town and UN post here at night – I had not saw this in CNN or BBC, so, I started to see Russian TV as they show the information, and Italians too. The some with Donbass, as a block of the information from here. Civilians in Europe as women, kids, pensioners, men, their properties and schoold bombed in Europe – American CNN and etc said to all this all right as they Russians or pro-Russians here. This the way of Hitler about Jews in Europe -now Russians as Jews in 1932-1945. We sw as all these white race rivh women in USA as American Congreswomen were not the real women. Real women are mothers, protecting own kids and others kids, having maternal feelings – while all these American politics shouted as they like to see other kids and women and men killed and their properties, schools bomber “as they pro-Russian/Russia” — a lie, people of all Ethnic as Russian, Ukrainian, Jews, Muslim too, living here, they all used Russian language on street and their native in their families. So, Ukrainian Army with Obama and Congress USA help bombed properties of local Jews too, the some as in WWII for Hitler – no one said this point openly. German Faschists came to bomb locals in Ukraine – American Faschists by Congress USA orders came to help to bomb locals and their properties too. I never believe any moire in any freedom of informaton as this had not work at all in the military plans and goals to kill local civilians in other countries. Graham Phillips had his videos from Ukraine from 2014, other people too – plenty information and nothings as the stop to bomb properties of civilians – Will Obama and Congress USA prepered to use this method to bomb own towns, villages, schools, buses in their own country after the trainuing their military staff “to help to support to kill civilians in Ukjraine? See – things from Ukraine may come to any country. including USA as this technology of politicians in power in USA. .. Europe had not this problems with migrants and refugees from war zone before USA started to ruin economics of other countries and other countries. People wrote as Americxans ised money to creat conflicts, paying in two sides to make a conflict. See – thois is a point for all American to work hard to do something to pay taxes to fill budget to feed their American Offivcials and Politicians and their ambitions and ideas to go to kill someone all times. … America was the greatest country – started to be a country of crowds or murders to creat wars and mass killing whom not enough blood never. Bush named himseld as really religion person, Christian with Byble – but he was not able to read and he did not read words of Jesus NOT TO KILL- FORGIVE as “Christian”. Words to kil enemies in Quran texts – so Bush was Muslim by his mentality and so upping ISIS country. Bush tried to gave Byble to Muslim instead Quaran while he had not read Jesus words himself. May be he was not able to read texts and had not knew English language properly. Whom is kniw?


  5. I had the idea to create new styly news web-side, as the The earth, where each user of Interent may registrated, and to put news and stories and photos. as this just impossible to know things in such system of military and political censures and fears and attitude of fashion to show or not things. So, each user of Internet may know things not just from BBC, CNN, RT, etc, as each had and has brain washing or some censure or choice of owners. Things happaned – and nothing on news to know as result, so the need to try to find someone whom will show things as they are loically. When CNN had not provide the full information about South Osetia as Georgian Army bombed their own small town at night and UN psot to – I stopped ti think they great as they do not and I saw other channels and not returned back. The some was with BBC too. I just saw as news channels did not do their job to show news, and so needs to try to find other resources or channels. I agree with Graham and still…. you know…. Russians never pretend to have a freedom of information for each, But Americans shouted having a freedom of information while we saw as not as they do not the best – the some as ISIS or Hitler regime – not showing the truth about a mass killing civilinas in Europe, instead, saying as this nice as they Russian or pro-Russians while they are all Ethnbic here-0including Jews and Ukrainians, and plenty were decendents of Europeans, British, Americans, Scotts. etc. Italkians and Germans and French and Scandinavian. they use Russian language to be hate and blamed for the use of this not English. But these people lived on the land of their ancestor and used language of their ancestors. See – Obama and Congress USA blamed locals in use of Russian language of tgeir mothers or fathers or both as pro-Russian whom they want to kill. I can not understand this – is USA land is so small for keep all Americans just in their own land? ir no jobs here for all? probably? so USA send over the young healthy population out of USA and plenty returned back damaged or died. No places and working places in USA for all Americans? I read as some towns in USA are empty as no one live here – what is the point to send away own brillians young healthy population?


  6. Congress USA are rich powerfull people in age, see – Mrs Clinton having a false memory proble and problem with memory, but no one asked her to do the full medical test to be able to rule USA. People in age are thinking about the death. They may send and they might sent own young population out USA and so just old men and old women would live here. You know… men fight with men for women – old men may send young men far away to wars to have more young women for themselves. and as American Army had females – old American women may like to send all thse young American stupid women and girls far from USA to wars. wars to kill. or to return damaged.


  7. See – people whom ordered wars as American Presidents and Briish PM and American Congtress – they and their kids had not came to wars zone. Bush started a way with Iraq and Afganistan which created ISIS and migrants refigees in Europe – but Bush had not came to serve in American Army in Iraq or Afrganistan himself – his term of American President had finished – he might came to Afganistan – but he did not. He sent others. he sent others. other kids. others grand-kids. and he did not came. All countries and plenty families had a loss of lives – while people whom started wars with deaths as Congress USA and American Presidents received good money as their salaries and pensions and the full protection jnot answer for their orderes and decisition.
    Graham tried to show thinbgs as they are – no one looked – no one from 2014 looked as not interesting to know the truth? No, they looked and laughed as others had been killed – not their own kids and grandkids and not their properties had been bombed-other’s. people.
    I do not think it need to try to show the truth as people in political power are just ordinary murders. they enoyed to see this. nothing changed from the truth.
    American Police protected their Amrican murders in political power and their ideas to organize wars and mass killing civilians in other cuntries.
    Really… nobody bother. I do not any reason to work to pay taxes to keep murders in political power on their salaries and plans. Just Americans liked to gave their money in taxes to keep their murders in political power satisfied.


  8. Graham had not show tyhe full truth. See, Ukrainian military planed bombed civilians had the cheap Russian petrol for their plane by Putin’s choice and order. Putin and Russia had 11 place as a financial creditor of USA state by Russian money. So, Ukranian military plane may use petrol from Russia from Putin to fly to bomb civilians in Ukraine. Putin might stop the economics of USA just by taking all Russian monbey and gold from American banks – he did not do this – Russia continyed to support USA by own money and when American sancsion were and are too. But it was a moment as no money in budget of USA were as a crisis. No money in budget – no money to spend for wars. salaries of officials or congressmen too. So, and USA and Russia had support all bloody mess in Ukraine. I do not see any point to say about the truth as the truth as murders in political power in plenty coubntries under full police protection for them to rule to do what they want – to kill plenty civilians.


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